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Introduction to Denver Global Products, RATO and RAVEN

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1 Introduction to Denver Global Products, RATO and RAVEN
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2 Denver Global Products
Denver Global – Lincolnton, NC HQ RATO Chongqing, China HQ Founded in Denver, North Carolina in 2010 Partnered with Chinese engine, generator and pump manufacturer (RATO) to provide product to OEM’s Acquired by Chongqing RATO Power Manufacturing Company in 2012 Located in 350,000 sq. ft. facility in Lincolnton, North Carolina – Just outside of Charlotte, NC. Product line-up: RAVEN MPV, Service Engines, Generators, Water Pumps, ATV’s and More

3 “The brand you know, you just don’t know it”
Who Is RATO? “The brand you know, you just don’t know it” OEM supplier to numerous brands across 56 countries/regions 2013 unit sales volume = 1.45M 6k employees worldwide – 100 technicians & engineers in China facility Main product categories include: Generators, Engines, Pumps Brands RATO currently supplies or has supplied include:

4 Denver Global Brand Portfolio

5 MPV, MPP, Generators, Tillers, Pumps
Brand Portfolio RATO Denver Global RAVEN Brand MPV, MPP, Generators, Tillers, Pumps RATO Brand Service Engines, ATV’s

6 The New RAVEN MPV7100 Series

7 RAVEN MPV7100 Commercial Video Link
Click Video Image (from slide show mode) or cut and paste link:

8 Product Description ATV What The MPV Is: What The MPV Is Not: Mower
Transport Vehicle Generator Generator

9 Three-In-One Hybrid Solution
Riding Mower Hybrid Cutting System 46” Fabricated Deck Gas/Electric Rider 17mph Max Speed 550lb Towing Capacity Portable Generator 7100 Surge Watts 5 Outlets

10 No Belts, No Pulleys, Just Raw Power
Hybrid Cutting System No Belts, No Pulleys, Just Raw Power 420cc Engine Powers The On-Board 7100 Watt Generator Generator Powers The Outlets And Blades, And Charges The Batteries Electricity Powers The Wheels In Both Gas And Electric Modes

11 Competitive Landscape
Husqvarna YTH22V46 MSRP $1,599 Cub Cadet LTX1045 MSRP $1,699 John Deere D140 MSRP $1,999 $1,599 - $1,999 + Generac Rapid Start 7k MSRP/List $949 Westinghouse 6500 $899 Troy-Bilt XP 7k MSRP/List $899 $899 - $949 + Yamaha Drive MSRP/List $5,575 Club Car Precedent i2 MSRP/List $7,199 Polaris GEM E2 MSRP/List $7,999 $5,575 - $7,999 + Package Price Range $8,073 - $10,947

12 Line-Up MPV7100 MPV7100B MPV7100S -shown without high back seat

13 RAVEN MPV7100 Series Accessories

14 Accessories High Back Seat 48V Charger Mulch Kit
Reclining, high-back seat Available Now Model # HBRC 48V Charger Full charge in ~ 5 hours, plugs directly into generator panel on MPV Model # BC48 Mulch Kit Includes mulch cover, two mulching blades and hardware kit Model # MKF-46

15 Accessories Bagger System New, improved design
Kit includes bagging system, high-lift blades and front weights “No Frustration Bin Removal System” 2 piece design eliminates contending with the chute each time bags are accessed Integrated hinges YETI Cooler style latches Available – March 2015

16 Accessories Aggressive Tires Winch Brush Guard
Carlisle “Knobby” Turf Tamer Available – Feb 2015 Model Numbers Front Set – ATKM18 Rear Set – ATKM20 Brush Guard “Winch Ready” design Available – TBD Winch Carlisle Turf Tamer *Tires shown with brush guard above are not Carlisle tires

17 Accessories Snow Blade Top Consumer Concerns: RAVEN Blade Features
Lack of traction Transmission wear & tear Deck removal process RAVEN Blade Features Additional weight of MPV (875 lbs.) Tire chains available Easily removable deck Deck lever integration Available – Q2 2015

18 Snow Blade Sneak Peak DGP is working with Warn in the development of the Raven MPV snow blade First working prototype (right) received Stay tuned for exciting updates in the near future

