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Family and Intercultural Resource Center FROZEN PARTY.

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2 Family and Intercultural Resource Center FROZEN PARTY

3  Parent Engagement – 200 parents and staff trained  Motivational Interviewing – 137 staff trained  Standards – 149 staff trained  CATCH Kids Club - 43 coordinators trained  CATCH ECE – 16 train the trainers complete  Eat Play Grow – 9 train the trainers complete  Six Centers participated in focus groups for Parent Engagement and CATCH  Average of 25 participants for each six online MI classes

4 Mountain Resource Center Christmas Celebration

5 Many of our staff, your staff, and ED’s participated in much of this travel for the 2014-15 grant year  4 – regional meetings (Lakewood, Denver, Co Springs, Montrose)  9 Center site visits  Travel to San Francisco and NYC  Three trainings for CATCH in Silverthorne & Denver  TCHF symposium in Keystone  CDHS and FRCA joint quarterly meeting

6 Aurora Community Connection Tutoring Program and NPP Program

7 Mini-grants and/or FRCA staff time supported the following organizational capacity in 2013 and 2014: 12 Centers: Strategic Planning 10 Centers: Executive Director Succession Planning 7 Centers: Technology Infrastructure 3 Centers: Enhanced Financial Tracking Systems 1 Center: Fundraising Event Planning Also note that additional funds will be available March 2015—more information coming soon on how those funds will be spent

8 Eat Play Grow Mountain Family Center

9  Need Centers who added Eat, Play, Grow and CATCH ECE to add to the columns J/K their new program, and projections and return to Rachel ASAP – upon receiving all decisions can be made to fund these  Please confirm your SOW, sign and return to Lauren by 2/6/15 (those adding programs may be extended)  Information on expansion funds coming soon

10 La Familia/The Family Center Garden photos

11  PIP process began year 2 of 2011-14 grant  First year began with 8 PIPs with funding implications, 5 PIPs without, 5 below in one area, and 6 with no PIP  Currently 0 PIPs with funding implications, 1 without funding implications, 2 below in one area, and 21 with no PIP

12 El Paso Family Centers Cooking Matters

13  Trend of low Heathy Living Assessments in ETO  Third quarter should have appx 2300 HLA’s however only have 1052  Current programs needing HLA: adult cooking, adult exercise and gardens (completers)  Including Healthy Living Assessments in the PIP process beginning March 15,2015  Programs requiring HLA March 2015-2016: adult cooking  All “completers” should have a HLA  New Criteria: PIP if less than 50% of HLA in ETO  Healthy Living Program webinar February 17 th @ 1230 will review how to do a HLA, info on the logic models, and example in ETO

14 Family Resource Center of the Roaring Fork School District Jeffery’s New Bike!

15  Will have guidelines for year 2 – to begin March 15, 2015  The guidelines will include:  Alignment with TCHF mission for engagement  Meaningful participation  Definition of eligible participant  New collaboration with Livewell Colorado

16 Focus Points Winter Fiesta!

17   Public website  New ETO team (Hillary, Lauren, Rachel)  Only need one log in for new users and individual folder  Universal log in sent out to all ETO users to request ETO support  The deadline document will now be housed on the portal calendar  ETO self help links and webinars for users

18 What happens when an ED says “make the Colorado Gives Day goal and I will wear an outfit of your choice from the thrift store” ? SHE WEARS IT! Congratulations on a Successful COgives day!

19 Summary of Assessments completed by centers:  Center-level Reports on portal  Membership Committee will review aggregate summary; make recommendations for highest need categories and indicators; create criteria for identifying centers following best practices in each category  TA funds may be prioritized based on highest needs—more information coming soon!

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