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Presented with CON7410 : Improve Profitability and Cash Flow with Oracle Financial Analytics Manuel Puyana Senior Principal Product Manager Oracle Business.

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1 Presented with CON7410 : Improve Profitability and Cash Flow with Oracle Financial Analytics Manuel Puyana Senior Principal Product Manager Oracle Business Intelligence Applications Rahul Sood Manager, Software Architecture and Development Regional Transportation District Srimathi Badri Senior ERP Developer . Oracle Confidential – Internal/Restricted/Highly Restricted

2 This is a Safe Harbor Front slide, one of two Safe Harbor Statement slides included in this template. One of the Safe Harbor slides must be used if your presentation covers material affected by Oracle’s Revenue Recognition Policy To learn more about this policy, For internal communication, Safe Harbor Statements are not required. However, there is an applicable disclaimer (Exhibit E) that should be used, found in the Oracle Revenue Recognition Policy for Future Product Communications. Copy and paste this link into a web browser, to find out more information.   For all external communications such as press release, roadmaps, PowerPoint presentations, Safe Harbor Statements are required. You can refer to the link mentioned above to find out additional information/disclaimers required depending on your audience.

3 Program Agenda 1 BI Applications Overview Financials Analytics Cloud - OTBI Financials Analytics Cloud – OTBI Enterprise Financials Analytics Cloud - Roadmap Denver Transit Authority Deployment Q&A 2 3 4 5 6 Oracle Confidential – Internal/Restricted/Highly Restricted

4 Oracle Business Analytics Strategy
Overview In The Cloud On-Premise Any Data Full Suite of Analytic Tools Packaged Analytic Applications Engineered Systems

5 BI Applications Offerings
On-Premise, Cloud and Hybrid BI Applications for Apps Unlimited and Fusion 1 OTBI for Oracle SaaS Applications 2 OTBI Enterprise for HCM,CRM and ERP 3 Oracle Confidential

6 BI Applications Offerings
On-Premise, Cloud and Hybrid BI Applications for Apps Unlimited and Fusion 1 OTBI for Oracle SaaS Applications 2 OTBI Enterprise for HCM,CRM and ERP 3 Oracle Confidential

7 Oracle BI Applications for Apps Unlimited and Fusion
Prebuilt Solutions for EBS, PeopleSoft, Siebel, JD Edwards, Fusion & more Coverage for all critical functional areas of HCM, CRM and ERP Designed for On-Premise or on-demand implementations Easy to adapt and extend with full customizations to specific business needs Tight integration with OLTP systems Fast time to value; Low TCO > 4000 customers Oracle Confidential

8 Pre-built Topic Coverage
Rapid Performance Insight CRM ANALYTICS ERP ANALYTICS SALES Pipeline Analysis Forecast Accuracy Up-sell/Cross-sell Cycle Times Lead Conversion Sales Team Effectiveness MARKETING Campaign Effectiveness Customer Insight Product Propensity Market Basket Analysis Campaign ROI SERVICE & CONTACT CENTER Service Effectiveness Customer Satisfaction Resolution Rates Service Rep Efficiency Service Cost Service Trends FINANCIALS General Ledger Accounts Receivable Accounts Payable Cash Flow Profitability Expense Management HUMAN RESOURCES Employee Productivity Compensation Talent Management Recruiting Analysis Learning Analysis Workforce Profile PROJECTS Project Funding and Budget Product Cost Project Revenue Project Billing Project Profitability STUDENT INFORMATION ANALYTICS Admissions and Recruiting Student Records Student Financials MANUFACTURING Plan to Produce Work Orders Inventory and WIP Quality Resource Usage Bill of Material Costing Kanban SUPPLY CHAIN & ORDER MGMT Revenue & Backlog Inventory Analysis Fulfillment Status Customer Status Order Cycle Time BOM Analysis PROCUREMENT & SPEND Direct & Indirect Spend Buyer Productivity Contract Compliance Supplier Perf. Purch. Cycle Time Employee Expense ENTERPRISE ASSET MANAGEMENT Maintenance History Maintenance Costing Asset Genealogy Breakdown & Preventive Quality Inventory PRICE Price Segments Price Waterfall Analysis Deal Life Cycle Deal Desk Analysis Product Pricing Performance LOYALTY Member Demographics Membership Trends Promotion Cost Promotion Effectiveness Points Analysis ORACLE BUSINESS INTELLIGENCE FOUNDATION AND OTHER OPERATIONAL AND ANALYTIC SOURCES SOURCE ADAPTERS: Oracle Confidential – NDA Bound

