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Abdominal And Thorax Injuries The Guts And Tummy Aches Of Sports Medicine Chapter 21.

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2 Abdominal And Thorax Injuries The Guts And Tummy Aches Of Sports Medicine Chapter 21

3 Abdominal Vocabulary Boardlike rigidity - Hardness in the abdomen that can not be relaxed Dyspnea - Difficult breathing Hematuria - blood in the urine possibly due to kidney damage Hemothorax - blood in the pleural cavity Hernia- protrusion of abdominal viscera through the abdominal wall Kehr’s sign - pain that radiates to the left shoulder and 1/3 down the arm McBurney’s point- 1/3 the distance between the anterosuperior iliac spine and the umbilicus Peritoneum - serous membrane lining of the abdominal wall Pneumothorax - collaspe on one lung by the pleural cavity becoming filled with air through an opening in the chest Solar plexus - middle portion of the abdomen, network of nerves Traumatic asphyxia- cessation of breathing caused by a direct blow Viscera- internal abdominal organs

4 Abdominal Injuries You will be able to identify abdominal/thorax structures. You will be able to describe the functions of those structures. You will be able to recognize and treat injuries to the abdominal region.

5 ANATOMY Four Quadrants 1.Upper right. –Right lobe of liver, part of heart, right kidney, gall bladder. 2. Upper left. –Left lobe of liver, left kidney, part of heart, spleen, stomach. 3. Lower right. –Appendix, intestines. 4. Lower left. –intestines. Upper middle- pancreas Lower middle- bladder

6 Four Quadrants

7 Anatomical Structures Of The Abdomen And Thorax 1. Spleen= the largest lymphatic organ in the body. Stores RBC (red blood cells), produce antibodies for immunological function 2. Liver= largest internal organ. Absorbs/stores glucose, process nutrients 3. Kidneys= filter metabolic waste from blood and excretes through urine 4. Pancreas= produces insulin that control the amount of glucose/amino acids in the blood. Aids in digestion of fats, CHO, proteins 5. Gallbladder= stores bile 6. Heart 7. Small intestine= absorption and digestion of food is done here. 20 feet 8. Large intestine= expels waste, 6.5 feet

8 Anatomical structures Sternum –Manubrium –Body –Xiphoid process Ribs –Sternal ribs/ true ribs 1-7 –False ribs 8-10 –Floating ribs 11-12 –Costal cartilage –Intercostal muscle

9 Injuries And Treatment Of Abdominal Region Abdominal muscle strains Internal/external obliques, rectus abdominis, transverse abdominis S/S pain and loss of function Hernia- S/S pain with movement, deformity, loss of function Side ache -idiopathic condition

10 Injuries Continued Appendicitis Mild to severe cramping, nausea, vomiting Low grade fever, localized pain in the Right side, can’t sit still, pain with hyperextension of thigh McBurney’s point Rx.= Hospital Blow to the solar plexus Anoxia, paralysis to the diaphragm, Have them relax, breathe easy, tell them to take a deep breath

11 Injuries continued Spleen injury Mono enlarges and weakens Kehr’s sign Shock Rx: Treat for shock and call EMS

12 Injuries Cont. Liver contusion. Rare, hepatitis, leads to shock, pain. Referred behind right scapula, rt. Shoulder, substernal area. Rx=Dr. and treat for shock. Kidney contusion. Direct blow, blood in the urine. Rx=Dr.

13 Rib fractures/sternum Fx. Anatomy=intercostals muscles and cartilage. Very point tender, and difficulty breathing. Rx: Dr., treat for shock, keep calm, monitor vitals

14 Injuries Cont. Costochondral separation/dislocation. Same as rib fx. Hemothorax. Blood within the pleural cavity. Same as above.

15 Pneumothorax. Air in the pleural cavity leads to collapsed lung. Pain, anoxia, difficulty in breathing.

16 Special Considerations Diabetes S/S: –Tired/irritable –Losing weight –Urinating all the time –Eating a lot –Weak

17 sem/hhp/faculty/esims.mhtml MHHE Health & Human Performance SupersiteMHHE Health & Human Performance Supersite Unit 24: 01-04 Thorax and Abdominal Injuries

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