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Shibata IT October 21, 2011

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1 Shibata IT October 21, 2011

2 Shibata Group was founded in 1976. The Group has currently 11 stores and approximately 2300 employees and $ 300 milion annual sales. 1984 : The first IT department was created for software development. 1984 – 2003 : Developed RP using Cobol in Unix 2003 : Started a new RP project using Kylix and PostgreSQL. Shibata Group

3 2006 : Project Manager replacement. Started a new RP Project. Moved to web environment using PHP and Kipping DBMS PostgreSQL. Database replication using Slony- I One Master writeble DB to 7 stores slaves read-only DB. DB “selects” improved the system performance. Shibata IT

4 2009 : Internet environment issues and twice central server failure. Decided to migrate the replication method from Master-Slave to Multi-Master. After intensive market research, we opted for the ObjectMMRS asynchronous replication. After installation and tuning, unavailability issues were solved. Started the replication from 1 central server to 9 stores servers, 3 backup servers and 2 admin servers. Shibata IT

5 2010 : Object Sistemas became part of the Shibata Group. 2011: Replication using Multi-Master ObjectMMRS: 1 Central server. 11 store servers. 3 backup servers. 2 admin servers. 2 BI servers. Shibata IT

6 2011 - current – Dedicated BI Server database using customized replication. 2012/ early – Android and IOS tool, maybe using replication to SQLite DBMS or web services. Shibata Roadmap

7 Shibata’s Infrastructure History CentralizedMaster-SlaveMulti-Master Period2003-20062006-20092009-now Users/Stores90/6140/9180/11 Central Server Configuration Xeon Dual Core / 6GB RAM, Slackware Linux. 2 Xeon Quad Core / 32GB RAM, Slackware Linux. Xeon Quad Core / 8GB RAM, Ubuntu Server Linux. NetworkFull dedicated link 512kb in central and 64kb in stores. Full link 4Mb in central and 1Mb (10% warranty) in stores. Central Server load (top) Very HighHighVery Low CostExponential growth in the number of users. High growth in the number of stores. Linear growth in the number of stores and users. Replicated TablesNone300450

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