19 RAVEN Mobile Power Plant (MPP)

20 RAVEN Mobile Power Plant
RAVEN MPP Deckless Offering Camo – High-Back Seat Red/Black – Standard Seat Target Markets: Golf Cart Dealers ATV Dealers Hunters Farming community Businesses / corporate campuses Fire/Police Hospitals Colleges/Universities Mobile Power Plant

21 RAVEN Mobile Power Plant
DGP’s decision to introduce a non-mowing MPV was based in large part on feedback from the field. We (DGP and our Distribution partners) wanted to find a way to capitalize on untapped markets and provide a versatile product for those consumers that may not be in the market for a lawnmower. We believe this untapped market is quite large, but one particular segment we are especially excited about is Golf Cart dealers. One potential challenge in landing MPV placement at this type of dealership stems from the fact that these dealerships typically do not sell and/or service outdoor power equipment. The MPP is not a lawnmower. Rather, it is one of the world’s most portable generators that is capable of transporting at up to 17mph. It also has an MSRP that is about half that of a new golf cart.

22 RAVEN Generators & Pumps

23 RAVEN Generator Line-Up
Portable Offering GEN4000 Manual Start 4k Surge, 3200 Running GEN6500E Electric Start 6500 Surge, 5500 Running Inverter Offering INV2000 2000 surge / 1800 running watts 2-120v, 1-12v DC outlets 63db sound output (equal to a normal conversation from 3’ away)

24 RAVEN Pumps RAVEN Pumps Offering Opportunity: Offering: Market:
Stocked in Home Centers, Tool Suppliers, & select Outdoor Power Equipment Dealers Offering: 1”, 2”, 3” Clear Water Pump 3” Trash Pump 2” Chemical Pump Market: 2 SKU’s capture +50% of residential & storm clean up market 2” clear water, 3” trash

25 RAVEN Pumps Line-Up Water Pumps – 1”, 2”, 3” Trash Pump – 3”
Designed for general purpose water draining: Swimming Pools Hot Tubs Clean Ponds Irrigation Uses RCWP1 RCWP2 RCWP3 Trash Pump – 3” Chemical Pump – 2” Designed to move debris & solids up to 3” in diameter Designed for pumping agricultural & industrial chemicals RTP3 RCP2

26 RATO Engines

27 RATO Repower With RATO ENGINES RATO Engine Offering Horizontal Shaft
210cc 420cc Uses: Tillers, Blowers, Water Pumps, Pressure Washers, Misc. Vertical Shaft 150cc 170cc Uses: Lawnmowers, Pressure Washers, etc. ENGINES

28 RATO Engines Line-Up

29 Marketing

30 National Advertising With DIY Network
Advertising Details 88, 30 second commercials 1 Show sponsorship Air Dates: April 2015 – June 2015 DIY Network by the numbers… DIY Network viewers have an extra $17,996 to spend each year! DIY Network viewers are 17% more likely to have discretionary income of $20k+

31 Marketing Focus – 3rd Party Reviews
Featured on &, among others Partnered with & Featured on T.V. show “Farm Kings” on GAC channel – 8/29, 9/12, 10/10, 10/17

32 Marketing & Branding – Website
Over 134k Page Views in 2014 How To Videos Dealer Sign-up Form Detailed Specs Photography & Videos Dealer Locator Dealer Portal Customer Contests

33 Website Highlights Dealer Locator: Dealer Portal: (shown)
Search by zip, city or state Sort by service dealer, selling dealer or both Dealer Portal: (shown) Password protected Marketing collateral Product specs Current promotions Retail financing

34 Marketing Collateral Factory Installed POP Expansive Brochure
Explains MPV technology, highlights 3 main features Please help your dealers by ensuring this accompanies each unit on their sales floor Expansive Brochure Detailed break-down of main features/technology In-Use shots, specs, introduction to Denver Global

35 Social Media Social Media Contests: Follow & Tag Winter Adventures
DIY Campaign Prize – YETI Roadie® Cooler ($250 value)

36 Retail Financing TD – Raven Yard Card Available Now

37 Thank You

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