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Urban Sprawl in North America Where will It End?

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3 Urban Sprawl in North America
Where will It End?

4 Essential Question How does urban sprawl affect people and the planet?
Urban Core Rural Fringe Urban Fringe

5 Key Terms Suburb: an area of housing built at the edge of a city.
What are Denver’s suburbs? Metropolitan Area: a major city and it’s suburbs. 8 out of 10 North Americans live in a metro area.

6 Urban sprawl: the rapid and often poorly planned spread of cities and suburbs.

7 What innovations allow for urban growth?

8 Stages of Urban Growth Urban Core: Downtown Oldest part “walking city”

9 Urban Fringe: the ring of small towns and suburbs around a city.
Commuters Leads to urban core decay.

10 Rural Fringe: the small towns, farms and open spaces just beyond the suburbs.
Eaten up by urban sprawl

11 Urban Growth Positives
Creates Needed Homes Cheaper new houses Economic boost New Jobs, Purchases, and Taxes

12 Urban Growth Negatives
Damages the Environment Habitat loss for plants and animals Air pollution and traffic jams

13 Coyotes spotted in Littleton


15 Farmland loss Only about a tenth of Earth’s land is suitable for farming.

16 Smart Growth Strategies
Infill: filling in empty or run down parts of a city with new development.

17 Mixed-use Development: combines housing and businesses in one area.
Encourages people to live, work, and shop in one neighborhood.

18 Urban Growth Boundaries: a legal border separating urban and rural land.

19 Assignment: Urban Sprawl in Your Area
ELT: Analyze arrangements of settlements. Let’s consider urban sprawl in metro Denver, possible problems, and possible smart growth solutions.

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