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Improving outcomes through locality working. Locality working Cover: Update on Children Services and Learning structure. Definition of services. Details.

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1 Improving outcomes through locality working

2 Locality working Cover: Update on Children Services and Learning structure. Definition of services. Details of:  Locality boundaries.  Population details by locality.  Locality profiles - Centres, Schools and Colleges.  Workforce profile by locality. Introduce the current resource formula. Introduce the performance management toolkit.

3 From May 2010 there will be four divisions. Commissioning Division - locality teams tier 1 and 2; service policy coordination, planning and performance including emergency panning; commissioning including contracting post 16, post 19 adult education, teenage pregnancy, substance misuse, targeted services etc; workforce development including common assessment; complaints and participation; independent reviewing service and business support. Safeguarding Division - locality teams tier 3; tier 4 services – including children in care; adoption; fostering; disability services and emergency services. Standards Division – school improvement, 14-19, study centre, short stay schools, early years teachers and music. BSF and Infrastructure Division – BSF, ICT strategy and data, capital programmes, place planning, catering and caretaking. Children Services and Learning structure

4 4 Tier Four Services for Children and young people with many Complex needs Behaviour Resource Service Looked after children team Adoption team Foster care team Residential Units including placements out of city Independent Reviewing Officers Tier Three Specialist intervention services Accessed through social work assessments Statements of special educational needs and other special assessments Children First Team Social work services Family centres Pupil Referral Unit Home and Hospital PRU Special Schools JIGSAW services for disabled people CAMHS – Brookvale Centre Youth Offending Team Tier Two Targeted intervention services – team around the child CAF Services to young carers, gypsies and travellers refugees and asylum seekers Specialist Behaviour Team School Attendance and Safeguarding (SAST) Educational Psychology Speech and Language School Support Specialist Teaching Advisory Team Emotional Wellbeing Development Saucepans Community Child and Adolescent Mental Health Service Child and Youth Support Schools/Colleges – School Action/Action Plus Training Providers Tier One Universal personalised services Pre-common assessment Early Years and Children Schools and Colleges Primary Care Trust Southampton University Hospitals Trust Maternity Services and GPs Children and Youth Support Schools Standards Health Colleges and Schools Music Service Safeguarding Southampton Children JANUARY 2010 Appendix 2

5 5 TIER 3 2080 cases open to Social Care (190 Child Protection Plans) 914 cases open to Children and Adolescent Mental Health Service (CAMHS) (522 Orchard, 392 Brookvale) 234 disabled children supported by JIGSAW (multi-agency and single social work service) 561 children and young people (C/YP) with statements of SEN (274 in Southampton special schools, 231 in mainstream schools, 40 in non- maintained placements, 15 in Hampshire Special Schools, 1 Elective Home Education (EHE)) 34 children supported by Portage 99 pupils on roll at Pupil Referral Unit (PRU) (74 Melbourne Centre, 25 Compass Centre) 6 C/YP permanently excluded from school since November 09 (1 primary, 3 secondary, 2 Academy) TIER 2 2633 C/YP known to Education Psychology (EP) service (40 of these are CLA, 561 have statements of SEN) 482 cases open to Saucepans (CAMHS) School Attendance and Safeguarding Team (SAST) 484 active cases (47 new referrals accepted during January) 118 C/YP receiving Specialist Behaviour Team (SBT) support 34 C/YP receiving Emotional Wellbeing Development Officer (EWDO) support 219 C/YP receiving Speech and Language Schools Assistant (SALSA) support 359 cases open to Specialist Teacher Advisors (STAs) (177 HI, 78 VI, 104 PI) 72 young carers receiving support (Vulnerable Children’s Team, Inclusion) 186 refugee & asylum seeker C/YP supported (49 1-1, 32 group, 80 clubs, 25 parents ) 215 C/YP (253 exclusions) excluded from school (fixed term) since Jan.10 (40 primary, 193 secondary, Spec. & PRU 20 – 475.5 days lost) 103 Common Assessment Frameworks (CAFs) completed to date, plus 91 JIGSAW reports, 28 (SAST) reports and 20 Wordsworth House = 242 total (as at Dec – Jan figures unavailable) TIER 4 339 Children in Care 238 children looked after (CLA) on role of Virtual School 34 Southampton CLA with statements maintained by Southampton 15 OLA CLA with SEN statements living in Southampton 5 CLA have been excluded for at least 1 day since Jan. 10 78 Behaviour Resource Service (BRS) cases (32 of these are CLA cases) 55 C/YP with statements of Special Educational Needs (SEN) in out of city provision Total Number of Children & Young People in Southampton (0-19 years – as at 2008) 51,928 Data correct as of January 2009 Safeguarding Southampton Children JANUARY 2010

6 6 Locality boundaries

7 Population details by locality Citywide statisticsCityCentralEastWest Total (0-19)51,92816,44420,24914,655 Number of children (Under 5’s)13,3804,6045,0243,752 Number of children and young people (5-15)24,400 * see note 1 6,8019,9917,028 Number of children (16-19)14,1485,0395,2343,875 Number entitled to FSM5,101 * see note 2 1,4242,1231,554 Number children and young people in need1,995 * see note 3 511632546 Number of children and young people in care of the local authority 339 Jan10 * see note 4 637174 Number of children with a child protection plan192 Jan 10518746 * For notes 1 to 5 see page of the performance management toolkit.

