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2 I. ACTIVITIES A. ADMINISTRATION  Letters to SOS requesting to deactivate CCC account  Letter to SOS announcing change in CCC leadership  Letter to the IRS requesting any eventual application for 501©(3) submitted by the former President to be suspended  3 Letters to the former CCC President calling for handover of CCC Asset  Exchange of letters with SOS regarding the complaints

3 I. ACTIVITIES B.JOB SECURITY & SEARCH, SKILLS INVENTORY & EMPOWERMENT  12 Job applications submitted by CCC leadership on behalf of Congolese  8 applications favorably received and job offered  3 were called but unsatisfactory interview  1 call but job offered was far away from home  1 Congolese job that was threatened for immigration issues was reinstated after CCC leadership conversation with the employer

4 I. ACTIVITIES C. SOCIAL INTERVENTIONS  Death cases in DRC and abroad  10 known cases of death  7 families authorized CCC to inform Congolese in CO and received CCC monetary and emotional support  3 families were reluctant to have Congolese informed about their cases and did not get assistance from CCC  Death Cases in the US  1 Case in CO: CCC assisted emotionally and financially the bereaved family  1 Case in MD: CCC by its president contributed financially

5 I. ACTIVITIES D. CCC MEMBERS’ RECRUITMENT  The CCC is a membership organization.  To be an effective member any individual/family must BE up to date with the payment of his dues.  As of today,  10 individuals, families and households have made full payment of their monthly dues and are CCC effective members.  Three have made partial payment of their dues.  We encourage Congolese people to adhere to the CCC and make payment of their dues.

6 I. ACTIVITIES E. VISITS TO CHURCHES  3 Churches were visited by CCC leadership during the first six months of the FY  Due to the situation that happened in CCC during the last twelve months, some of the churches had adopted policies that do not allowed CCC leaders to speak to their members. One church did allow us to present CCC vision for the next two years.  For the coming six months, we intend to visit other Congolese Churches and priests in the Denver Metro Area

7 I. ACTIVITIES F. PARTNERSHIPS CCC had partnered with:  Africa Hope ( a nonprofit organization servicing African women in the Denver Metro Area ) in the distribution of winter coats and School supplies for kids  The Light of the Nations Church of Pastor Andy in Denver, Colorado in a worships event


9 III. PROJECTS TO REALIZE IN THE NEAR FUTURE. - Raising awareness among Congolese native wanting to be CCC members to support CCC financially with their membership dues, monetary and in kind donations; - The application for the 501(c)3 is in work right now and should be submitted by the end of the tax period. - Opening of the CCC Colorado office. Contacts have been made to find the right location. - Reclaiming peacefully CCC assets from the former President, otherwise filing a Verified Complaint in Replevin with the Colorado Judicial System to reclaim those assets.

10 IV. DIFFICULTIES - Unwillingness or discouragement of Congolese to adhere to CCC and pay related membership dues - Inability of some members of the Executive Committee to commit to their duties - Mistrust of the CCC by some Congolese due to the disruptive campaign of defamation orchestrated by the pseudo group “Congolese Community Sentinels” - Complaint filed with the Secretary of State of Colorado by the “Sentinels” - Creation by the former president and his followers of a nonprofit organization bearing almost the same name as CCC leading to confusion between the Congolese Community Of Colorado and their organization “Congolese Community In Colorado”

11 BEFORE THE END THANK YOU I’d like to express our GRATITUDE to Congolese natives who heard our calls and donated their money and times that help to realize these small accomplishments. THANK YOU SO MUCH For those of you who didn’t have the means and or time to assist your brothers and sisters, I’d like to advise you to not regret. We still have more than six months to go before the end of CCC fiscal year (10/1/2014-09/30/2015). We need your financial help to realize our Actions’ Plan. YOU CAN REMAKE THINGS RIGHT. CCC, YOUR FAMILY AWAY FROM HOME


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