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Fluidyn -CAE CAD based Pre- & Post- processor September 2009.

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1 fluidyn -CAE CAD based Pre- & Post- processor September 2009

2 Presentation Contents Introduction Model creation Geometry & Topology Extraction Utilities File Import/Export Input Data Preprocessing Post-processing of results fluidyn -CAE

3 Creation and manipulation of geometric model Problem setup with material properties, initial/ boundary conditions, loads on geometry model Post processing of results on the geometry/mesh In-built checks for topological validity, closed shell Consistent Orientation etc Import & export in different file formats Export data in Fluidyn CAD’s file format(*.F3D) High End features for modeling and repairing the objects Macro Recording to avoid repetitions General Features fluidyn -CAE

4 Geometry Model Rendering ✔ Reading and displaying Fluidyn geometry files(*.f3d) ✔ Reading IGES, STEP files ✔ Building a geometry from scratch ✔ Combining multiple geometries with Boolean operations File conversion feature ✔ Conversion from Gambit, Ansys or other CFD software Input Data pre-processing feature ✔ Material properties, boundary & initial conditions, loads allocation directly on geometry model Model Creation Features fluidyn -CAE

5 Fluidyn CAE CAD solid model User Inerface Object window Console window Drawing window Main MenuToolbar

6 Geometry Creation Geometry Verification Geometry Modification fluidyn -CAE Model Creation

7 Geometry Creation Solid modeler can handle both manifold and ‘non-manifold’ surfaces Model Creation Can be done in three ways –Surface-Based [Bottom Up Approach] –Solid-Based [Top Down Approach] –Combination of Solid-Based and Surface- Based fluidyn -CAE

8 Loading Models from different file formats (.iges,.stp,.brep etc) Boolean operations like add, subtract and intersect on readymade ‘primitives’ or imported models. Geometry Creation: Solid model List of available primitives Menu:Applications  3DPrim fluidyn -CAE

9 Geometry Modification To Split a face in to 2 faces Select “Split” option.Specify the values as show in the figure. Shows the faces After applying “Split” fluidyn -CAE

10 Menu:Construction  Trim : This function allows to trim the surface or curve. To Trim the Surface,select the trimming curve using mouse and click on the region to delete. Create a face Create a Trimming Curve using “polyline” option Resultant Trimmed surface Geometry Modification fluidyn -CAE

11 Menu:Construction  Cut in two parts: It will allows to cut an object in to separate disjoint closed objects using a cutting plane or curve. It results disjoint closed shell [fig-2]. Fig-1Fig-2 Geometry Modification fluidyn -CAE

12 Menu:Construction  Sew : This function enables to construct a shell from faces by merging them together. You can also sew edges with edges or wires in order to create another wire. Geometry Modification fluidyn -CAE

13 It will perform these operations: Automatic Extraction of geometrical as well as topological information. Automatic Loop and shell generation Automatic Geometrical and topological correction needed by Mesher. Automatic identification of inner loops, boundary loop and open loop in open shell. Automatic default group creation Automatic Loop orientation correction for Mesher Application  FluidynCAE  Topology  Extract Topology data Extraction/Modification for meshing fluidyn -CAE

14 3D Model Unstructured Meshing of 3D model Topology data Extraction/Modification for meshing fluidyn -CAE

15 Step 1: Solid Model imported as STEP file in Fluidyn CAD Topology data Extraction/Modification for meshing Case 1: Cooling conduits in a crucible fluidyn -CAE

16 Step 2:Topological data Extraction as mentioned before Topology data Extraction/Modification for meshing fluidyn -CAE

17 Status messages for topological extraction and modification Topology data Extraction/Modification for meshing fluidyn -CAE

18 SolidFluid Mesh Control parameters: MeshSize: 0.5 Mesh Uniformity: 0.5 [graded mesh] Mesh generation example (in MP) fluidyn -CAE

19 Case 2: Container with cylindrical holes for fluid 3D Model with holesEx: unstructured mesh[fine mesh] fluidyn -CAE

20 Cut view of Case 2 Topology data Extraction/Modification for meshing fluidyn -CAE

21 3D Model imported as STEP file in Fluidyn CAD Topology data Extraction/Modification for meshing fluidyn -CAE

22 Extract the Geometry and topology data Topology data Extraction/Modification for meshing fluidyn -CAE

23 Parametric analysis Scripting for parametric runs Attributing properties to entities fluidyn -CAE

24 CASE example 1: Disc with holes Input Parameters: -Radius and Length of disc -Radius and length of holes -Number of holes -Distance from axis of cylinder to axis of holes fluidyn -CAE

25 Shows the Resultant closed shell,topologically valid Script for variation of parameters fluidyn -CAE

26 Defining material property, Initial/ boundary condition, loads - Identification of regions (surface or volume) of model by groups for each property, initial/ boundary conditions, loads -Problem specification by comments on geometry Group Naming -User-specified name for groups: STEEL, WATER, LOWP for defining materials or initial conditions - Naming surface or topological face for boundary conditions eg. PRESSURE, FLUX, INLET, SYMMETRY) - Individual model entity can be given a name Pre processing: Physical data Input fluidyn -CAE

27 Material Property Attribution Crucible model: Separation of the lower portion as a new group for assigning a different material property fluidyn -CAE

