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2 2 1.Decision No. 2154/QĐ-TTg dated Nov. 25, 2010 of the Prime Minister on establishing Tan Tao University 2.Official Letter No. 74/UBND-VX dated Jan. 09, 2012 of the Long An People Committee on approving the intention of establishing the School of Medicine 3.The Minutes of Long An Department of Education and Training on examining TTU facilities dated Feb. 09, The Meeting Minutes of Hanoi Medical University’s Assessment Committee dated Mar. 27, 2012 and its second Assessment Minutes dated Apr. 01, 2013 on assessing the curricula of TTU General Medicine 5.Decision No. 2416/QĐ-BGDĐT dated June 18, 2013 of the Ministry of Education and Training on authorizing TTU to train the undergraduate major “General Medicine” in the formal system LEGAL FOUNDATION TAN TAO UNIVERSITY

3 Chairwoman Mdm. Đặng Thị Hoàng Yến CEO of TTG & TTU Prof. Bui Duy Tam, MD PhD (UCSF) Former Provost of Hue Medical University Medical Board of California Prof. Thach Nguyen, MD Professor of Medicine School, Indiana University and the Professor Emeritus of Beijing Medical University and Hanoi Medical University; Founder Committee Prof. MALCOM GILLIS Former President of Rice University

4 Prof. EUGENE H.LEVY Chair of the NASA Planetary Protection Committee Dr. Charles Henry President of the Council on Library and Information Resources Prof. PETER LANGE DUKE University Board of Advisors Michael W. Michalak Former United States Ambassador to Vietnam Prof. MALCOM GILLIS Former President of Rice University

5 Chairwoman of Founder Committee Mme. Đặng Thị Hoàng Yến CEO of TTG & TTU Dr. Nguyen Van Thuan, PhD Professor of Konkuk University, Korea Biochemistry & Infertile Concentration Prof. Bui Duy Tam, MD PhD (UCSF) Former Provost of Hue Medical University Medical Board of California Prof. Thach Nguyen, MD Professor of Medicine School, Indiana University and the Professor Emeritus of Beijing Medical University and Hanoi Medical University; Prof. Nguyen Tien Duc, PhD Professor of Maryland, University, NWPU Former Director of Vì Dân Hospital Leaders and Medical Council

6 6 Objectives of training Doctor of Medicine TTU curriculum was basically constructed and executed on the basic of the 21 st century reformed medical curriculum of University of Illinois with the program “ GTS” (Genes to Society) including: Mentioning the great development of molecular biology in teaching program Integrating basic sciences with clinic sciences and society community Creating opportunities for students to approach patients Mission Strategic vision Integrate basic sciences with clinical sciences to give lessions of organs and functions Develop medical computing and encourage students to applied information technology in medical science Organize the audiovisual center to diognose and follow up patient treatment Provide doctors who serve the community effectively Use lectureLinks to develop teaching program and building database for teaching and learning

7 7 MOU PARTNER– ILLINOIS UNIVERSITY, CHICAGO UNIVERSITY OF ILLINOIS AT CHICAGO (UIC) Name : UNIVERSITY OF ILLINOIS AT CHICAGO Abbreviation: UIC Website: Strength: Medicine, Odontology, Pharmacy, Community Medicine System: 15 schools and students. On March 15, 2011, Tan Tao University and University of Illinois, Chicago (UIC) signed an MOU on supporting TTU with the aim of: Exchanging faculty and training students; Coordinating in research, curricula and learning documents; Coordinating in community activities.

8 8 Partner quality and academic The quality of University of Illinois was assessed by the Vietnam consul general at Sanfrancisco, U.S.A on Sep. 30, 2011 as follows: This is one of the biggest medicine schools in U.S.A which have very good curriculum and practice program and was ranked 56 th in top 100 world university by QS World University Rankings in 2012 ( U S News & Wor l d report ). ( See Annex 5) On March 15, 2011, Tan Tao University and University of Illinois, Chicago (UIC) signed an MOU on supporting TTU with the aim of: Exhanging faculty and training students; Coordinating in research, curricula and learning documents; Coordinating in community activities.

