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Marshall Sponder WebMetricsGuru INC.

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1 Marshall Sponder WebMetricsGuru INC.

2 Geo-local social media Analytics for Brooklyn, NY Biz Geo-Local/Social Media Marketing and Analytics can be applied anywhere, esp. here in Brooklyn. We’ll look at varies ways to use the following platforms to enhance your business. Google+ Followerwonk PeekYou - interests Twitter Radian6/ SMM Boxcar (iPhone only) Yelp Foursquare Facebook Places Google Places Decide what you want to accomplish and then use social platforms and measurements around them to move your business goals forward.

3 Ancient History: According to Merriam Webster Dictionary the term Social Media began being used in 2004. WebMetricsGuru INC. The first Social Media Measurement Platforms such as Collective Intellect, BrandWatch, Nielsen Buzzmetrics, etc, were also born around 2004. 7 years

4 Social Media in Brooklyn, NY Marketing is about ….. Amplifying Branding & Awareness for your business locally to your target market and population. Building Communities around your business here and nationally/internationally Customer Service for your business in real time Can be used to build leads for your business here in Brooklyn and done in Real Time Can be used to generate sales (harder) right now. Monitor competition.

5 Start with Local Strategy and work in tactics and metrics We’re looking at the actual content to determine the “who” and “why” WebMetricsGuru INC.

6 Google + (you heard the hype, here’s the reality) Good for Individuals as Brands, not yet ready for Business names, but effective for marketing local business as yourself. Justin SangerJustin Sanger, CEO of JoinHere, an interesting new SMB “Social Engagement Platform”, puts it thus:JoinHere “A G+ and G Places integration will create the most powerful discovery, publishing, and social suite the marketplace has seen to date. The G maps algo will undergo more change as content contribution, followers, and +1s begin to affect discovery – rightfully so, as we move closer and closer to an algo that mimics the real world. A G Place will be the heart of G+ just as the personal profile is today and the company will begin to contribute content in the form of tags, deals, and informational posts. My thoughts today on Search Engine Land: What Will Google Plus Google Places Equal ?What Will Google Plus Google Places Equal ?

7 Followerwonk – Great for Local Entrepreneurs! les/audience-development/use- followerwonk-com-for-twitter- audience-development/

8 – hidden gems for the Brooklyn Entrepreneur and Small Biz Disclaimer: The author is a member of PeekYou’s Advisory Board. Search by any number of dimensions, PeekYou has collected data that enriches any email list, any twitter list and many other types of database files with an expanded database that makes your marketing outreach more effective and targeted.

9 Use for an automated social monitoring platform for Brooklyn based You can create an RSS feed around any search you want in Twitter, and then feed it into an RSS reader such as Google Reader. You can daisy chain Google Alerts to your Twitter feed collection to simulate far more expensive monitoring systems, but probably with less precision.

10 Use Radian6 Insights (a paid tool) to power your Brooklyn Biz efforts (or similar SMM platforms) Use Radian6 as a real time monitoring system to super charge your listening process around Brooklyn NY. The Radian6 River of News allows a business owner the ability of look at activity down to the street level in Real Time, and summarize it, as well as Take Action on it.

11 Use BoxCar (an iPhone/iPad, Desktop App) to alert staff about events in Brooklyn, or in a specific location. Boxcar is great to combine with 4SQ, Gowalla, Facebook Places and other check-ins for busy businesses such as Restaurants, to alert waiters that someone checked in and can be immediately rewarded. Supplying your employees with an adequate mobile device is the best means to utilize this technology

12 Yelp is replacing Google – people have been using Apps and NOT SEARCHING, more and more

13 Yelp is replacing Google – people have been using Apps and NOT SEARCHING, more and more

14 Yelp’s Park Slope Eye presentation at last years Mobile Social Conference was eye opening. Park Slope Eye business was largely driven by Yelp reviews.

15 Foursquare – if you’re a venue, use the Venue Dashboard to activate the full power of 4SQ

16 Foursquare – if you’re a venue, use the Venue Dashboard to activate the full power of 4SQ You can also create a Brand page for your location and possibly offer badges.

17 Brooklyn Checkins on 4SQ =.01% of all the 4SQ Checkins Worldwide Radian6 – 30 day view There is an incredible wealth of information from geo-location checkins that can help businesses thrive in Brooklyn, NY.

18 Facebook Places for Business Diehard Facebook people use it a lot, but other not used that much yet. Can see the total number of checkins to a location, but that is only related to Facebook Checkins, not Foursquare. Can offer special coupons for checkins. Insights data is provided on the backend for Admins.

19 Google Places for Brooklyn As Google Places is a sponsor of this event – will not go into detail as Google can provide it more comprehensively than we can. There are Metrics that are provided via Google Places that are similar to Google Analytics and can be very useful. Google Places is very helpful for Local Search Optimization,.

20 Wrap-up: Marketing and Measurement Strategies need to be very tightly aligned for maximum measurement and ROI but a Framework is needed. Strategy and Data Need to Align closely– When the foundation of a house is not set just right – the walls crack. Having the right Framework helps. Marketing Strategy & Tactics Measurement Strategy & Tactics WebMetricsGuru INC.

21 There are two significant steps when it comes to measuring social media in Brooklyn …. Deciding on the universe of topics that are of concern for the local business. Every product area and every business line will have its own lexicon, its distinct competitive set, and its own unique challenges when it comes to social listening. The second big job is figuring out how to translate the basic listening metrics into reports that make sense and are useful in context to your Brooklyn based business. WebMetricsGuru INC.

22 About the Author - For more information: Marshall Sponder WebMetricsGuru INC. @webmetricsguru @smanalyticsbook WebMetricsGuru INC. Author Book signing August 18 th, 6-8 PM @PeekYou

23 Recommended Resource to round out this session, read this book after reading mine. Listen First!: Turning Social Media Conversations Into Business Advantage Conversations-Business- Advantage/dp/0470935510/ref=sr_1_11?s= books&ie=UTF8&qid=1310837077&sr=1-11

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