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Scale-out Clustered Storage for VMware Denver VMware Users Group Jason Goodman, Senior PM for Software, Isilon Systems Dan Beres, Systems Engineer, Isilon.

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1 Scale-out Clustered Storage for VMware Denver VMware Users Group Jason Goodman, Senior PM for Software, Isilon Systems Dan Beres, Systems Engineer, Isilon Systems

2 Agenda Server sprawl—VMware to the rescue Storage sprawl—Help! Traditional strategies for coping with storage sprawl Scale-out storage for VMware deployments HA, Backup, and DR scenarios Sample Isilon and VMware case studies Summary and Resources.

3 Application and Server Sprawl Costly to Manage Software updates and patches OS Versions Maintenance releases Security upgrades Backups Power consumption Underutilized Servers and Storage Low CPU, RAM, and Disk usage In the 2 to 20% range Sub-optimal Availability Drives and storage components fail Traditional clustering unreliable Underutilized scale-up servers ASP WEB Linux Finance Random DEV HR Legacy SQL LOB SQL CAD / CAM File Servers

4 VMware Solves the Server Sprawl Problem Run applications side-by-side VMware safely partitions servers into shared resource pools Stack applications within server Fewer servers to manage Simplifies management and backup Increase server utilization Since Virtual Machines (VMs) share server resources, each effectively can run at a higher utilization rate Server resources shared Improved availability Easier to protect and recover VMs Servers are virtualized and stacked Physical Storage

5 Challenges with Scale-up Storage Systems Uncovering Storage Sprawl

6 Data Center Storage Challenges 1. Servers locked to storage Entire volumes (or “islands”) dedicated to application servers Storage not easily shared 2. One-size-fits-all Supply-side oriented (vs. pay as you grow) Force over-buying / provisioning 3. Storage complexity, brittleness Forces trade-offs in reliability for performance (or vice versa)  Storage mushroom effect across Enterprise – Low utilization – Costly to manage  Easy to buy: costly to own – Scalability limited to a single storage device – Little adaptability  Systems hard to adapt – Changes introduce risk – Data availability at risk – Operations become costly.

7 SANs require serious planning and flawless execution of operations Configuring LUNs, partitions, zoning RDMs or VMFS? Host file systems (NTFS, ext3) Ad hoc components Fiber channel HBAs Severe complexity at scale LUNs > volumes > zones > ports > HBAs > servers > VMs > VMFS LUNs Storage Sprawl on SANs

8 File Server Sprawl on NAS LUN sprawl (hidden complexity) “SAN”: RAID groups > Aggregates > Volumes > LUNs > File Systems > HBAs > Host File Systems (VMFS) NAS: all of the above except HBAs and VMFS File system sprawl (complexity at scale) Other issues: availability, cost, etc. Storage Device #1 Storage Device #2 Storage Device #3 Easy to Buy—not so Easy to Own, Scale, and Manage RAID Groups & LUNs /fs/01, /fs/02 /fs/03, /fs/04 /fs/05, /fs/06

9 Dealing with Storage Sprawl on SANs & NAS SAN Option 1: Consolidate Islands Allocate LUN(s) to each ESX server; then consolidate VMs on the same LUN. Scalability limits 2 to 16TBs per LUN or volume Performance limits to each LUN/server One size fits all (e.g., RAID5) Data availability challenges Storage changes impact VM uptime SAN Option 2: Distribute Islands Allocate a LUN for each VM using RDMs Management complexity LUNs dedicated to each VM Zoning, masking, etc. Management cost Imagine managing storage for 100 VMs, spread across 10 servers Storage inefficiency Over allocating storage up front Applications grow at different rates.

10 An Easier Option: VMware over NFS Consolidating many virtual machines using file-based storage All virtual machine files simply stored behind an NFS file share (export): /fs/vmachine/files NAS Benefits of NFS on NAS VMs easier to manage as files than LUNs or volumes Removes mappings between storage LUNs and VMs Thin provisioning and other cool features Relatively easy to backup Challenges of NFS on NAS Scale-up architecture issues Single Point of Failure One-size-fits-all Complexity at scale Performance limits Capacity limits Questions on NFS performance viability

11 Scale-out Clustered Storage for VMware Jason Goodman Senior Product Manager - Software Applications A look inside Isilon’s architecture

12 Storage Device #1 Storage Device #2 Storage Device #3 Scale-out Clustered Storage for VMware Easy to setup No storage experience required Setup a cluster in under 30 seconds Easy to adapt / scale Non-disruptive scalability: capacity and performance Add nodes in 60 seconds Inherent flexibility Right-size performance Right-size capacity Change allocations at will Comprehensive Data Protection and HA No Single Point of Failure Up to N+4 protection for all VMs All-Active failover and load-balancing. Single File System Isilon’s OneFS

13 Scale-out Clustered Storage Overview Enterprise- class hardware complete storage system Isilon IQ OneFS ™ intelligent software Easy to setup, adapt, and manage Build a cluster in 30 minutes Single file system for easy management Scale-out and scale-back non-disruptively Scale performance and capacity independently Industry-leading reliability and high availability All nodes protect all files

14 OneFS™ Operating System Creates one giant network drive High performance, fully symmetric file system Easy to manage and grow Single unified platform across all products The Virtualization Behind Clustered Storage

15 Data Protection in OneFS OneFS protects all data, across all nodes in cluster All VMs striped across all nodes N+1  N+4 set on various levels File: individual VMs Directory: multiple VMs Cluster: all VMs 15 100% AVAILABILITY FAILED 100% AVAILABILITY FAILED Protects all Virtual Machines from Storage Failures VMs stored on OneFS directory. For example: /ifs/farm1/vmachines