9 9 MEMORANDUM OF UNDERSTANDING Medical universities and hospitals committed to support TTU by exchanging faculty and students, instructing hands-on practice as follows: 1.General Hospital in Hậu Nghĩa-Long An 2.Tâm Đức Hospital – Hồ Chí Minh City 3.Chợ Rẫy General Hospital – Hồ Chí Minh City 4.Ho Chi Minh City Oncology hospital 5.Phạm Ngọc Thạch Hospital– Hồ Chí Minh City 6.Hùng Vương Hospital – Hồ Chí Minh City 7.General Hospital - Long An Province SIGNING MOU WITH MEDICAL UNIVERSITIES AND HOSPITALS IN VIETNAM Tan Tao General Hospital was completely constructed and is under the progress of furnishing and applying for operation. School of Medicine, Tan Tao university ensures the practice and clinic experiment for students during their time at university.

10 10 CURRICULUM IN DETAILS Six year curriculum of General Medicine is as follows: No.Studying LoadCourse unit 1 General Knowledge (exluding Physical Education and National Defence & Security Education) 64 2 Professional Knowledge247 Total311 General Medicine curriculum at TTU was approved by the Scientific Committee of Hanoi Medical University on April 01, 2013 Graduates will have equivalent ability with graduated doctors in U.S.A and can apply for intern position at medical universities and hospitals in U.S.A After internship period, TTU medical graduates are able to apply for practice certificate in U.S.A Special characteristics of the general medicine of TTU:

11 11 CURRICULUM IN DETAILS Number of medical students academic year : 43 students No.Full nameBirthday 1Huỳnh Trọng Ân01/11/1994 2Lê Trọng Hà10/09/1994 3Nguyễn Hoàng Hưng20/07/1994 4Trần Hữu Lộc27/08/1993 5Giang Triều Long01/08/1994 6Bùi Bá Nghệ22/09/1994 7Hoàng Quốc Bảo16/10/1995 8Lê Hoàng Đức Toàn14/10/1988 9Lê Thị Ngọc Trâm12/03/ Trần Triển20/02/ Huỳnh Thị Thu Trúc06/06/ Ngô Trung04/03/ Ngô Thị Trang Đài24/09/ Nguyễn Hoàng Phi Yến08/01/ Lê Hoàng Đạt26/11/ Lê Thành Đạt14/01/ Vũ Mạnh Dũng26/01/ Nguyễn Bùi Thùy Dương09/03/ Trần Thanh Duy30/10/ Nguyễn Thị Bích Hồng08/03/ Nguyễn Thị Linh Hương 30/11/1995 No.Full nameBirthday 22 Ngô Phạm Gia Huy12/05/ Huỳnh An Khang16/09/ Nguyễn Thị Xuân Liên10/12/ Võ Đắc Lộc19/03/ Hoàng Phan Nhật Minh10/11/ Nguyễn Thị Kim Ngân30/04/ Lê Cao Thiên Ngân21/07/ Sầm Lưu Khánh Ngọc27/11/ Nguyễn Đức Hưng10/05/ Tống Hồ Phát27/08/ Phạm Nguyễn Ngọc Phú24/07/ Hồ Anh Quân12/12/ Nguyễn Hồng Quân07/05/ Nguyễn Ngọc Tú Quỳnh07/03/ Hứa Thị Hoài Thương21/01/ Đỗ Nhật Minh Trực19/11/ Đinh Trần Xuân Trường01/12/ Trần Thanh Tuấn01/07/ Trần Phú Túc06/06/ Lê Thanh Tuyền07/11/ Võ Minh Việt11/07/ Phạm Nhật Tín24/10/1995

12 12 CLASSROOM SCHEDULE - FALL SEMESTER – FIRST YEAR Course code Course name Course unit Hour/ Week Number of week Instructor ANA120Anatomy I4415Dr. Lê Văn Cường BIO120Cell Biology2415Dr. Đỗ Thị Thu Hằng BIO121Developmental Biology2415Dr. Bùi Hồng Thủy CHEM120Chemistry5415Dr. Đặng Văn Hoài PHYS120 Physics in Biology & Medicine 4415Dr. Trần Viết Nhơn Hào STA120BioStatistics3415 Dr. Nguyễn Tiến Đức Dr. Trần Duy Hiến ENG120Medical English4415 Dr. Bùi Duy Tâm Dr.Đỗ Thị Thu Hằng Dr. Nguyễn Tiến Đức ENG General English MA.Nguyễn Trần Vĩnh Thạch, MA. Đặng Thành Nhơn TOTAL27

