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“Argentinean Science and Technology Policy for the Promotion of public-private partnership” AMERICAS COMPETITIVENESS FORUM (ACF). Atlanta - USA Lino Barañao.

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2 “Argentinean Science and Technology Policy for the Promotion of public-private partnership” AMERICAS COMPETITIVENESS FORUM (ACF). Atlanta - USA Lino Barañao PhD Minister of Science, Technology and Productive Innovation August 19, 2008

3 GDP growth rate. Interannual Var (%). Financial Surplus and Current Account. (million u$s). The economic growth in the last few year has positioned Argentina amongst the most dynamic countries Argentina has shown, in the past 6 years, twin surplus accompanied by international reserves accumulation. By doing this, Argentina maintains GDP growth. 10.5% 8.5% 5% 4.6% 2.5% Source: MinCyT Information Area - INDEC 8.8% Argentina Macroeconomic variables: GDP Source: MinCyT Information Area – IMF

4 Argentina Macroeconomic variables: Export During 2007, the total value of exportations grew 20% compared to 2006. YearTotalMAMIALSE&F 200329.5669.9917.7036.4605.412 200434.45311.9329.5226.8286.171 200540.35213.32712.0018.0376.988 200646.45615.24314.8268.6277.760 200755.93319.22117.38412.4826.846 Argentinean exports by economic sectors. (millions of U$S). 2007 exports by economic sectors. Openness coefficient 34% 37% 38% 39% Source: MinCyT Information Area – INDEC

5 National Science and Technology System The expenses in R&D grew 27,5% compared to 2006 R&D expenses financing – 2007. R&D expenses evolution. Expenses in R&D and researchers (1) participation. (1) Amount of researchers every thousand economically active inhabitants Source: MinCyT Information Area - RiCyT

6 National Science and Technology System Execution Planning and Policy Making Promotion CONAE IAA SEGEMAR CNEA INPRES INA CITEFA IGM Other Institutions ANLIS Public Universities CONICET INTI Ministry of Health Ministry of Defense Ministry of Foreign Affairs National Government Ministry of Economy Provincial Government Ministry of Education SECYT ANPCYT Other Institutions Executive Provincial Organizations INTA INIDEP Non-Profit Organizations Companies Private Universities Promotion Provincial Organizations Ministry of Federal Panning CONICET ANPCYT GACTEC Ministry of Science, Technology and Productive Innovation COFECYT CICYT Private Demand Council Planning and Policy Making Promotion Articulation Federalization Social Demand Council

7 Promoting Partnership The Ministry of Science, Technology and Productive Innovation, through its Science and Technology Promotion Agency, finances research and development projects involving various forms of public-private association. Integrated Projects for Productive Partnership PI-TEC Strategic Areas Program PAE To promote synergic interaction and partnership between research institutions, adopting entities and the productive sector, to solve social and economical problems in Argentina through innovation. Objective

8 Integrated Projects aimed to develop knowledge clusters or networks, to solve productive and social problems in strategic areas with great economical and social impact, at local or regional level. Integration and strengthening of the National Science and Technology System Development of technology platforms to introduce innovation and add value to production process and services Objectives Strategic Areas Program (PAE) 126 project ideas presented 24 projects selected 17 projects approved: U$S 29.208.421

9 BIOTECHNOLOGY Genomic and metabolomic approach to the sustainable use of soil in agricultural activities and bioprospective of genetic resources aimed to its biotechnological use. Grant: U$S 1.990.759 NANOTECHNOLOGY Development and production of micro and nano devices applicable in space activities, security and health. Grant: $ 2.018.054 7 associated institutions: University of Buenos Aires (UBA - Agronomy Faculty), La Plata University (UNLP - Exact Sciences), Quilmes University (UNQ-Research Centre), National Institute of Agricultural Technology (INTA), Agro-biotechnology Institute of Rosario, AAPRESID Non-Governmental Organization, National Council for Scientific and Technologic Research (CONICET) ICT Consolidation of National Software Engineering aimed to produce quality software for a globalized market. Grant: $ 1.245.129 20 associated institutions: Argentinean Business University (UADE), UBA, Mendoza University (UNM), Córdoba (UNC), La Pampa University (UNLaPampa), Southern Patagonia University, (UNPA), UNLP, Central Buenos Aires University, (UNCPBA), Comahue University (UNCOM), Cuyo University (UNCU), Río Cuarto University (UNRC), Rosario University (UNR), National University of Technology (UTN Mendoza), Analyte S.A., Dipros S.A., Estrategias Diferenciadas S.A., FUNIVEMP, Pampa L&S.A., Pragmática Technologies S.A., Snoop Consulting S.A. 7 associated institutions: National Atomic Energy Commission (CNEA), National Space Activities Commission (CONAE), National Institute of Industrial Technology (INTI), San Martín University (UNSAM), South University (UNS), CRAVERI-AUPET S.A. Labs. PAE Examples