8 8 Locality profile - Centres, Schools, College - West School name Compass Centre – Short Stay School Fairisle Infant and Nursery School Fairisle Junior School Great Oaks School Hollybrook Infant School Hollybrook Junior School Holy Family Catholic Primary School Mansel Park Primary School Mason Moor Primary School Newlands Primary School Oakwood Infant School Oakwood Junior School Oasis Academy Lord’s Hill Redbridge Primary School Redbridge Community School Shirley Junior School Shirley Infant School Shirley Warren Primary & Nursery School Sinclair Primary and Nursery Tanners Brook Junior School Tanners Brook Infant School The Cedar School Upper Shirley High School Vermont School Wordsworth Infant School Sure Start/Children’s Centres Pickles Coppice Other delivery points include Warren Centre Planned provision Hollybrook School and Ashby Centre College/Sixth Form Taunton’s College Great Oaks School Youth Centres/ Play Provision Ashby Millbrook Coxford Adventure Playground Zoe Braithwaite Play Centre Other delivery points: The Link Forest View Family Centre

9 9 School name Hardmoor Early Years Centre Bassett Green Primary School Portswood Primary School St Denys Primary School Swaythling Primary School Mansbridge Primary School Foundry Lane Primary School Highfield C of E Primary School Cantell Maths and Computing College St George Catholic College Melbourne Centre – Short Stay School Bevois Town Primary School Mount Pleasant Junior School Maytree Nursery and Infants School St Johns Infant and Nursery School Banister Infant School Freemantle C of E Infant and Nursery School Regents Park Community College St Mark’s C of E Junior School St Mary’s C of E (VC) Primary School Springhill Catholic Primary School St Anne’s Catholic School The Polygon School Youth Centres/Play Provision Swaythling Youth Centre Newtown Youth Centre Newtown Adventure Playground Other delivery points include: Northam 521, St Denys Community Centre, Freemantle Community Centre, The Pavilion (Hoglands Park), Derby Road Family Centre, Study Support Centre. Sure Start/Children’s Centres Freemantle School, Clovelly Centre and Bassett Green School Other delivery points include Avenue Centre College/Sixth Form City College St Anne’s VI Form Locality profile - Centres, Schools, College - Central

10 10 School name Thornhill Primary School Beechwood Junior School Bitterne Manor Primary School Bitterne Park Junior School Bitterne Park Infant School Glenfield Infant School Hightown Primary School Moorlands Primary School Kanes Hill Primary School Townhill Infant School Townhill Junior School Harefield Primary School Bitterne Park School Woodlands Community College Springwell School Valentine Infant School Heathfield Junior School Ludlow Junior School Ludlow Infant School St Monica Infant School Sholing Junior School Sholing Infant School Woolston Infant School Weston Park Junior School Weston Park Infant School St Monica Junior School Weston Shore Infant School Bitterne C of E (VC) Junior School Bitterne C of E Infant School St Patrick's Catholic Primary School The Sholing Technology College Chamberlayne College for the Arts Oasis Academy Mayfield Youth Centres/Play Provision Hightown Youth Centre, Woodlands Youth Centre, Woolston Youth Centre, Ebenezer Hall, Weston Adventure Playground Other delivery points include Sholing Shop, Bitterne Family Centre Sure Start/Children’s Centres Bitterne C of E School Wing, Cutbush Centre, Thornhill Centre, Startpoint Sholing and Weston Sure Start and Townhill Children’s Centre Other delivery points include Woolston Health Clinic College/ Sixth Form Itchen College Locality profile - Centres, Schools, College - East

11 11 Workforce profile – tiers 1 and 2

12 12 Workforce profile – tier 3

13 Example of a current resource formula Resources are deployed using a formula that covers universal and targeted need. Universal provision – 60%. This includes: School age population figures, Educational Achievement at foundation stage and key stage 1, 2, 3 & 4 Targeted provision – 40%. This includes: Indices of Multiple Deprivation, Numbers of unemployed young people and adults, number of teenage parents, number of children and young people in care, number of young offenders and numbers with special educational needs. The model yields a funding allocation of: West – 33%Central – 31%East – 36% See data set on table

14 Performance management toolkit Data split at ward, locality and city level. City targets – supported by locality targets. Data set shared quarterly with the Children and Young People’s Trust and the Locality Strategic Groups. Data set will cover:  Attainment and attendance  Vulnerable groups  Local Area Agreement priority targets (See data set on table)

15 Example of data split at locality – overall 16 18 NEET

16 Example of data split at locality – NEET by ward and age

17 Example of data split at locality – NEET and ethnicity

18 Example of data split at locality – NEET and ethnicity by ward


20 Example of data split at locality – children and young people in care Citywide statisticsCityCentralEastWest Children and young people in care339 *January 2010 (131 – live outside the city boundary) 637174 * The number of children and young people in care across the city and the number in each area differs because 131 children and young people live in placements outside of the city.

21 Example of data split at locality – teenage conceptions by ward

22 Example of data split at locality – additional and special educational needs Additional educational need among LA Maintained School Population as at Autumn 2009 (by school role) Category of School / NeedCityCentralEastWest School Action403612389821816 Primary Schools2321726611984 Secondary Schools*1715512371832 Special Schools0000 School Action Plus1780603322855 Primary Schools711259148304 Secondary Schools*1055333171551 Special Schools141130 Statement of SEN507127234146 Primary Schools126512352 Secondary Schools*68221432 Special Schools3135419762 * Note: Does not include figures for Oasis Academy Mayfield or Oasis Academy Lord’s Hill

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