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Air Circulation Jeopardy “A”“B”“C”“D”“E”“F” 111111 222222 333333 444444 555555.

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1 Air Circulation Jeopardy “A”“B”“C”“D”“E”“F”

2 Changes in the polar jet stream help maintain the earth's heat budget. True or false true 2

3 The polar jet stream usually slows down in winter. True or false false 3

4 Katabatic winds have a cooling effect, and chinook winds have a warming effect. True or false true 4

5 Sea breezes are more likely at night, while land breezes are more likely during the day. True or false false 5

6 The bora and mistral are local names given to chinook winds. True of false true 6

7 The wind called the "norther" in Texas is really not a local wind but rather is a synoptic scale (macroscale) phenomenon. True of false true 7

8 The existence of jet streams was first determined by Ben Franklin as the result of his kite experiments. True or false false 8

9 For much of South and Southeast Asia, winter is a period characterized by relatively dry conditions. True or false true 9

10 A sea breeze is usually best developed early in the morning. True or false false 10

11 Westerly flow aloft is unrelated to the earth's rotation. True or false false 11

12 Jet stream winds are completely distinct from the midlatitude westerlies. True or false false 12

13 Seasonal changes in pressure are greater over continents than over the oceans. True or false true 13

14 The chinook wind has been known to cause rapid increases in temperature in the Denver, CO area. True or false true 14

15 The areas of abundant rainfall on the earth tend to be near the equator and in midlatitudes. 15

16 Why do westerly winds prevail at upper altitudes? rotation of the earth and equator to pole temperature contrast 16

17 Surface high pressure zones are usually associated with clear or nearly clear weather. 17

18 Jet streams are associated with fronts because of the large temperature gradient. 18

19 Most of the United States is situated in which zone of prevailing winds? westerlies 19

20 When are upper air winds fastest? in winter. 20

21 A Santa Ana (or Chinook or Foehn) wind is a: very dry, warm wind coming down a mountain slope. 21

22 Summertime wildfires in California are fanned by: the Santa Ana winds. 22

23 The dishpan experiments: revealed a wavy circulation pattern when the pan was rotated. 23

24 Jet streams occur at 25,000 to 40,000 feet in middle latitudes. 24

25 Winds are usually named for: the direction or place from which they are blowing. 25

26 The region where the northeast trades meet the southeast trades is known as the ITCZ. 26

27 The definition of the word 'monsoon' means seasonal wind shift. 27

28 A primary factor causing monsoon circulations is greater temperature changes over continents compared to oceans. 28

29 The amount of precipitation received at a given location is primarily controlled by circulation patterns in the atmosphere. 29

30 Chinook winds, land-sea breezes and Santa Ana winds are examples of ________ circulations. mesoscale 30

31 The greater strength of jet stream winds during winter is due to greater horizontal temperature contrasts. 31

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