13 13 CLASSROOM SCHEDULE - SPRING SEMESTER-FIRST YEAR Course codeCourse name Course unit Hour/ Week Number of week Instructor ANA220Anatomy II4415 Dr Lê Văn Cường Dr. James Gieske MBC212Biochemistry4415Dr. Bùi Duy Tâm PSIO208Physiology I4415Dr. Đoàn Văn Huyền BIO202Stem Cell Therapy2215Dr. Nguyễn Văn Thuận HIS120Histology4415Dr. Nguyễn Trí Dũng ENG120Medical English2215 Dr. Juli Gieske Dr. Nguyễn Tiến Đức ESL General English3315 MA.Nguyễn Trần Vĩnh Thạch MA. Đặng Thành Nhơn TOTAL23

14 14 CLASSROOM SCHEDULE- SUMMER – FIRST YEAR Course code Course name Course unit Instructor ET120 Medical Psychology – Medical Ethics 3 Dr. Bùi Duy Tâm IT 120 General Computer Science2 Dr. Cao Tiến Dũng Mr. Đoàn Ngọc Nhật Minh MACL12 0 Basic Principles of Marxism – Leninism 5 Dr. Bùi văn Sơm MT120 National Defence and Security Education 11 Trần Văn Diện TOTAL


16 16 Regulations on faculty 1. Section 1 – Article 2 of Decision no. 795/ QĐ-BGDĐT dated Feb. 27, 2010 on converting faculty to determine the quota of enrolment as applicable regulation: Medical Majors of higher education: maximum 10 students per one converted faculty. 2. Section 1 – Article 3, Circular 08/ 2011/TT-BGDĐT regulated on opening higher education major is as follows: Permanent lecturers can undertake at least 70% of teaching load at least 4 4 lecturers are required and among them one is PhD holder and three are M.A of the right major. TTU School of Medicine requires at least 5 faculty members for the first year with 50 students

17 17 TTU existing faculty of Medicine School 1.Basic science faculty: 17 (7 PhDs; 8 M.Cs, 2 B.As) 2.Faculty for Fall Semester: 3 (1 professor associate & 2 PhDs) 3.Permanent lecturers of medicine major: 9 lectureres (professors & PhD) 4.Doctors committing to teach at TTU: 18 doctors (Professor Associate: 1, Speciality 1: 8; M.A: 4, Doctor: 4, B.A: 1) Total number of permanent faculty: (3) + (4) = 27 4.Committed expatriate professors: 27 5.Committed visiting professors: 14 (Attachment in details) NUMBER OF TTU FACULTY EXCEEDS THE REQUIRED STANDARD SUBJECT TO CIRCULAR NO. 08

18 Faculty of Medicine School 18 Permanent faculty of basic sciences (17 people) NO.FULLNAME POSITION TITLEMAJOR 1Trần Xuân Thảo Vice Provost Instructor PhDEnglish 2Nguyễn Trần Vĩnh ThạchInstructorM.AEnglish 3Đặng Thanh NhơnInstructorM.AEnglish 4Bùi Nguyễn Mai ThanhInstructorM.AEnglish 5Trần Duy HiếnCoordinator of ESPhDMathematics 7Trần Vũ KhanhInstructorPhDMathematics 8Cao Tiến DũngInstructorPhDComputer Science 9Đoàn Ngọc Nhật MinhInstructorB.AComputer Science 10Ryan (LS)InstructorPhDHistory 11 Đặng Văn Hoài Instructor Professor AssociateChemistry 12Hà Tuấn AnhInstructorM.AChemistry 13Bùi Văn SơmInstructorPhDPolitical Theory 14Trần Thanh NhựtInstructorGraduate StudentPolitical Theory 15Liêu Thị LinhInstructorM.AHistory of Communist Party 16 Trần Văn DiệnInstructorM.A Physical Education – National Defence and Security Education 17 Nguyễn Thị Hồng VânInstructorB.A Physical Education – National Defence and Security Education