9 What’s New in BI Applications
New Content Enhancements Financials HR Projects Supply Chain & Order Mgmt Student Information Systems New TCO and Certifications Data Lineage Performance and Configuration Enhancements New Source Adapters New Talent Profile Analytics Procurement and Spend for JDE Fusion Applications (HR Analytics Module)

10 Financial Analytics What’s New for
SubLedger Accounting Module Complete account balance analysis, including supporting reference balances and drill down to accounting transactions Aging Snapshot restoration for Receivables/Payables during full load AP to PO Drill Down now enabled Fixed Asset Enhancements: GL Posting Status support GL Linkage to enable GL to subledger drilldown

11 BI Applications Offerings
On-Premise, Cloud and Hybrid BI Applications for Apps Unlimited and Fusion 1 OTBI for Oracle SaaS Applications 2 OTBI Enterprise for HCM,CRM and ERP 3 Oracle Confidential

12 Oracle Analytics Cloud
Oracle Transactional Business Intelligence for Oracle SaaS Applications Embedded within every Oracle SaaS application – CRM, HCM, Finance, Supply Chain, etc. Real time insight on transactional data and events Secure – security roles of Source Application Extensible – understands and conforms to transactional data model extensions Built for LOB Users – Mobile, Packaged KPIs, Alerts OTBI is designed for operational users who want to create their own custom queries, reports, dashboards, charts and graphs to aid daily decision making. Users can access, analyze and evaluate real-time transaction data in Fusion Financials by using a self- service report design tool to build reports. OTBI reduced reliance on IT for the creation and maintenance of reports and provides a fast way to answer critical operational business questions. OTBI is fully integrated with Fusion applications (roles, flex fields, lookups, trees). There is no need for additional implementation steps to map security or provide configuration inputs. OTBI needs minimum setup and is ready for use once Fusion Applications are configured and installed. General Availability Now

13 OTBI - Extensive Reporting Content
HCM Benefits Compensation Payroll Workforce Talent Review Workforce Goals Workforce Performance Workforce Profiles Workforce Management Financials General Ledger Sub Ledger Accounting Intercompany Payable Receivable Fixed Assets Cash Management CRM Incentive Compensation Marketing Marketing Segmentation Partners Sales Just as in the case of the BI Applications, OTBI covers all ERP and CRM cloud applications. Projects Project Billing Project Costing Project Control Procurement Purchasing Self-Service Procurement Sourcing iSupplier Portal SCM Inventory Distributed Order Orchestration Costing Product Information Management Shipping

14 OTBI Reporting Content For Financials – Example
Sample Business Questions Sample Metrics What is the total invoice amount that is on hold, by supplier? What is the total amount paid, by disbursement bank account? What invoices were included in this payment? What is the total amount paid, by currency? What payments weren't reconciled yet? What is the total amount paid, by supplier, for a particular period? What are the journal entered and accounted amounts for a given account and period? What unposted journals exist for a given period? What unapproved journals exist for a given period? Subject Areas Sample Dimensions Cash Management - Bank Statement Line Charges Real Time Cash Management - Bank Statements Real Time General Ledger - Balances Real Time General Ledger - Journals Real Time Payables Invoices - Holds Real Time Payables Invoices - Installments Real Time Receivables - Adjustments Real Time Receivables - Credit Memo Applications Real Time Subledger Accounting - Journals Real Time Subledger Accounting - Payables Summary Recon. Real Time Time Ledger Business Unit GL Account Bank Account Asset Book Sample Measures Sample Reports Receipt amount pending application Count of Receipts pending application Past due Count Applied prepayments in invoice currency Asset age Assets - Remaining life in Months Discounts taken and lost report. Payables credit memo matching report Payables withholding tax by Tax authority report Cross currency exchange gain and loss report Receipt forecast report Applied receipts Register On Account Credit Memo Gain and Loss Journal For each application, OTBI provides pre-packaged content covering the major processes and transaction attributes, plus pre-built financial reporting metrics. Users can create ad-hoc reports based on this metadata layer, in order to produce tactical reporting on real-time operational data. Report can include powerful features such as drill downs, calculations and charts. Report layouts can be saved to the catalog for re-use and the output can be viewed directly into the Cloud applications or downloaded to Excel. When creating reports the users access real-time transactional data – no need to push data to a separate warehouse or engage the IT department for a custom report: it‟s easy, and right at your fingertips. Sample reports are also shipped with the product for reference. They are in the following areas: Cash Management (1) General Ledger (3) Intercompany Accounting (1) Payables (12) Receivables (7) Revenue (3) Oracle Confidential – Restricted