16 NFS Performance

17 Viability of NFS for VMware What other Vendors are Saying EMC says iSCSI and NFS deliver equivalent performance to FC in vast majority of VMware apps. - Chuck Hollis, EMC VP, December 07 NetApp says NFS, iSCSI, and FC perform within 7% of each other. - Source: Vaughn Stewert, NetApp engineer, VMworld 2008. Isilon history

18 Scale-up vs. Scale-out Performance Comparison of mid-range solutions

19 HA, Backup, and DR

20 Comprehensive High Availability OneFS Server HA = VMware HA Storage HA = SmartConnect Advanced All ESX Servers mount all nodes VMs are spread across all nodes All VMs protected from server and storage failures Rapid NFS failover provided for each ESX Server VMware HA monitors and detects server failures from VirtualCenter If a server failure occurs, VMwareHA restarts VMs on a different physical server within a resource pool. NFS failover using SmartConnect takes 1 to 2 seconds VMware HA + Isilon SmartConnect Advanced

21 VMware Consolidated Backup (VCB) over NFS Option VCB now supports NAS Basically two options Dedicate a separate server as a Proxy Run the Proxy in a VM Scenarios with Isilon VCB cluster to cluster VCB from cluster to tape

22 Disaster Recovery for VMware NFS Primary Site VirtualCenter Recovery Site DR and Backup Options for Isilon Clustered Storage: SyncIQ: Asynchronous disk backup & remote replication Host-based replication solutions from Partners Certified Backup Partners: Symantec, Commvault, Bakbone, EMC

23 Case Studies

24 Disaster Recovery Service Challenge Required highly reliable and scalable storage system for use with both images and VMware VirtualCenter Reduce cost and complexity of server and storage management Solution Isilon X-Series clustered storage system host primary site image data and server applications through VMware ESX Server Isilon IQ provides unsurpassed reliability SyncIQ® used to move data between clusters for workflow and disaster recovery Background IT outsourcing and Disaster Recovery firm Provides underground co-location facilities and redundant data centers to meet the highest levels of data protection “Unlike other storage solutions, you don’t need partitions of storage land-locked to each server. Simply grow the file system as needed. Having N+1 through 4 levels of data protection set at the directory or Virtual Machine level is truly a breakthrough.” -- James Richards, Chief Operating Officer, Stronghold Data

25 World Leader in Aircraft Engines Challenge Tons of underutilized servers & NAS to consolidate Complexity and rigidity of SAN overwhelming Need horizontal scaling of capacity and performance Solution 240TB Isilon clustered storage solution used for jet engine combustion simulation and modeling and an 18TB cluster for testing on VMware Overcome traditional storage and file size constraints Right-size storage capacity and performance on fly Non-disruptive horizontal “scale out” essential All-active HA solution: VMware HA + SmartConnect Fast recovery times: from 3 hours to 20 minutes! Background World’s largest maker of commercial and military aircraft engines. Nearly 15B in 2006 revenues. Large organizations feel the pain of traditional SANs in large VMware deployments. With horizontal scaling of Isilon storage, we can right-size storage and performance for VMware, literally on the fly. -- Storage Architect Test and Dev

26 Leading TV Broadcaster Challenge Backup virtualized environment, easily, cost-effectively and reliably Free up tier 1 fiber channel SAN for transactional applications not requiring VMware. Solution 4 Isilon clusters – 370TBs total Backups for VMware from SAN to Isilon cluster Vastly simplified storage architecture Cost effective, easy to manage, scalable. Background Leading operator of cable TV networks. Oversees several online publishing operations, including video game, sports, and cartoon sites. Includes world-wide news service, entertainment, and large-scale video archives for broadcast. We leverage our investment in storage, methodologies, and VMware tools and technology. Isilon makes it easy to backup and restore a large number of virtual machines through OneFS. We also free up our fiber channel SAN LUNs for other applications. - Storage Architect SAN Isilon Cluster Disk Backup Backup VMs over NFS

27 E-Discovery & Risk Management Challenge Managing storage for entire VMware environment Backing up multiple virtual machines quickly Managing more data with fewer people Solution Four Isilon IQ clusters in two locations—for production, e- discovery, archiving, and R&D SnapshotIQ used to clone virtual machines More than 70 virtual machines hosted on Isilon, including mission critical litigation app Only four people manage entire IT department, including all applications and 75TBs of storage. Background Risk, financial and management consulting firm. Also provides compliance and litigation support, data analysis, e- discovery, and data archiving services. We love what both VMware and Isilon do; the solutions are exceptionally complimentary. We’ve been able to streamline our entire IT operations, provide reliability and high availability—all by standardizing on clustered VMware servers and clustered storage from Isilon. We even moved a mission critical VMware application off of our Hitachi SAN and found it performed better on the Isilon. -- IT Director Infrastructure

28 Summary and Resources

29 The Next Generation Data Center Scale-out Alternative Application Server & Data Storage Lock-in The Data Center Problem Today Scale-up Legacy

30 30 VMware Certification and Tools Certification Guide Isilon is listed in the VMware Storage Compatibility Guide Isilon and VMware configuration guide available to customers and partners Includes best practices (See printed hand-outs) Isilon’s VMware portal Visit our web site for more information

31 Appendix

32 SAN Replication for DR Source: VMbooks: VMware A Practical Guide to Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery with VMware Infrastructure

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