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The Museum Experience: 博物馆体验 Engaging Young Audiences 拓展年轻观众 Patricia Rodewald Guangzhou, China March 30, 2014.

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1 The Museum Experience: 博物馆体验 Engaging Young Audiences 拓展年轻观众 Patricia Rodewald Guangzhou, China March 30, 2014

2 Our Agenda 议程 Why Young Audiences? What do we know about this audience? Public Programs Exhibitions Interpretation Tool: mobile app Questions and Discussion 为什么选择年轻观众 我们对这类观众有什么了解 公共项目 手机客户端软件 提问和讨论

3 Why Young Audiences? 为什么选择年轻观众 ? Underrepresented in museums 在博物馆中未被充分代表 Potential audience growth 有潜力的观众群增长 Develop patrons and museum advocates for the future 为将来培养资助者和拥护者 Available leisure time 有空闲时间

4 What do we know about Young Audiences? 我们对年轻观众有哪些了解? Are connected and very social 联系在一起的并擅长社交 Want choice and the ability to customize their experience 希望有选择并有能力提供为他们量 身定做的体验 Value things that are local, authentic, transparent 重视本地的,原创的,显而易见的 事物 Value “jointly constructed knowledge” 注重参与并共同创造体验 Source: Nina Simon, The Participatory Museum

5 Strategy: An Integrated Approach Interpretation Marketing and Promotion Programs


7 Public Programs & Young Audience Building Initiatives 公共项目 & 年轻观众拓展计划

8 Denver Art Museum Program: Untitled Denver 艺术博物馆 : 无题

9 Icebreakers “Easy moments of creativity” Invites audience to participate

10 Detours Tours led by different types of experts or artists Something unexpected Pre-tour walk through with staff Irreverent, but not irrelevant

11 Demo and Do 示范与操作

12 Program Elements I Experiment 实验性的 Graphics and marketing with its own look 以特有的形象来做图解 和市 11 场推广 Schedule when audience is available 活动安排在观众有空闲 的时 11 间

13 Program Elements II Partner with local artists and arts organizations 与当地的艺术家和艺术 1 机构合作 Do it yourself art activities 亲自动手的艺术活动 Music 音乐 Food 实物

14 Denver Art Museum: Young Audience Program Report

15 Museum of Modern Art

16 MoMA Pop Rally

17 MoMA: PopRally 美国当代艺术馆:波普集会 Events offered about once a month 每月举办一次 Developed and implemented by a team of young staff from departments across the Museum 由博物馆各个部门的年轻工作 人员团队来制定和实施

18 PopRally Features 波普聚会活动的特点 collaborations with artists and musical acts performances film screenings receptions special viewings of exhibitions artists talks 与艺术家和音乐表演 的合作 表演 电影放映 招待会 特有的展览参观 艺术家讲座


20 Minneapolis Institute of Art: Foot in the Door

21 Art Gallery of Ontario: In Your Face

22 Metropolitan Museum of Art

23 What about the museum experience in the galleries? 在画廊中的博物馆体验

24 Mobile App

25 Interpretation Goals 1.Intrigue and engage younger audiences 2.Encourage conversations about exhibition artwork between visitors and the High Museum of Art 3.Create an experience that allow visitors to collect and share their photos of artwork 4. Make use of social media and increase the profile of the High Museum of Art

26 Photo-recognition software

27 ArtClix functions: text and audio

28 ArtClix functions: Comments

29 Lessons: Comment metrics

30 Lessons: Young Audience + More visitors bring smartphones and experience using apps Younger visitors using the camera/older visitors using the list Audio popular with all ages Looking prompts or artists quotes are appealing

31 Cleveland Museum of Art Gallery One

32 Learning Goals for Visitors: “Involve experience rather than content ” Visitors have fun with art Interactive games and interpretation provide tools for understanding and spark social experience with art Visitors find transformative moments of discovery about continuing creative traditions that make art relevant for them

33 Gallery One: Lenses

34 Sculpture LensStrike a Pose

35 Gallery One: Lenses

36 Gallery One: Collection Wall



39 Gallery One: ArtLens


41 Cross-functional Teams Curatorial Education Design Technology Marketing Outside Experts


43 Takeaways : Build on the research and best practices that are out there Collaborate across departments and with external experts Listen to the audience – they will help you get it right Create opportunities for experimentation and iteration

44 Thank You 谢谢


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