15 Oracle Transactional Business Intelligence (OTBI) Fusion Financials
Real-time self-service operational reporting and ad-hoc analysis Analyze transactions across related business processes/ workflows Seamlessly leverage concepts from Fusion applications: security, flexfields, trees / hierarchies Pre-built business models and view objects for designing content without IT help Pre-packaged content offers a “best practice” library of pre-built metrics and reports

16 Oracle Transactional Business Intelligence (OTBI) Sample Reports For Fusion Financials
Oracle Confidential – Restricted

17 BI Applications Offerings
On-Premise, Cloud and Hybrid BI Applications for Apps Unlimited and Fusion 1 OTBI for Oracle SaaS Applications 2 OTBI Enterprise for HCM,CRM and ERP 3 Oracle Confidential

18 Oracle Analytics Cloud
Oracle Transactional Business Intelligence – Enterprise Deeper SaaS Analytics for Cross Source views – e.g. Sales + Service + Marketing; HCM + Finance Cloud & On-Premise data sources – e.g. Cloud CRM + On- Premise ERP Extensible & Secure – similar to OTBI Deeper Analytics – Predictive Analysis, Data Mining, etc Built for Executives & Analysts – Mobile, Packaged KPIs, Alerts OTBI – E provides executives, their peers, and support staff with the cross source, historical, predictive, and comparative analytics in the Oracle Cloud to strategically manage their company. Supports Cloud and On Premise data sources. General Availability Now for HCM

19 OTBI Enterprise for Financials Cloud
Planned – Next 12 Months OTBI Enterprise for Financials Cloud Advanced and Cross-Source Analytics Oracle Confidential – Restricted

20 OTBI Enterprise for Financials
Metrics specifically tuned for Financials Cross-source Analytics bridging Projects and Procurement 1000+ Proven results capitalizing on 1500 implementations worldwide Best-practice role-based dashboards for quick time to value Oracle Confidential – Restricted

21 Actionable Insight for Every Role
Controllers Reduce costs and streamline operations Benchmark results and examine cost variances Track prompt payment of account payables and collection of receivables Chief Financial Officer Control the cash flow position and understand sources and uses Manage liabilities Understand and monitor the company's profitability drivers Department Managers Drive and monitor revenue generating opportunities Keep and oversee a healthy cost structure Oversee the timely collection of customer payments Oracle Confidential – Internal

22 Strategic Financials Management
Modern Finance Cloud delivers Enterprise Analytics Finance Executives need to leverage the integrated cloud for their full range of analytic needs: How do I get consolidated view of the data? How do I compare past financial results with current? How do I maintain a competitive cost structure? How am I doing compared to my peers? How do we improve operating practices to reduce costs and enhance process controls % Financial Management Revenue Management & Collections Cash Management Travel & Expense Management Planning & Budgeting Financial Analytics

23 Analytics Cloud For Financials
OTBI and OTBI Enterprise seeing the past, present, and future Historical Current Future OTBI Enterprise Historical Analytics (e.g.) Payment Performance AP Aging AR Aging DSO Monthly Trend Profitability Returns Trends Comparative Analytics (e.g.) Profitability Returns ROA Indicator Top 10 customer with highest avg. payment days Average Expenses by Category Benchmarking Predictive Analytics (e.g.) Delinquent Account Projection Account Collection Optimization Revenue/Profitability Projection OTBI Standard Historical Reports (e.g.) Receivables to Ledger Reconciliation Bank Statements and Reconciliation Operational Reports (e.g.) Account and Journals Analysis Trial Balances Payables Posted Reversed Receipts Oracle Confidential – Internal

