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2013 ASQ Denver Tools Symposium POWER HARADA: TUNE YOUR TEAM.

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1 2013 ASQ Denver Tools Symposium POWER HARADA: TUNE YOUR TEAM

2  Why Use Harada  What is Harada  History of the Method  Getting Started Philosophy  5 Forms POWER IT OUT Gemba Man!

3  Supplement to a robust Lean/Six Sigma/Continuous Improvement/Process Improvement/Process Excellence/Guru of All Things/Quality Program  Employees doing the day to day work tasks have a deeper understanding and are the most qualified to do their work.  Strengthens the bond between the employee and the organization  Process success is a repeatable phenomenon; so is employee success! WHY HARADA?

4  The production system is based on two pillars:  Just-in-time manufacturing  Respect for people  Big companies=big production=big focus on processes  This leads to rigidity in the process  Decisions are often elevated to leadership TOYOTA PRODUCTION SYSTEM

5  The core essence of the Harada Method is enabling self- reliance  Why Do I Care?  Alignment of commitment  Achievement of goals  People wanting to be or do their best  Managers want to support their employees  Less waste of a resource  Everybody has to be an artisan HARADA METHOD IS A PEOPLE MANAGEMENT TOOL

6  Traditional Managers say: “I trust you”  Lean Managers say: “What is the problem; What is the root cause of the problem; How do we know when the problem is solved; Let me know when you have solved the problem”  According to the Japan Management Association the Harada Method is the best technique for developing employees. TRADITIONAL MANAGEMENT VS. LEAN MANAGEMENT

7  Middle school teacher in Osaka, Japan coaching track and field  Lowest performing school in the area (380 total comparable schools)  Developed the idea if there is a process to encourage these students to set their own goal for life and work, this would make them more self reliant, thus more engaged, involved, and motivated! HISTORY OF HARADA One of these is Mr. Harada

8  Premeditation  Personal Excellence  Goal Setting  Service  Self Reliance HARADA IS BASED ON 5 THINGS

9  There are 5 forms that create the structure in this tool:  Self reliance questionnaire  Long-term goal form  Open window 64 chart  Routine check sheet  Daily diary  Traditionally Japanese management focuses on the team aspect 5 THINGS=5 FORMS

10 How Self- Reliant Are You? Rate yourself on a scale of 1-10 in each category. 1.Accountable 12. Highly skilled 23. Organized 1.Adaptable 13. Honest 24. Personable 1.Authentic 14. Imaginative 25. Prepared 1.Brave 15. Independent 26. Realistic 1.Capable 16. Initiative 27. Responsible 1.Caring 17. Innovative 28. Self-managed 1.Confident 18. Inspired (love to work) 29. Strategic 1.Creative 19. Inquisitive 30. Strong Willed 1.Determined 20. Empowered 31. Supportive 1.Ethical 21. Knowledgeable 32. Trustworthy 1.Flexible 22. Motivated 33. Visionary SELF RELIANCE POP QUIZ


12  Place long term goal in the middle:  List the 8 activities that relate to the long term goal around them  For each of these 8 activities, brainstorm 8 ways to meet that goal. OPEN WINDOW 64 CHART

13 TaskMay 1May 2May 3May 4May 5 Study a new technique XXX Come to work by 6:00 am XXXXX Read a personal development article XX Post 2 comments on social media X MeditateX ROUTINE CHECK LIST

14 0600 – 0700Woke up, morning routine, meditation 0700 – 0800Exercised, ate breakfast 0800 – 0900Travel to office – reached office at 0830 0900 - 1000Coding – assigned by team lead 1000 – 1100Team meeting 1100 – 1200Coding – assigned by team lead 1200 – 1300Tested code – assigned by team lead 1300 – 1400Lunch break 1400 – 1500Free time – studied a new Java technique DAILY DIARY John’s daily diary

15  The people development is the missing link in most companies:  This means no clear relationship between individual goals, career goals, and organizational goals.  Success of any type (either personal or professional) cannot not be attained unless individuals make an effort to attain it. END OF THE SPRINT

16  If you Google “Harada Method” be warned there is also a disease and a surgery by this name! QUESTIONS & COMMENTS? WOW!

17  Bodek, Norman. "Humanity and Harada." Industrial Engineer, February 45.2, 2013: 46:50.  Bodek, Norman, and David Fennig. "The Harada Method." Lean Management Journal, June Issue 5 Volume 2, 2012: 48:49.  CaffeinatedPDX. "Harada Method Webinar with Norman Bodek.", December 5, 2013:  Harada Education Institute. "The Harada Method: The Spirit of Self- Reliance." n.d.  Marathe, Shachi. "The Harada Method: Templates to Measure Long-term Goal Acheivement.", August 2013: measure-long-term-goal-achievement-part-2-of-2/. REFERENCES

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