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Reaching Beyond the Summit: Educating with Altitude Maroon Bells.

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1 Reaching Beyond the Summit: Educating with Altitude Maroon Bells

2 Welcome Our Goal for Today…. Here’s what you’ll take from today’s session Knowledge of where you can help out …committees, ideas to share and more An Overview of what NAGC is like How to write a successful NAGC proposal – be a presenter!

3 10 Reasons Why YOU Can’t Miss NAGC 2012 10. Well-known, prominent presenters. 9. Best practices shared by experts in their fields. 8. Extreme sports? Try extreme learning! 7. You’ll be inspired to do more than climb a 14-er! 6. When you climb this mountain, kid will benefit. 5. You’ll sing Rocky Mountain High like John Denver. 4. Follow NAGC as we lead you in 21 st Century Skills. 3. Unlike the Stock Show, you won’t have to worry about what you step in. 2. You’ll grow as an educator. 1. It’s fantastic. It’s grand. And it’s in Denver! Pikes Peak

4 Introducing… the Committees and their Chairs LAC Committee Co-chairs: Julie Gonzales & Susan Scheibel Action Labs: Blanche Kapushion CEUs/Graduate Credit: Deborah Rothenberg Development/Scholarship: Cheryl Franklin-Rohr Hospitality Volunteers: Debbie Getzel Sangre de Cristo Mountains

5 More Committees Marketing/Alliances: Nanette Jones Parent Day: Julie Gonzales & Linda Crain Program/Content: Wendy Leader Reception: Stuart Omdal Student Involvement: Robbi Makely Longs Peak

6 What’s it Like at NAGC? NAGC’s National Convention is a 5 day conference It begins on Wednesday and concludes on Sunday Wednesday - Consists of Pre-Convention Events Action Labs Essentials General Sessions **A separate registration is required for events on Wednesday

7 What’s it Like at NAGC? Thursday day Applications Breakout Sessions (separate registration) Full Convention Begins First Timers Orientation Opening General Session Thursday afternoon and evening Exhibit Hall Opens and Reception Evening receptions and happenings

8 What’s it Like at NAGC? Friday – Registration Opens Mini Keynotes Concurrent Sessions Exhibit Hall open throughout the day Legacy Series Evening Events

9 What’s it Like at NAGC? Saturday Parent Day Mini Keynotes Concurrent Sessions Exhibit Hall open throughout the day Evening Events

10 What’s it Like at NAGC? Sunday Super Sessions Closing General Session

11 How to Write a Winning NAGC Convention Proposal Presentation taken from Carolyn R. Cooper, Ph.D. St. Louis, Misouri

12 Framing Your Thinking Three Key Ideas Need Intervention How will you address the need? Results Techniques to be Used: The “How to” in title appeals to teachers Title specifies purpose Opening sentence is a question that implies need. Presenter explains intervention step by step. Result? You write a proposal that NAGC accepts.

13 Planning your Proposal Step 1 – Define and focus your topic What message will you deliver? Ask a question. Step 2 – List 3 major points to make Need Intervention Results Step 3 – Talk through these three points to be sure they flow into a sequential, coherent presentation.

14 Now that you’ve framed your thinking Step 4 – Flush out each point with one more sentence for elaboration and clarity. Step 5 – Reread your session description for Sharp focus Need, Intervention, Results Logical, smooth flow BE SUCCINCT Use only essential details

15 Prepare your final statement Step 6 – Write a maximum six-sentence ABSTRACT. Make it tight! Step 7 – Think of a clever title Step 8 – Reduce your title to five or six key words. Step 9 – CHECK FOR GRAMMAR! Step 10 – Ask someone outside of gifted education to read your proposal.

16 Do a Final Check Avoid… Cliches One-word sentences Quotations Parenthetical remarks Ampersands and abbreviations Colloquialisms Apostrophes Passive voice Being cute

17 Get your Proposal in on Time! Follow NAGC’s directions Submit at least one week before the deadline Keep a copy of both the proposal cover sheet and your abstract. Good Luck!


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