24 Analytics Cloud For Financials Powerful and Complete
Operational Strategic Predictive OTBI-Enterprise Planning & Budgeting Cash Management Financial Management Cross-functional content Procurement & AP Order Management &AR External Benchmarking with XBRL data Cross- Source Analysis Travel and Spend Management Revenue Management and Collections Oracle Transactional Business Intelligence US and EU Financial Regulators Oracle ERP Cloud On Prem & 3rd Party Data Oracle Confidential – Restricted

25 OTBI Enterprise Content For Financials
Existing Analytics Content Example Profitability Top 10 Customers by Operating Profit Profitability Returns Trend ROA (EBIT Basis) Indicator COGS Trend by Product Profit & Loss - Quarterly YTD Accounts Payable AP Aging by Supplier Group AP Aging Report DPO Monthly Trend Top 10 Suppliers by AP Balance Average Invoice Transaction Fixed Assets CIP Asset Balance Accumulated Depreciation Balance by Period Leased vs. Non-Leased Assets by Count Top 10 Assets by Warranty Cost Gross Fixed Asset Cost Ratio Accounts Receivable AR Aging by Customer Category DSO Monthly Trend Top 10 Customers by AR Balance Top 10 Customers with Highest Avg. Payment Days Invoice Amount vs. Payment Amount Oracle Confidential

26 Benefits of OTBI Enterprise for Financials
Provide Insight to improve Financials performance CROSS SOURCE Integrate Financials Cloud data with Procurement or HCM Cloud Integrate Financials Cloud data with On-Premise Sources (EBS, Psoft, JDE etc) Integrate Financials Cloud data with 3rd party data sources (e.g. XBRL ) CROSS FUNCTIONAL Integrate Financials cloud data with Procurement , SCM, Projects and HCM Cloud data (Procurement, Supply Chain, Inventory , Headcount, Projects etc) ADVANCED Historical, trending, and predictive analysis Complex metrics (DSO, DPO, Return on Equity, Time metrics etc Data enrichment (indexed data, external benchmarking FLEXIBLE Extensible and Secure Built for Analysts and Executives Oracle Confidential – Restricted

27 Oracle Financial Analytics Cloud Summary
Integrated Insights OTBI Standard Real-time analytics offering, embedded in SaaS Applications Designed for line workers and managers Supports daily operations OTBI Enterprise Deeper analytics for a comprehensive view Designed for executives, managers and analysts Supports strategic planning, forecasting, problem solving, and other types of detailed analytics.

28 Roadmap OTBI and OTBI Enterprise Oracle Confidential – Restricted

29 OTBI for Financials Roadmap Release planning in progress Release 9
New content: Budgetary Control Subject Area Support for withholding tax functionality- exposing additional attributes in AP subject areas Sample reports to several subject areas, including Revenue Management, Tax Withholding, Bill Receivables, Cross BU Payments. Release 10 New Content:  Receivables Customer Subject Area New attributes in Payables subject areas to enable reporting against consigned inventory, line level approvals, and pre-payment transactions Enable reporting on budget amounts in General Ledger Balances Subject Area Enhance Revenue Mgmt. subject areas including additional attributes on pricing element, source document lines, and MEA adjustment history. Release 11 New Content: Expenses Subject Areas Additional attributes in Payables to track various costs related bringing a item to the final destination (transportation costs, handling charges, ...) and in Receivables to support multi-fund. Release planning in progress

30 OTBI Enterprise Roadmap For ERP Content
Personas, Content and Capabilities Procurement & Financial Procurement & Financial Supply Chain, Projects & Student Senior Executive/C Level Spend Analytics Sourcing Spend Classification Expenses Accounts Payable Internal Benchmarking Fusion Apps & Universal Adapter Senior Executive/C Level Procurement Contracts D&B data service Continuation of AP Accounts Receivable Budgetary Control Grant Accounting External Benchmarking (XBRL) Senior Executive/C Level Supply Chain Cloud Projects Cloud Student Cloud Content details –TBD Advanced Analytics Release 8 (v1) /Release 9 (v2) Release 10 (v3) Release 11 (v4) Release 12 (v5) CRM & HCM ERP V1 – Next 12 Months Procurement Manager F&A Manager Supply Chain users Commodity Manager AR/AP Manager Project Users Buyer Financial Analyst Campus Administration Line Manager Dept Manager Student Oracle Confidential – Restricted

