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NACO & CSH FUSE PROGRAM Denver Sheriff Department.

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1 NACO & CSH FUSE PROGRAM Denver Sheriff Department

2 The Denver Sheriff Department History - 1902 Inmate Population Organizational Chart  Uniform  Civilians  Psychology  Finance

3 FUSE Program Initiative Development Identifying Stake holders  Denver’s Road Home  Denver Human Services  Denver Sheriff Department  CSH Leadership and Organizational Culture  Set Expectations for Stakeholders Funding/Contracts with the City of Denver Invoicing Scope of work Setting goals and measurements Collaboration and joint ownership – TJC Model

4 Targeted Intervention – Offenders Identifying Frequent Users in the Jails Mental Health Transition Units  Men  Women Reentry Services  Hand off  Continuity of care/services Developing criteria for participation

5 Case Plan Transition Plan  Case Management Services  Medication/Substance Abuse Treatment  Linkage with Primary Care  Group Therapy/Trauma Treatment  Supportive Housing TBRA – Dept of Housing and Urban Development

6 Sustainability 30 and 60 Day visits Policy and Procedures Monthly Meetings - Stakeholders Challenges  Inmate Release day  Ownership  By in process  Staff

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