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Technical Information Center

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1 Technical Information Center
Denver Service Center NPS Resource Information Management Conference April 2010

2 Technical Information Center (TIC)
Director’s Order 19: TIC…serves as the central repository…. Reports Published or Contracted by NPS Design & Construction Documents Technical & Research Reports Planning Documents Aerial Photographs

3 Oldest NPS Information System
1963 Microfilming Large Format Drawings Computerized Index for Retrieval 1970s Denver Service Center / TIC Service Wide Repository NPS Published or Funded Reports 1998 Internet Access to Collection 2002 Scanning New & Legacy 2004 eTIC Intranet Access to Metadata & Images 2009 Integrated Document & Records Management System

4 TIC Database Includes Air Quality Studies Concessionaire Drawings
Construction / As-Built Drawings Concept Development Plans Cultural Landscape Inventories Development Concept Plans Environmental Assessments and Impact Studies Exhibit Drawings Federal Highway Administration Drawings Fire Management Reports General Management Reports HABS/HAER Structure Drawings

5 TIC Database Includes - continued
Historic Resource / Historic Structures Studies Land Management Plans Land Status Maps Mining and Minerals Studies Natural Resource Plans / Studies National Scenic Trail/Heritage Area Studies Site and Profile Plans Suitability and Feasibility Studies Survey Maps Topographic Drawings Visitor Use Studies Water Resource Studies

6 “Boss” Frank Pinkley

7 Technical Information Center
Value Added by TIC Provides Information Manage Park Resources Maintains Archival Record Preservation Disaster Recovery Allows Easy Access Database Index Record Digital Image Supports Park Infrastructure Rehabilitation Maintenance Replacement 9/2007

8 TIC Staff Determine Access Level Classification Enter Metadata
Controlled Lists Subject Location Uniform Title / Series Scanning Preparation Originals to Storage Schedule Database – NARA Scans to Microfilm Contractor

9 Required Metadata Information
Park Information – Name, Region, Code Access – Public, Restricted, Sensitive, Archeology Information Type – Document, Drawing, Electronic PMIS, Project, Contract Numbers Title, Author, Date Subjects Scale, Size Number of Sheets or Pages

10 Required Metadata Information - continued
TIC Number Location within the Park Disposition – storage location of original Distribution Rights – copyright Physical Description – condition Comments – notes or additional information Cataloging Details – cataloger, date, modification

11 Electronic Files Paper Drawings/Reports


13 ‘Google’ like search process
Log-in for access to additional records Intranet access for all NPS Future – advance search feature; public access


15 Image View Options

16 Delivery Options Intranet Download FTP Electronic File DVD CD-ROM
Paper Copy

17 Technical Information Center
Denver Service Center

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