19 Faculty of Medicine School 19 Permanent faculty of General Medicine Major – First year NO.FULLNAME POSITION TITLEMAJOR 1Bùi Duy Tâm Dean of Medicine School GS. TS. BS. CK II Medical Ethics, Medical English, Biological Symptom and Biochemistry 2Nguyễn Tiến ĐứcDean AssociatePhD -Medical English -Public Health 3Bùi Hồng ThủyInstructor Professor Associate Developed Biology 4Nguyễn Văn ThuậnInstructorProfessor Biology and Genetics – Stem Cell – Infertile 5Nguyễn Ngọc ThạchDean Associate Doctor, Specility II Cardiology 6Đỗ Thị Thu HằngInstructorPhDMedical Biology 7Đoàn Văn HuyềnInstructorPhD, DoctorPhysiology 8Nguyễn Trí DũngInstructor Professor Associate Cell, Embryology and Genetics 9Trần Viết Nhân HàoInstructorPhD Medical Physics

20 Faculty of Medicine School 20 Permanent faculty – basic sciences for the first year NO.FULLNAME POSITION TITLEMAJOR 1Nguyễn Trần Vĩnh ThạchInstructorM.AEnglish 2Đặng Thanh NhơnInstructorM.AEnglish 3Bùi Nguyễn Mai ThanhInstructor M.AEnglish 4Trần Duy Hiến Coordinator of Engineering School PhDMathematics 5Cao Tiến DũngInstructorPhDComputer Science 6Đoàn Ngọc Nhật MinhInstructorB.AComputer Science 7Bùi Văn SơmInstructorPhDPolitical Theory 8Trần Thanh NhựtInstructorB.APolitical Theory 9 Trần Văn DiệnInstructorM.A Physical Education – National Defense and Security Education 10 Nguyễn Thị Hồng VânInstructor B.A, national grand master of Sepak Takraw Physical Education – National Defence and Security Education

21 Faculty of Medicine School 21 Visiting professor of medicine school – first year NO.FULLNAMETITLEMAJOR 1Lê Văn CườngProfessor associateAnatomy 2Judith GieskePhD. DoctorMedical English 3James C. GieskePhD. DoctorAnatomy 4Đặng Văn HoàiProfessor associateChemistry

22 Faculty of Medicine School 22 Professors and doctors committing to teach at TTU No.FullnameTitleMajor 1 Phan Quận Doctor of speciality IICommunicable Diseases 2 Trần Đức Lai Doctor of speciality I, M.A Urology and Convalescence 3 Trương Quan Tuấn PhD Osteoarthropathy, surgeon 4 Nguyễn Đức Bình Doctor of speciality INeurology 5 Nguyễn Thị Lài M.AGenetics 6 Phùng Lệ Thúy Kiều Doctor of speciality I Orthodontics 7Phan Cảnh Quang ThôngDoctor of speciality IObstetrics 8 Nguyễn Trung Hậu Doctor of speciality I Anaesthetics and Recuperation 9 Lê Hữu Trí M.AExternal Medicine 10 Trần Quốc Bảo Doctor of speciality IGeneral Internal Medicine

23 Faculty of Medicine School 23 Professors and doctors committing to teach at TTU No.FullnameTitleMajor 11 Đặng Xuân Mai Doctor, M.ACommunity Medicine 12Đinh Thị Hồng Speciality 1, resident physician Obstetrics, Echography, Surgery 13Nguyễn Thanh TồnDoctor, Specility 1Doctor, Pediatrics 14Phạm Thị Xuân LinhM.ADoctor, Pediatrics - Obstetrics 15Ngô Tấn HùngDoctorDoctor of medicine 16Trần Hoài Dạ VĩnhDoctorDoctor of medicine 17Trần Thị Thúy LiễuB.ATesting 18Lê Thoại QuyênDoctorPhysician

