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By: Haley Swayne COMPARATIVE ANALYSIS. Missouri Compromise of 1820- The boundary line on Missouri’s southern border is used to determine territories south.

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2 Missouri Compromise of 1820- The boundary line on Missouri’s southern border is used to determine territories south of the line to permit slavery; those north of the line did not. Compromise of 1850- (5 Bills Total) One bill is The Fugitive Slave Bill stated that captured runaways could be returned to their owners, regardless of where they were captured (North or South). Thirteenth Amendment:1865- U.S. abolishes slavery The Enforcement Acts 1870-1871- criminal codes that protected blacks' right to vote, hold office, serve on juries, and receive equal protection of laws. HISTORY OF SLAVERY IN THE U.S.

3 Women were responsible to do domestic duties around the house. Women were responsible to take care of the children. Women could not pursue an educational career. Women did not drink or smoke. Women could not vote. HISTORY OF WOMEN IN THE U.S MID-1800S – MID-1900S


5 Main Characters: Sethe Denver (Sethe’s Daughter) Halle ( Sethe’s Husband) Baby Suggs (Halle’s Mother) Pauly D (Sethe’s current lover) Main Characters: Celie Nettie (Celie’s sister) Mr. (Celie’s Husband) Shug Avery (Mr.’s Girlfriend) Harpo (Mr.’s son) Sofia (Harpo’s wife) Beloved by Toni Morrison The Color Purple by Alice Walker NOVELS CHOSEN:

6 Beloved Present Setting: 1873 in Cincinnati, Ohio (Free State) Flashbacks: -Kentucky (Slave State) -Sweet Home(Home Plantation) The Color Purple 1910-1940 (Slavery was abolished in all states in 1850) Rural Georgia SETTINGS

7 Beloved: Sethe; run away slave escapes her plantation and seeks “freedom” in Ohio. The schoolteacher (In charge of the plantation) tracked Sethe down to capture her. When the school teacher found Sethe, she refused to surrender herself or her children. Sethe beheaded one of the four children. Years later the child that she beheaded is a ghost that is present in the house. The ghost named Beloved becomes abusive to Sethe when she and Pauly D. become significant others. Denver witnesses everything that is going on. PLOT: BELOVED

8 Celie’s father Alphonso beats and rapes her. Celie and Alphonso have two children together. Celie is then sent to be Mr.’s wife. Alphonso begins to make inappropriate moves on Nettie. Nettie moves in with Mr. and Celie. Mr. kicks out Nettie and tells her to never come back. Shug who is Mr.’s girlfriend see how Mr. is abusing Celie and stays at the house. Shug and Celie start to have a personal relationship which becomes intimate. Celie was losing faith in God and Shug persuades her not too. Shug find Nettie’s letters to Celie when Celie thought her sister was dead. Celie found out that her two children are alive and are with Nettie. Celie finally leaves Mr. and goes to Tennessee with Shug and Grady and begins her own business making pants. Celie and Mr. become come friends. Celie had found out that her father was not her biological father and invested her mother’s land. She returns to her mother's house where she reunites with Nettie and her children. PLOT: THE COLOR PURPLE

9 Beloved: Sethe loved her children so much that she was willing to do whatever it took to escape slavery. Sethe loved Halle; she always told herself that he was alive and was always waiting for him to show up one day. Sethe killed her baby daughter because she loved her so much and did not want her child to suffer slavery. Denver loved Beloved, the two of them had established a close relationship. The only other relationship that Denver had with someone other than Sethe. Sethe comes to see that Beloved is her Daughter and will do anything to keep Beloved happy. Beloved slowly destroys Sethe. Denver and members of the community preform and exorcism on Beloved. Denver loves her mother way too much to watch her suffer because of Beloved. Pauly D. returns and pledges his love for Sethe and told her that he would take care of her. THEME: LOVE

10 The Color Purple: Sofia is a very out spoken black woman, who does not let others push her around. She does not let her husband tell her what to do or any other man. Shug is very sexual assertive and lives a life that not many black or white women had live during that time. Celie and Shug develop a intimate relationship. Celie gets treated as a slave by her own husband and finally rebels against him. Celie starts a new life and opens up a business. THEME: DISRUPTION OF TRADITIONAL GENDER ROLES

11 Beloved and The Color Purple relate to Unit 3 about “Emerging Voices.” In unit 3 I read a poem called “The Woman Hanging from the Thirteenth Floor Window” the poem talks about a woman who suffers from racial discrimination just like Sethe and Celie do. Each character is driven to their breaking point and each decide what to do with their fate just like the woman hanging from the window. SIMILARITIES

12 Beloved and The Color Purple hacks literature because these stories revive American history of what people have forgotten. These books are to remind people of voices that were never heard by many, till now. The voices of the characters in the book represent a person’s past, the novels hack the past into the future. These voices from decades ago get a chance to speak up through literature today. RELATION TO HACKING

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