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“The band that redefined independent music history.” Katie Coulter, Kirsten Boyd, Rusty Bartee, and Karalea Hemba.

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1 “The band that redefined independent music history.” Katie Coulter, Kirsten Boyd, Rusty Bartee, and Karalea Hemba

2 Early 1990s Middlebury College –Middlebury, Vermont 3 College Guys Started off playing in –High schools –Frat parties –Weddings –Small clubs http://www.youtub D5Pptc-JQ

3 1.The Longfellow Frenzy 2.One Fell Swoop –Band from St. Louis 3.DISPATCH

4 Musical Style –Folk –Rock –Reggae –Funk Influenced by: –Pearl Jam See picture –Nirvana –Sound Garden

5 Rejected major labels –Lack of musical freedom Independent Label –Not heard on the radio –Napster - peer-to-peer file sharing

6 No “lead” singer All songwriters All vocalists All guitarists Brad and Chad switched off on the drums Pete and Chad switched off on the bass

7 Denver, Colorado Played lacrosse at Middlebury College Known to have an afro, dreads, or a shaved head Influences: Paul Simon, Bob Marley, U2, the Police, Dave Matthews, Ben Harper, Coldplay, Jack Johnson

8 New York City, New York Wanted to be a professional soccer player Influences: Van Morrison, Joni Mitchell, Tom Waits, Pink Floyd, Miles Davis, Charles Mingus

9 Sherborn, Massachusetts Dad - played piano Uncle – played tuba. Brothers - played horn instruments Chad – started playing trombone in 4 th grade Influences: Marley, Rage, Sublime, Pearl Jam, Blind Melon

10 July 14th 2007 It is a benefit show for charity. Sold out within 30 minutes Zimbabwe relief efforts

11 July 31, 2004 Boston, Massachusetts 110,000 people attended Largest concert in independent music history

12 December 22, 2005 Irving Plaza, New York Played with other bands

13 Appeared on The Late Late Show With Craig Kilborn One and only T.V. appearance

14 Bang Silent Steeples Who Are We Living For Four-Day Trials Gut the Van All Points Bulletin Under the Radar


16 1996

17 Released in 1997 Dispatch performed “General” off of this album on The Late Late Show on November 30, 2002, and it’s considered one of their most popular songs

18 Four-Day Trials, a ten-track collection of first takes recorded in a studio over a four-day period in 1998. Released in 1999

19 2000 Dispatch’s popular track “Open Up” started on this album and was placed on two following albums.


21 This album takes you through Dispatch's 2001 tour 2002

22 2001

23 2004

24 Break-up in 2003 110,000 fans Largest independent music concert Held in Boston Documentary “The Last Dispatch” July 2005 click on multimedia to see video


26 State Radio Writes roots reggae and rock songs Politically motivated “Camilo” Documentary “How’s your news” with Arthur Bradford

27 Solo artist “Watchfires” released in 2005 Drummer, guitar player, songwriter Reggae, folk, Latin, rock Playing for US Navy Third Surfer

28 Solo artist Irish poetry and World wide art Mighty Toad Touring in 2007 “I want my songs to combat negativity, to be positive, beautiful, thoughtful background to your life. Music is our language, the language of the world. I want to make music that brings people together.” -Pete

29 Non-profit organization Education scholarships to Zimbabwe youth Summer of 2005 Idea: Those with more help those with less

30 Brad, Chad, and Pete are pictured above with Elias and his two sons. Voice of the Voiceless is an awareness concert of 10 bands.

31 3 concerts at Madison Square Garden. Zimbabwe project and some US charities Sold out

32 Featured in the album Fight against poverty and injustice “Fallin’”

33 World Childhood Foundation AccesSport America Mercy Corps Habitat for Humanity World Vision International

34 Very popular Zimbabwe gardener Sons have higher education Zimbabwe’s most heavily infected HIV/AIDS area Shona- language at the beginning

35 Kasiwa i Makasimba ere Ndakasimba kana makasimba ow Ndakasimba Honest and Manuel, well they're at school now Given the chance that their father's never seen To see what's beyond section 17 ‘Cause if you die will I get word that your gone Or will I hear it in passing conversation Or will I stop short and fall to the ground Distance is short when your hand carries what your eye found

36 “If your heart is in the right place, then follows your identity.” - Braddigan “It’s never what you do in life, but the heart with which you do it.” - Braddigan

37 Who was the leader of the band? –Chad –Brad –Pete –no distinct leader What is the name of their organization which helps Zimbabwe Youth? –Elias –Chetro –Bob Are all of the members are still in the music industry? –Yes –No

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