31 Oracle Confidential – Restricted

32 Introduction: Regional Transportation District (RTD), Denver CO
Population Served: 2.8 Million Service Area: 2,340 Square Miles (6,060 sq km) 40 municipalities, 6 counties, 2 city/counties 148 routes, 9,841 Stops with 139,083 scheduled miles/day Nearly 100 million boardings / year Fleet 1,002 Fixed route buses 172 Light Rail Vehicles 325 Paratransit Vehicles Provides Bus/LightRail/CallnRide/AccessARide in the 14 districts in and around denver metro. 100 million plus boardings a year and growing

33 Introduction: Continued
122 miles of new light rail and commuter rail Commuter Rail line to DIA opens in 2016 18 miles of Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) service 57 new transit stations 31 new Park-n-Rides; more than 21,000 new parking spaces New transit hub - Denver Union Station Growing at a rapid pace This year opened the biggest intra modal transit hub (union station) Opening the 1st heavy rail(commuter rail) from Airport to Union station in 2016.

34 Current State Oracle ERP 12.1.3
Text file from transactional source system translated to excel spreadsheets and meaningful data to CFO and executives. Excel Spreadsheets Summary Income Statement Detail Balance Sheet Detail Expense Variance – Budget vs. Actual IT dependency on Discoverer reports Recently upgrade our Oracle ERP from to Use Financials, Procure and Pay, Projects and Grants, HR, Public sector budgeting Lot of manual work and manipulating data in spreadsheets

35 Business Issues Financial information not readily available to a wide audience that needs it for decision-making There is no ability for the requestor to easily modify the content and format of reports Absence of drill-down capability The ability to produce comparative scenarios is limited Graphs, charts, and other pictorial representations having to be manually produced Specialized reports such as AR aging, top ten lists, and financial ratios (current ratios, debt to equity, etc.) must be manually created Drill Down Pictorial representation of data Information is not limited to certain individuals only

36 Why BI (Charter) Provide timely and accurate to make better and intelligent decisions concerning the operations (and to also expediently recognize any budgetary issues that may arise). Ability to drill down to the invoice level of financial information. Improves productivity by avoiding person-to-person requests for information, manual report creation and provides more timely data Information can be accessed remotely or electronically thereby avoiding paper production and distribution End-users having the ability to customize dashboards and reports on their own without IT/SME overhead.

37 Why BI (Charter) : Continued
Single source of truth that is validated and accurate. Ability to set parameters/filters for report content avoids production of several reports to glean specific information Database information may be updated as often as needed to provide the most current data End user training and licensing is simplified by using BI as a single information source rather than training and licensing on the use of multiple systems

38 Project Methodology Small focused team business and IT
Iterative development Continuous communication between Business/IT Leverage internal skillsets and resources. Business team of 2-3 financial SMEs. Financial reporting manager role and position driving the usage and adoption. Executive sponsorship from the CFO Agile iterative approach best fit Constant communication and collaboration with the business team and the development team Iterative Workshops with business users to identify and document the customization requirements. Iteration Planning based on the requirements captured during the workshop sessions.(2-3 week iterations) Development Team of 4-6 Combination of ERP developers/BI developers/BAs

39 Implementation Approach
POC to start with (Out of the box financial dashboards) Users realizing the need to customize content Simplicity of tools provided to customize and migrate content Phased approach to focus on specific areas like GL, AP/AR(Release planning) Release Pre-Planning from March - April Iterations started in May 1st Release kick off go-live November List of Tools BI Administration Tool (RPD and Data security) BIACM (BI Applications Configuration Manager) FSM (Functional Setup Manager) Catalog Manager (Migration of Catalog content) EM (Security Setup) A step approach worked great for us. Build upon the previous step Get the seeded content out first in front of the users. You will get a lot more participation once they see what all data points they can have access to.

EXALOGIC OBIEE EXALYTICS OBIA EXADATA Build ODI OTD OAM OVD WEBGATE 1st phase go live on EXALOGIC  EXADATA Future move BI components onto exalytics.

41 Architecture Move the middle tier of BI into exalytics
1. Use the timesten inMemory capability 2. Increase the frequency of updates to the dashboards. Currently the full load takes 2 hrs and incremental load takes 1 hr.