24 Faculty of Medicine School 24 Committed expatriate professors No.FullnameTitleMajor 1Văn Bá TườngDoctor, Speciality II - Internal Medicine - Fellow in Cardiology 2 Jessica Anne Clarke PhD, Doctor - Immunology - Psychology 3 Gary Heit PhD, Doctor Speciality II Neurosurgery 4 Attila J Hertelendy Doctor Speciality IIInternal Medicine 5 Timothy B. Martin Doctor Speciality IIFamily Medicine 6 Robert G.Gish Doctor Speciality IIBile and Liver 7 Peter J Panagotacos Doctor Speciality IIDermatology 8 James C. Gieske Doctor Speciality IIThoracic Surgery 9 Nancy M. Sweet Doctor Speciality IIInternal Medicine 10 Mounir Soliman Doctor Economic Medicine

25 Faculty of Medicine School 25 Committed expatriate professors No.FullnameTitleMajor 11 Ronald C.Sweet Doctor – Speciality IIInternal Medicine 12 Stanley m. Bysshe Doctor - Speciality IIExternal Medicine 13Matthew e.DoctorPublic Health 14 Don Griffin PhDPublic Health 15 Gregory Huan Phan Doctor – Speciality IIOphthalmology 16 Joseph Duc Nguyen Doctor – Speciality IIFamily Medicine 17 Linh D. Bùi Doctor – Speciality IIAnaesthetics and Recuperation 18 Roger A. Orsini Doctor, MBAPublic Health

26 Faculty of Medicine School 26 Committed expatriate professors No.FullnameTitleMajor 19 Ho Chung Tu Doctor - Speciality IIPaediatrics 20Gilbert Anthony DoctorHIV Specilaity 21William H. Shibley Doctor Forensic Medicine 22Thoi Thanh Vo MSc., DoctorPubic Health and Business Management 23Nguyễn NẫmDoctorGeneral Internal Medicine 24Bay Van Nguyen MSc., DoctorPaediatrics 25Jesus Saucedo Doctor, MBA Obstetrics 26Alan Lowell SorkinPhDPublic Health 27Anthony CosentinoProfessor, Speciality IIPulmonology

27 Faculty of Medicine School 27 Visiting professors NO.FULLNAMETITLEMAJOR 1Nguyễn Đỗ NguyênProfessor Associate, PhDEpidemiology 2Yadav Bhatta MDPhD, DoctorCardiology 3Ramesh Daggubati, MDPhD, DoctorCardiology 4Debabrata Dash MDPhD, DoctorCardiology 5Sandeep Dube MDPhD, DoctorCardiology 6Choo Gim Hoi MDPhD, DoctorCardiology 7Khoi Le MDPhD, DoctorCardiology 8Charles Motley MDPhD, DoctorCardiology 9Michael Nguyen MDPhD, DoctorCardiology 10Duane Pinto MDPhD, DoctorCardiology 11Thomas Tu MDPhD, DoctorCardiology 12Gianluca RigatelliPhD, DoctorCardiology 13Aman M. AmanullahPhD, DoctorCardiology 14Dr. Aravinda NanjundappaPhD, DoctorCardiology


29 29 Regulations on FACILITIES Section 2 Article 2 of Decision No. 795/QĐ-BGDĐT dated Feb. 27, 2010 on converting facilities to determine the quota of enrolment is as follows: Floor area used for training and research: at least 2m2/student Up to 2013, there are 180 students at TTU including medical students, so the minimum area required is 360m2.

30 TTU FACILITIES Total area: 103 ha; in which Total area certified the right of land use: ha; Land area for Medicine School: 50 ha Area of Tan Tao Hospital and Medicine School: 10 ha Vivarium: 0,6ha Grey-yard for body donors: 1 ha Average ratio of land/medical student: m2/student MEDICINE UNIVERSITY AREA (Ha) AConstruction Admin building Auditorium Schools Labs Library Hospital, Hotel Dormitary BGreen Sapce and Sports CTraffic DInfrastructure Medicine University Planning – 50 ha

31 TTU FACILITIES ItemsUnitAreaNumber of rooms II- Constructed floor area Total floor area constructed for Medicine School – Phase 1 m Medicine School Area, Labs, and Surgery Room m Totalm Classroomm Auditoriumm – Computer labm Labm

