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Simple SIS Service (sakora-csv) Dan McCallum – Unicon, Kim Eke – UNC, Patty Wolfe - Unicon Sakai Conference – Denver, Jun 17, 2010 © Copyright Unicon,

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1 Simple SIS Service (sakora-csv) Dan McCallum – Unicon, Kim Eke – UNC, Patty Wolfe - Unicon Sakai Conference – Denver, Jun 17, 2010 © Copyright Unicon, Inc., 2006. This work is the intellectual property of Unicon, Inc. Permission is granted for this material to be shared for non-commercial, educational purposes, provided that this copyright statement appears on the reproduced materials and notice is given that the copying is by permission of Unicon, Inc. To disseminate otherwise or to republish requires written permission from Unicon, Inc.

2 1.Concepts 2.sakora-csv at UNC 3.Usage 4.Gotchas 5.Other Options 6.File Formats

3 Concepts

4 SSSS Data Flow SIS Sakai DB Upload Tool Course Management APIs WWW CSVCSV CSVCSV Sakai line CM Entities Saka i FS Saka i FS CSVCSV CSVCSV Scheduled Job line CSVCSV CSVCSV

5 Sakai CM Entities

6 CM-to-Site Mappings CM APIs CM Entities Provider IDs WS Setup Tool Site GroupProvider Site Groups/Sections Users+Roles

7 RoleResolvers Instructor Teaching Assistant Student

8 RoleResolvers

9 sakora-csv at UNC

10 Sakai Growth

11 sakora-csv at UNC Sakai section awareness killer feature relative to Bb Still feeding files to Bb Sites provisioned by request – would like to remove search/request features in WS Setup Coordinator and Tech Support memberships added at Course Offering level

12 Usage

13 Snapshots Send all “current” records every time (previous file) – (latest file) = deletions Applies to: –sessions.csv –people.csv –sectionMembership.csv –courseMembership.csv (Currently) no way to ignore omitted memberships

14 Upload curl -F "username=sakora-csv-sub-admin" -F "password=f00b4r" \ -F "sessions=@latest-upload-batch/sessions.csv" \ -F "courseSections=@latest-upload-batch/courseSections.csv" \ -F "courseMembership=@latest-upload-batch/courseMembership.csv" \ -F "courseOfferings=@latest-upload-batch/courseOfferings.csv" \ -F "courses=@latest-upload-batch/courses.csv" \ -F "courseSets=@latest-upload-batch/courseSets.csv" \ -F "people=@latest-upload-batch/people.csv" \ -F "sectionMembership=@latest-upload-batch/sectionMembership.csv" \ -F "runJob=true" \ https://$SAKAI_DOMAIN/sakai-sakora-csv-tool/csv

15 User Credentials Use HTTPS, obviously Any super user ( site.upd in !admin ) Batch will always be processed as admin

16 Directory Polling Schedule “SIS CSV Data Loader” job Configure (need to do this anyway): batchUploadDir@net.unicon.sakora.api.csv.CsvSyncService Currently no way to detect partial uploads

17 Monitoring No UI (patches welcome!) –Tail catalina.out –Watch SAKORA_LOG Remember processing is async w/r/t upload Most logging is at DEBUG level log.config.count=n

18 Monitoring {upload.dir}/*-finished.csv – Batch completed w/o fatal error {upload.dir}/*-failed.csv – Batch aborted w/ fatal error Fatal errors… –DB, file system exceptions –Shutdown –Some file syntax errors Batches never retried

19 Site Membership Syncing Pre-2.6 needed SAK-14259 Not typically needed any longer b/c Site Info refreshes site membership (SAK-14336)

20 What About LDAP? You’re fine Don’t send people.csv if using LDAP for authN and attributes User IDs in people.csv and referencing files need to be EIDs –Usually net IDs

21 Gotchas

22 Where Did My Terms Go? To show up in WS Setup, a term must be: –“current” –Within roster.available.weeks.before.term.start sessions.csv is the authority for “currentness” …even for terms never sent in that file!

23 I Don’t See My Rosters in Tool X Kernel and WS Setup patches 2.7 –SAK-18636 2.6.2 –SAK-18636 –SAK-17790 –KNL-320 2.6.x –SAK-18636 –KNL-320

24 I Can’t Remove Instructors! Creating user automatically added to new Site Trumps “provided” membership pre-2.7 SAK-18536 KNL-403

25 Instructors Don’t Show up in Roster Tool It’s a bug – official instructors aren’t saved properly Actually… it’s the only reason KNL-403 works with sakora-csv at all

26 My Section Names Have Commas Escape all fields if you can Use quotes to escape quotes EID, Title, Description, Category, parentEID, esEID, coEID “FOO101.SP10.001”,”Intro to “”Foo”””,”T/T, Intro to “”Foo”””,“Lect”,””,””,”FOO101.SP10” “BAR101.SP10.001”,”Intro to “”Bar”””,”M/W/F, Intro to “”Bar”””,“Lect”,””,””,”BAR101.SP10”

27 My Files are Getting Huge! (Currently) no way to ignore omitted memberships Make sure you have indexes in {sakora-csv- src}/sakora-csv-impl/impl/src/sql/ Can truncate SAKORA_LOG (but not other SAKORA_* tables)

28 Sakai is Ignoring the First Line in my Files! Set hasHeader@net.unicon.sakora.impl.csv.CsvHandlerBase=f alse hasHeader@net.unicon.sakora.impl.csv.CsvHandlerBase=f alse sakora-csv doesn’t actually use header rows as metadata even if hasHeader=true

29 I Sent an Empty File and Nothing Happened E.g…. I just want to delete all records of type X sakora-csv always ignores empty/missing files. Trying to avoid accidental data deletion Allows for partial batch uploads Sometimes helpful. Sometimes annoying.

30 How do I Configure X in WS Setup? wsetup.skipCourseSectionSelection

31 How do I Configure X in WS Setup? titleEditableSiteType wsetup.disable.joinable roster.available.weeks.before.term.start

32 How do I Configure X in WS Setup? SectionFieldProvider

33 CourseSet X Doesn’t Show Up In WS Setup Drill-Down Search Only top-level CourseSets appear in pull- down Use parentEID field in courseSets.csv reluctantly

34 Other Options

35 CM Synchronizer A fine option Modified versions used at UDel, URI, probably others Undocumented file format Code intended as a demo Reads entire document into memory XML – might simplify your life, might create strife

36 SAKORA “Proper” IMS LIS reference implementation Appealing if you’ve already purchased PeopleSoft SAIP Standardized outcome reporting (but no Sakai impl yet) Event-based Less widely deployed than sakora-csv

37 Others Home-grown solutions abound Check sakai-dev –

38 File Formats

39 Detailed field definitions in Confluence – Note attached template files

40 Questions?

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