42 Implementation Phases
Installation Configurations Data Load Customization to RPD Customization to Dashboards Migration Srimathi is going to walk you through the implementation phases and lessons learned during each one of the areas.

43 Installation Important Pre-requisite:
Upgrade the existing DB to from Choice of software only install or enterprise install for Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition Software Only Install mode requires Weblogic Server as a prerequisite Enterprise Install mode installs Weblogic Server Importance of temporary table space

44 Installation : Continued
Issues with software only install

45 Installation : Continued
Knowledge Base BI Apps Certification Matrix: (Please note the requirement for on the database) Media Pack for BI components downloads Installation Guide: Below is the link to the proactive support notification that document installing Software Only has problems.

46 Functional Configuration : Setup
Web GUI to do functional configurations. Oracle BI Applications Configuration Manager Functional Setup Manager (FSM) for Oracle BI Applications Options to choose the offerings in a module to deploy. Assign the tasks Monitor the task progress The following slides will tell the roadblocks and lessons learnt for financial functional configuration

47 Functional Configuration : Setup Continued
Login credentials to BIACM

48 Functional Configuration : Setup Continued
Configure the Offerings and Modules to deploy Exclude Federal Financials Offering if not needed.

49 Functional Configuration : Setup Continued
Assign the Tasks for the specified Offerings and BI modules to one or more Functional Developers.

50 Functional Configuration : Setup Continued
Monitor the progress of the Implementation Project to check that the tasks have been completed.

51 Functional Configuration : Setup Continued
Complete the functional configuration Tasks

52 Functional Configuration : Setup Continued
Complete the functional configuration Tasks

53 Functional Configuration : Parameters Setup
BIACM Setup – Data Load Parameters

54 Functional Configuration : Reporting Parameters
BIACM Setup – Report Parameters

55 Functional Configuration : Continued
Product Category Set

56 Functional Configuration : Continued
Source files to complete before a domain load of Financials Module. file_glacct_segment_config_ora.csv file_group_acct_codes_ora.csv file_gl_hierarchy_assignment_ora.csv file_fa_category_segment_config_ora.csv

57 Functional Configuration : Continued
Seeded Domain Mappings of Group Account to Group Account Category

58 Functional Configuration : Continued
Source File for Group Account Codes

59 Functional Configuration : Continued
Domain Mappings of Group Account Codes reflect RTD Group Accounts

60 Functional Configuration : Continued
Group Account to Financial Statement Item-Important for Subledger Dashboard Data

61 Functional Configuration : FSG
BI EBS FSG Reports Expanded Income statement Detail Balance Sheet Drill Down capabilities Data Transparency Data view by Department/Cost center Ease of use by CFO/AGMs .txt file without format Need extensive formatting in excel Lack of data transparency CFO/AGM depend on Reporting accounting managers to get the report

62 Functional Configuration : FSG
Lessons Learned: -Clean up of blank account ranges in source system -Resolve overlapping account ranges -Enter Row Names -Monitor Temporary table space during data load -Validate against source system

63 Functional Configuration : FSG

64 Functional Configuration : Continued
Knowledge Base: Oracle® Fusion Middleware Configuration Guide for Oracle Business Intelligence Applications 11g Release 1 ( ) Part Number E Oracle® Fusion Middleware Release Notes for Oracle Business Intelligence Applications 11g Release 1 ( ) E BI Applications Blog:

65 EBS Source System/File Source
Data Flow Understanding the data flow is the Key to successful implementation of BI EBS Source System/File Source Domain Load BIACM/FSM Data Load Repository Dashboard

66 Data Load Lessons learned during financial data load
Group Account changes Domain Mapping Changes Base Domain and Domain change Issues in a data Load with FSG

67 Data Load : Continued Difference between Base Domain and Domain Change

68 Data Load : Continued

69 Data Load : Continued Difference between Base Domain and Domain Change

70 Data Load : Continued After Full Data Load

71 Data Load : Continued Reset Data Warehouse Extract Date

72 Data Load : Continued Should the Domain load be done for all Modules to start with or can it be done as we implement each module one by one. Understanding difference between base domain and domain change. Issue in a full data load. How to resolve Duplicate data records and Unique Index creation Error because of duplicates. How to restart the data load after an error. How to generate the error tables (E$ tables) and retain the temporary tables in DW to debug How slowly changing Dimension impacts the incremental load and what should it be set to.