28 Give a convenient name to the LOWER portion Material Property Attribution to a group fluidyn -CAE

29 Similarly,define group name for other shell and save it to database Material Property Attribution to a group fluidyn -CAE

30 Using “Display” option, a particular group can be highlighted or plotted separately (effective during post processing of results) Material Property Attribution to a group fluidyn -CAE

31 Shows the Group information data saved in f3d file format Material Property group saved in script fluidyn -CAE

32 VB Scripting in fluidyn-CAE Minimum parameters (Actual steps of creation are automated ) Repeated usage with different parameters Customized script for specific model Plug-In (Open Scripting) to write a script in VB, Java and Python for Geometry creation, modification,analysis etc. fluidyn -CAE

33 File Formats from CAD software STEP IGES VDA/FS STL DXF PARASOLID ACIS VRML F3D(Fluidyn CADv6.0 file format) fluidyn -CAE

34 STEP STEP is the ISO standard for exchange of Product Data. STEP files have the.stp or.step extension by default. The definition of topology (shell and solids) is really natural in STEP which is the most modern format for exchange of CAD Data. The application protocols defined in Fluidyn CAD are AP 203 and AP 214, the most widely used in the mechanical industry. File Formats fluidyn -CAE

35 IGES IGES (Initial Graphic Exchange File) is a popular file format used to exchange geometric models between different CAD systems IGES files have extension ".iges or igs“ File Formats fluidyn -CAE

36 VDA/FS VDA-FS (Verband Der Automobilindustrie Flachen Schnittstelle) is a standard file format to exchange surface data. It represents all the data in polynomial form making it relatively easy to write a stable and reliable processor to import 3D surfaces. VDA-FS files have extension ".vda" File Formats fluidyn -CAE

37 STL The STL file format has been designed to be an intermediate data file that allowed stereolthography devices to deal with solids made by triangles. An unstructured meshes made by triangles and are basically an unsorted list of triangles. Fluidyn CAD can read both ASCII and binary STL files File Formats fluidyn -CAE

38 DXF The DXF format is the de-facto standard format for CAD drawings. DXF is an open standard and DWG is the internal format of AutoCAD(tm). File Formats fluidyn -CAE

39 PARASOLID Parasolid X_T is the exchange format for Parasolid(tm) files. File Formats fluidyn -CAE

40 CATIA, Pro Engineer, Unigraphics Through a 3rd party translator software, provided only on request File Formats fluidyn -CAE

41 ACIS SAT (Save As Text) is the published format of ACIS(tm) by Spatial Technology(tm). File Formats fluidyn -CAE

42 VRML VRML is a file format that is widely used by the Internet community to represent and navigate 3D hyper-linked virtual worlds. VRML is mainly a graphics format that represents simple solid primitives (e.g., sphere, cylinder, etc.), polygons, polylines, and their visual attributes. VRML files have extension ".wrl". File Formats fluidyn -CAE

43 Fluidyn Model data File(*.f3d) Fluidyn CAD’s file format. It includes:  Object Information  Geometrical Data (curves and surfaces)  Topological Data(vertices,loops and shells)  Mesh Information(Only After Meshing)  Group Information  Material and Boundary Properties Data F3D files have extension “.f3d”. File Formats fluidyn -CAE


45 ✔ Preset Camera Views : Front, Top, Bottom, Left, Right, Perspective ✔ Plot line / filled contours ✔ Plot Gradient contours ✔ Plot Vectors ✔ Plot Streamlines ✔ Plot XY Graphs ✔ Choose to plot in colours or gray-scale ✔ Set the colour-scale to linear or log10 ✔ Positionable Colour bar ✔ Choice of Image formats for saving screenshots from view port. ✔ Multiple ways of creating planes for use as sections / clippingplanes ✔ Opacity control for filled contours ✔ Multiple layers of plots ✔ Undo last plotted item ✔ Redo last undone item ✔ Multiple View-ports Post processing of Results fluidyn -CAE

46 CAE Layout fluidyn -CAE

47 Plot Widget fluidyn -CAE

48 Grid plot tab fluidyn -CAE

49 Contour plot tab

50 Vectors plot tab fluidyn -CAE

51 Iso-Surface plot tab fluidyn -CAE

52 Streamline plot tab fluidyn -CAE

53 XY plot tab fluidyn -CAE

54 Plane Creation dialog

55 VECTORS fluidyn -CAE

56 Vectors plotted in Sloshing example fluidyn -CAE

57 Zoomed view of the previous case fluidyn -CAE

58 Airship Example fluidyn -CAE

59 Airship Example Zoomed in fluidyn -CAE

60 Beam heating example fluidyn -CAE

61 CONTOURS fluidyn -CAE

62 Beam heating filled contours fluidyn -CAE

63 Contours (Line) fluidyn -CAE



66 Cavity Example plotting Vel-X Gradients fluidyn -CAE

67 Cavity Example Contours (Filled) fluidyn -CAE


69 VelX Contours Plotted in GrayScale in Square Cavity fluidyn -CAE




73 VelX Contours Plotted At FS Interface in Airship fluidyn -CAE

74 Pressure Contours Plotted At FS Interface in Airship fluidyn -CAE













87 Square Cavity fluidyn -CAE

88 Sloshing case streamlies plotted with grid wireframe fluidyn -CAE

89 Airship Example fluidyn -CAE

90 Airship fluidyn -CAE

91 XY Plot fluidyn -CAE





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