10 STEM CELL RESEARCH Transversal and multidisciplinary study on therapeutic use of genetically modified stem cells. Grant: $ 1.885.472 HUMAN HEALTH Research and development of new therapies and molecular diagnosis systems for cancer. Grant: $ 2.292.438 ENERGY Production, purification and application of hydrogen as fuel and energy vector. Grant: $ 3.057.010 8 associated institutions: Quilmes University (UNQ), National Medicine Academy, UBA (Pharmaceutics and Biochemistry Faculty), CONICET, J. P. Garraham Pediatrics Hospital, Angel H. Roffo Oncology Institute, ROMIKIN, ELEA SACIFyA Labs. 9 associated institutions: Neurological Child Disease Foundation (FLENI), Favaloro Foundation, Navy Hospital of Buenos Aires, CONICET, J.P. Garraham Pediatrics Hospital, Southern University, CAVERI S.A. Labs, Leloir Foundation, INIS BIOTECH S.A. 3 associated institutions: CONICET, University of Buenos Aires (Engineering Faculty), National Atomic Energy Commission (CNEA)

11 Integrated Projects aimed to fund research, development and innovation activities involving companies, research centres and higher education institutions bind in a Productive Partnership (PP) To boost strategic agreements between PP actors, to develop and produce technological products and processes, contributing to Argentina’s competitiveness. To promote the creation of Local Innovation Systems for regional development Integrated Projects for Productive Partnership (PI-TEC) Objectives 31 project ideas presented 12 projects ideas approved 3 projects approved: U$S 9.236.719

12 Metropolitan area Pharmaceutical Centre Development of the salmon production chain (Neuquén, Río Negro, San Luis and La Pampa) Strategic development of dry plum industry in Mendoza Development of competitiveness in tea production chain in Misiones Consolidation of forestry sector partnership in Misiones and Northern Corrientes. Introduction of competitiveness in the metal mechanic cluster of Olavarría Agricultural machinery cluster (Santa Fe and Córdoba) Integration Program of the wine industry in the Andean region (Jujuy, Salta, Mendoza and Río Negro) Development of technologies to produce biofuel and implementation of research, development and quality testing facilities (Chacabuco and Junín, Buenos Aires) Consolidation, social and competitive development of honey industry partnership in the north-western region (Jujuy, Salta, Santiago del Estero and Santa Fe) PI-TEC INTA Instituto Nacional de Vitivinicultura INTA INTI IRAM Fundación CIDETER Fundación UNR Fundación Parque Tecnológico Misiones CONICET Fundación Pablo Cassará ANLIS Instituto Tecnológico Olavarría Fundación Funprecit CONICET Fundación Innova-T INTA INTA INTI Instituto de Desarrollo Rural

13 Association between already existing companies and the scientific sector to produce innovation is growing strong. However, is still necessary to promote the creation of new technology based companies. Promote the formulation of ideas capable to add value to production Promote employment growth, improvement of work quality and salaries Technology Based Companies (TBC) Objectives

14 The new policy for risk capital promotion involves: Boost TBC’s investment demands through public–private Venture Capital funds. Promote a ”risk investment culture” among relevant public and private actors linked to innovation. Risk Capital Fund Risk Capital Industry strengthening aimed to the creation of Technology Based Companies (TBC)

15 Promoting Intellectual Property and Technology Transfer Offices (IP&TTO) Aimed to identify good practices models in IP Management and TT, to promote their implementation by TTO through a certification system. Year20022003200420052006 Residents71879278610541020 Non Residents41433765381642154597 Total48614557460252695617 Requested Patent Applications Self-sufficiency rate in Argentina 2003200420052006 0,17 0,200,18 New Programme to strengthen Technology Transfer Organizations (TTO) Financing up to % 80 of the expenses involved in the preparation and presentation of patent applications for small and medium size companies and research institutions. ANR PATENTES (non refundable funds) :

16 Sectorial programme includes Sectorial funds in: Implementation of the new Sectorial Programme Sectorial Funds  Health  Social Development  Energy  Agro-Industry The Programme is aimed to promote public-private partnership to resolve, through strategic planning, technological inequalities in priority sectors Biotechnology Nanotechnology ICT

17 Thank you AMERICAS COMPETITIVENESS FORUM (ACF). Atlanta - USA Lino Barañao PhD Minister of Science, Technology and Productive Innovation - Argentina


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