32 TTU FACILITIES ItemsUnitAreaNumber of rooms Floor area for Medicine School2041 m212 rooms a) Anatomy practice on model aream284 b) Anatomy practice on human body area m2600 c) Chemistry Labm2100 d) Medical Physics Labm2140 e) Biological Labm21200 f) Biochemistry Labm2801 g) Physiology Labm2801 h) Histology Roomm Vivarium 6000 m2 6.- Clinic Area for TTU students’ practice1164 m2 8 – Librarym Admin Aream Common Aream III.- Dormitarym IV.- Sport Aream V- Canary Clubm VI.- Faculty Residence (Tan Duc Star)m25.650

33 Auditorum – Medical Lab Total area: 1.200m2 2 big rooms 08 small rooms and labs

34 Biology - Histology Laboratory Equipment Area: m2 Floor area: m2 Land and infrastructure expense: 4,2 million USD Construction expense: 38 million USD Total: 42 million USD

35 Biology - Histology Laboratory Equipment No. EquipmentQuantity 1Micromanipulation 1 2Inverted Microsope 1 3Microinjection 1 4Heat Table 1 5Specialized camera MILIONS PIXEL 1 6Image Process Software 1 7Computer (set)1 8Sony Television 32” 9Piezo impact micro manipulator system pmm-150fu1 10Microsope used for collecting eggs1 11Tables used for holding the specimens2 12Multi-gas Incubator4

36 Biology - Histology Laboratory Equipment No. EquipmentQuantity 5CO 2 Incubator1 6Needle maker for embryo transfer1 7Microsope needle maker1 8Needle bending machine 9Sterilization cabinet2 10Liquid nitrogen bottle for samples storage1 11Refigerator negative 86 Celcius degrees (Cells storage)1 12Refigerator from negative 20 to 30 Celcius degrees1 13Sample Storage from 2oC to 14oC1 14Analytical Scale1 15Centrifuge1 16Desiccator1 17Vibration shaker1 18Ultrapure water purification system1 19Sterilization Autoclave1 20Natural convection oven1 21pH meter1 22Autoimmune Machine1

37 The Anatomy Practice Area The total area: 700 m2, attached report

38 Models for anatomy practice

39 Anatomy Practice Area Equipment No.EquipmentQuantity 1The five tooth model set1 2Skeleton model set1 3The urinary model set, 6 parts1 4Bronchial tree model1 5Gastric Model, 2 parts1 6Head and neck model, 2 parts1 7The fifth cervical spine, 7 times larger than actual size1 86 vertebra model1 9Liver model1 10Pancreas and spleen model1 11Hip joint model1 12Elbow joint model1 13Shoulder joint mode1 14 Labyrinth model with human bone chain and tympanic membrane, 3 part, 4 times larger than actual size 1 15Brain model with arteries, 9 parts1 16Eye model, 7 parts, 3 times larger than actual size1 17The half head model1 18Skull Model, 22 parts, with color1 19Ear model, 6 parts, 3 times larger than actual size1 20Larynx model, 2 parts1

40 Anatomy Practice Area Equipment No.EquipmentQuantity 21Larynx and bronchi model, 2 parts1 23Cardiopulmonary model, 5 parts1 24Heart Model, 2 parts, small as 3/4 full size1 25Model of nerve and vascular in craniofacial1 26Muscle model 27Hand muscle model1 28Forearm muscle model1 29Lungs model1 30Mediastinum or thoracic caviti model1 31Knee joint model1 32Ankle joint and joint of the hand model1 33Hand model1 34Foot model1 35Arteries system model1 36Arrangement of fiber tracts in spiral cord model1 37 Canal inguinal = lower part of the anterior abdominal wall model 1

41 Anatomy Practice Area Equipment No.EquipmentQuantity MINOR SURGERY SET 38 Dissection Forceps 1 x 2T Narrow 16cm Dissection Forceps Standard 16cm Needle Dissection Crile 15cm Kelly curved 14cm Knife Surgery ball Crile 11.5cm Grazil straight scissors14.5cm Mayo scissors17cm Mayo scissors 19cm Bowl inox 5cm x Φ8cm25 48Legume tray inox 400ml25 49Equipment box inox, 24 x 12 x 5 cm25 Body storage equipment 50Speacialized inox body barrel6 51Tool equipment tray6