73 Data Load : Continued Knowledge Base
Oracle® Fusion Middleware ETL Guide for Oracle Business Intelligence Applications 11g Release 1 ( ) Part Number E

74 Customizations to RPD (Repository)
Seeded Dashboards refer to seeded oracle group account codes hardcoded in RPD FSG Hierarchy Dimension refers to seeded hierarchy code Manage Session Variables, global variables, server variables. Manage Initialization Blocks and Connection Pools

75 Customizations to RPD : Continued
Operating Expense Budget for Q shows $46.3M

76 Customizations to Repository-RPD
The Income Statement for Q from Oracle shows $140M for operating expense.

77 Customizations to Repository-RPD
Seeded RPD-Total Operating Expense

78 Customizations to RPD :Continued
Customization to RPD to reflect RTD Total Operating Expense Measure

79 Customizations to RPD :Continued
Customization to RPD to reflect RTD Total Operating Expense Measure

80 Customizations to RPD :Continued
Another Example of seeded RPD group account reference

81 Customizations to RPD :Continued
Another Example of seeded RPD group account reference

82 Customizations to RPD :Continued
After Customization of RPD

83 Customizations to Dashboards
Drill Down capabilities Customization of filter criteria Graphs/charts/Pies and graphical representation of data Customize labels/headings for ease of use for users without Financials background.

84 Customizations to Dashboards : Continued
Seeded Dashboard without Drill Down

85 Customizations to Dashboards : Contd
Drill Down Feature

86 Customizations to Dashboards : Continued
After Customization

87 Customizations to Dashboards : Continued
Ability to Drill-Down

88 Customizations to Dashboards : Continued
Knowledge Base: Documentation: Blog Entry: Blog Entry:

89 Migration of BI Components
Migrate Mappings done in BIACM/FSM . Migrate RPD changes-same as 7.9.6 Migrate Catalog changes- same as 7.9.6

90 Migration of BI Components : Continued

91 Migration of BI Components : Continued

92 Final Product

93 RTD General Ledger - Overview
RTD customized General Ledge dashboard and reports. Addition parameters for filtering Pictorial representation of metrics.

94 RTD General Ledger – Financial Structure
Quick wins with seeded content with minor customizations.

95 RTD Payables – Payments Due
Finance department now having the ability to quickly glance and use analytics to make important business decisions.

96 RTD Receivables – Payments Due

97 RTD Payables – Payment Performance

98 RTD Monthly Financial Reports by Department
Example of a new dashboard build for each department and their budget analysts to look at all or there specific cost centers and ability to drill down.

99 RTD Summary Income Statement
Using the FSG functionality to create a Summary Income statement for that specific cost center/department.

100 RTD Trial Balance Drill down to Trial Balance

101 RTD Trial Balance Journal Line Entries
Drill down to AP detail and Revenue Detail

102 Future Plans State of Good Repair ( Asset Lifecycle Analytics)
Procure and Spend Analytics HR Analytics Projects and Grants Analytics Ridership Analytics Operational Performance Analytics Operator Work-Force Analytics Forecasting/What-If scenarios Finding and analyzing the state/condition of the rolling/fixed assets How many passengers were affected when there was an incident on the bus/rail Operator Availability dashboards in real-time

103 RTD is ready to take on future BI projects and initiatives with a solid OBIEE foundation
Rahul Sood Manager, Software Architecture and Development Srimathi Badri Senior ERP developer

104 “Must-Attend” Business Analytics Sessions
Time Session Name Location Mon :45 am & Tues 30 3:45 pm CON Oracle Business Analytics Product and Technology Roadmap Moscone West 3014 Mon 29 2:45 pm & Wed Oct 1 12:45 pm CON Oracle BI Cloud Service Overview and Roadmap Tue 30 12:00 pm CON8417- Looking Ahead to the Next Generation of BI Technology Tue 30 5:00 pm CON Oracle Business Intelligence Mobile: Innovative Analytics Wed Oct 1 11:30 AM General Session [GEN9379]: Oracle’s Big Data Strategy—Unified Data Management and Analytics Moscone West 2008 Thu Oct 2 10:45 am CON7616 – Oracle Exalytics In-Memory Machine: Customer Panel Moscone West 3016

105 Q&A Oracle Confidential – Restricted


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