42 CEMETERY AREA FOR BODY DONORS Tân Đức has an 01 ha area exclusively for people who donate their bodies to the medical school of TTU, belonging to the 03 ha area for Tân Đức Cemetery

43 Chemical Laboratory - Area: 70 m2 - All necessary equipment - Attached report

44 02 rooms, 140m2 Physics Laboratory

45 45 Library Total area: 800m2, over 200 seats, and 8 group-study rooms Number of materials : textbooks  Computer for research : 88 laptops  Database: JSTOR and ProQuest, HINARY DATABASE– Health Research. browse  The library was constructed by the Dspace software (America). This software enables students to do research and download documents in the American University System. TTU Library

46 46 Library Textbooks and Reference books for the second semester, 2013: 190 books Books bought from Medicine Publisher and other foreign publishers. (Detail information attached in material report) Materials: Syllabus, curriculum, examination papers and keys. TTU Faculty’s Publications. Please see the attachment (Database and magazine list) and the link at: Database: JSTOR and ProQuest, HINARY DATABASE– Health Research. sciences-browse Medical Materials

47 47 Library Medical books No.TypeNameAuthorPublisherYear Subject: Chemistry 1 Textbook General - Inorganic: Part 2Lê Thành PhướcMedicine2009 2General - Inorganic: Part 2Lê Thành PhướcMedicine Reference Pharmaceutical - Pharmacological: Clinical PharmacyHoàng Thị Kim HuyềnMedicine2007 4Analytical Chemistry: Part 1Trần Tử AnMedicine Clinical BiochemicalĐỗ Đình HồMedicine2010 6Organic chemistryTrương Thế KỷMedicine Pharmaceutical: Part 1Trần Đức HậuMedicine2007 8Analytical Chemistry: Part 2Trương Thế KỷMedicine Analytical Chemistry: Part 2Trần Tử AnMedicine Pharmacological: Part 2Trần Đức HậuMedicine Clinical Pharmacy: Theory and Practice Lê Thành Phước – Trần TíchMedicine Medical BiologyĐỗ Đình HồMedicine Investigating chemistry: a forensic science perspective Matthew E. JohllW.H. Freeman Integrated Physics and ChemistryTom Hsu, Ph.D USA Cambridge Physics Outlet2002

48 48 Library Medical books No.TypeNameAuthorPublisherYear Subject: Cell Biology 15 Textbook Molecular cell biology 7 th ed Harvey Lodish, Arnold Berk W.H.Freeman and Company Cell biology : a short courseStephen R. BolsoverWiley-Blackwel Reference Human Anatomy & Physiology : laboratory manual, fetal pig dissection Terry R. Martin. McGraw-Hill Higher Education Lake effect: Two sisters and a town's toxic Legacy A.Nichols NancyAmerica Island Press Foundations in microbiology : basic principles Kathleen Park TalaroMcGraw-Hill Microbiology - Parasitology PGS.TS Lê Hồng Hinh Y Học Introduction to genetic analysis Anthony J.F. Griffiths W.H. Freeman The art of genes : how organisms make themselves Enrico Coen Oxford University Press 1999

49 49 Library Medical books Subject: Cell Biology Subject: Developmental Biology 23 Texbook Biology: a self-teaching guideGarber, Steuen D.Wiley Biology - 7th ed - New YorkMcGraw-Hill Reference Physiology PGS.PTS. Phạm Thị Minh ĐứcY Học Botany DS. Lê Đình Bích, TS. Trần Văn ƠnY Học Trail guide to the body : how to locate muscles, bones and moreAndrew Biel Medical BiochemistryĐỗ Đình HồY Học2012 Subject: Medical physics 29 Reference Integrated Physics and ChemistryTom Hsu, Ph.D Cambridge Physics Outlet Electric circuits /James W. Nilsson Prentice Hall Fluids and electrolytes demystifiedJoyce Y. JohnsonMcGraw-Hill Medica Practicing ECGsShade, BruceMcGraw Hill Medical charting demystified Joan Richards,McGraw-Hill Electronic health recordsHamilton, ByronMcGraw Hill2009

50 50 Library Medical books Subject: Anatomy 35 Text book Anatomy: part 1Nguyễn Quang QuyềnMedicine Anatomy, physiology, and pathophysiology for allied health Kathryn A. BoothMcGraw Hill Anatomy & physiology : the unity of form and function Kenneth S. SaladinMcGraw-Hill Anatomy - Physiology Nguyễn Văn Huy ; Lê Bá Thức Medicine Reference Gray's anatomyGray, HenryLivingstone Anatomy - Physiology Nguyễn Văn Huy ; Lê Bá Thức Medicine Anatomy Head - face - skunTS. Phạm Đăng DiệuMedicine Anatomy hand -footPGS.TS. Phạm Đăng DiệuMedicine Anatomy chestTS. Phạm Đăng DiệuMedicine Mouth SurgeryPGS.TS. Lê Đức LánhMedicine Image DiagnosticHoàng KỷMedicine Tooth Anatomy GS.TS.NGND Hoàng Tử Hùng Medicine Pratice SurgeryNguyễn Hồng RiMedicine Mouth SurgeryPGS.TS Lê Đức LánhMedicine Human anatomyKenneth S. SaladinMcGraw-Hill Tooth RehabilitationBS. Trần Thiên LộcMedicine Medical assisting : administrative and clinical procedures including anatomy and physiology Kathryn A. Booth McGraw Hill Higher Education 2009 Subject: Bio-Statistics 53Text bookStatistics for business and economics David R. Anderson, Dennis J. Sweeney, Thomas A. Williams South-Western Cengage Learning 2011

51 51 Instructors will actively choose the curriculum and lesson plans for classes that match their charge. Regarding the document academic research, students and faculty will be granted one account (account) to be able to find individual documents necessary for the learning process, do their homework from the system server (data center) of TTU. The Data Center system always updates documents, international scientific works so that students can use as their reference. DATA CENTER Equipment costs: $ 6 million, with list of equipment included in the report Specialists: 1.Đoàn Ngọc Nhật Minh 2.Nguyễn Thanh Phúc 3.Dương Hữu Trí

52 52 Website is regularly updated, publicizes commitment to education quality and the reality of education policy and introduces TTU concentrations, classes, faculty and other facilities, etc. Website TTU: Website TTU:


54 54 FINANCE No.ItemQuantity IRevenue IITotal expenditure AConstruction and facilities A.1Land and construstion expense A.2Facilities BOperation expense DPre-establishment expense The expense for design and consulting foreign architecture The expense for domestic construction consultant The expense for consultant on education Travel expense, meetings of the Board for 6 years Other expenses Detailed Report attached


56 56 First medical class - TTU

57 57 Pictures of Medicine School activities- TTU

58 58 Facilities for students Canary ClupDormitory Football StadiumTennis

59 Dormitory TTU dormitory was completely constructed with full support services such as canteen, recreation room, sport room... for students. Capacity: 800 students 1 typical room =>

60 60 Entertainment room, gym & canteen Dormitory

61 61 Apartments for faculty Tân Đức Star Total area: 13,729 m2 Number of units: 96 units Status: complete, ready to use Offer: 50% discount for the first year of support included health insurance, cars, housing and driver. And 1 year's free membership to participate Canary & swan club.

62 62 Houses for Dean Full Decoration

63 63 Underconstruction Buildings Phối cảnh Building No. 2 School of Economics and Business Management

64 Honored guests visited the Tan Tao University On 17/08/2010, Mr. Truong Tan Sang, standing member of the Secretariat of the Communist Party of Vietnam and the Communist Party member attended the inauguration ceremony and directly awarded Hoa Trang Nguyen Award which was established by the Group Tao in collaboration with the Central Propaganda Department since 2008 to outstanding students who are the best ones of their schools/ universities and who won the national and international awards on over the country..

65 Honored guests visited the Tan Tao University Vietnam Education Foundation (VEF) visited TTU on April 16, 2011 Consulate General of Canada delegation visited Tan Tao University on March, 2, 2011 Australian Consulate visited Tân Tao University on August 19, 2011 The President Nguyen Minh Triet visited Tan Tao University on April 29, 2011

66 Honored guests visited the Tan Tao University Dedication Awards for "For the community"on December 20, 2011



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