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Sample of a title slide Title slide sub head The Importance of Increasing Opportunities in Higher Education for Colorado's Growing Latino Population President.

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1 Sample of a title slide Title slide sub head The Importance of Increasing Opportunities in Higher Education for Colorado's Growing Latino Population President Stephen M. Jordan “ Why HSI?” Town Hall Meeting Tivoli Turnhalle April 19, 2007 Putting students first: Multiple voices and multiple strategies

2 Colorado’s Paradox Ranked 2 nd – most highly educated state Source: Colorado College Summit 35 th in sending low-income students to college 48 th in sending minority students to college Source: Colorado College Summit

3 Colorado’s shifting demographics: projected change by 2020 Source: U.S. Census Bureau 358,683

4 Projected High School Graduates from 2002-03 to 2016-17 Source: Western Interstate Higher Education Commission (WICHE)

5 Colorado’s Shrinking Pipeline Denver Public Schools’ student population is 80 percent ethnic minority The Community College of Denver offers the most ethnically diverse community college experience with 56 percent students of color Metro State has the largest minority student population of any four-year institution in the Front Range at just under 25 percent. The state average for four-year colleges is 17 percent. Denver Public Schools Community College of Denver Metro State College 80% 56% 25% % ethnic minority

6 Economic Sense for Colorado If Colorado could graduate and employ students of color at the same rate as other students, total personal income in the state would be nearly $3.7 billion higher. (Source: National Center for Public Policy and Higher Education)

7 Holding a mirror to ourselves Metro State and Ft. Lewis College participated in a study that monitors equity in four areas for historically underrepresented students: –access –retention –institutional receptivity –academic excellence Source: Metro State College 2005 Equity Scorecard Report

8 Reflections from the mirror Results indicated: –These students are more likely to need remedial courses, earn poor grades and fail to graduate. This is true regardless of their grades from high school. –There is a lack of continuous advising and support from Metro State while students are taking remediation at the community colleges. –This creates a “trap-door” effect for many of these students, as Metro State admits them to the College but then allows most of their initial education to occur at community colleges.

9 Strengthening our students’ “Safety Net” Initial strategies: –First-year success program –Achieving status as an Hispanic Serving Institution by the next decade –Increase full-time tenured and tenure-track faculty by 420 by 2011, of those 25 percent will be faculty of color. Hired 61 full time faculty of color since 2005-06 –Created an Office of Institutional Diversity to focus on inclusive excellence –Teamed with community colleges to restructure and align the remedial programs our students take, and develop 2+2 programs –Aligning with the metro Denver community to develop opportunities for students and faculty members to work together in solving community problems

10 Metro State values diversity and has identified diversity as one of its strategic planning goals. The Office of Institutional Diversity works to uphold the values of the college mission and serves as a resource and leader on the institution’s path to “Inclusive Excellence”. Embracing Diversity Through Inclusive Excellence

11 Diversity The concept of diversity encompasses acceptance and respect. It means understanding that each individual is unique, and recognizing individual differences. These can be along the dimensions of age, race, gender, ethnicity, national origin, disabilities, sexual orientation, religion as well as intellectual differences. Inclusive Excellence Inclusive excellence moves beyond numbers and involves embedding practices and philosophies that encourage diversity in every aspect of an organization (Kathleen Nalty, 2007). Inclusive excellence promotes the institutionalization of systemic practices and philosophies generating a broader outcome with numerical representation resulting in a byproduct of Inclusive Excellence.

12 Six Elements of Diversity at Metro State

13 Metropolitan State College of Denver POSITION ANNOUNCEMENT Position #E464 Please visit for full position announcement and to apply for this position. Psychotherapist Intern (exempt position) #E464 RESPONSIBILITIES: (50%) Performs direct services through crisis intervention, individual and group psychotherapy. (20%) Participates in professional development activities such as case conferences and supervision. (10%) Completes administrative duties including case management. (20%) Engages in outreach activities on campus. EO STATEMENT: Metropolitan State College of Denver is an equal opportunity employer and encourages women and minorities to apply. QUALIFICATIONS: Required: Completed doctorate in counseling/clinical psychology from a regionally accredited institution of higher education. Previously completed APA-approved internship; keen interest and demonstrated experience in working with diverse clientele and programming. Preferred:Previous interest and experience with psychological assessment; APA approved pre-doctoral counseling center internship; experience in conducting outreach presentations. RANK & SALARY:Commensurate with education and experience. APPOINTMENT: June, 2007 APPLICATION: Please visit for full position announcement and to apply for this position. ] **Official transcripts and three letters of reference will be required of all finalists. Finalists/candidates may be subject to background checks; including financial and criminal history. NOTE: Persons with disabilities who need a reasonable accommodation to participate in the application/selection process should contact the Equal Opportunity Office at 303-556-4746 a minimum of three working days in advance.

14 Metropolitan State College of Denver POSITION ANNOUNCEMENT Position # F Secondary/K-12 Education Faculty Teacher Education Department Tenure Track Faculty # F Please go to for the full position announcement and to apply for this position. IMPORTANT: If you have specific questions concerning this position please contact Janice Wurster at 303-556-5365. If you have technical questions please refer them to Michael Bussey, MSCD Human Resources at 303-352-4179. RESPONSIBILITIES: Requires a commitment to excellence in teaching; student advising activities; professional development/scholarship; and service to the department, school, college, and community. Additionally, the candidate must engage in the equivalent teaching load of 12 credit hours in undergraduate education with the expectation of teaching foundations, methods, classroom management, and multicultural courses for teacher candidates in the secondary education licensure programs. Furthermore, the candidate must have a willingness to collaborate with colleagues and school personnel in supervising students in the field and developing partnerships with K-12 schools and a desire to work with a diverse student body (including, but not limited to, working adults, women and students of color) to increase student retention and success. The successful candidate must have the ability to work with and be sensitive to the educational needs of a diverse urban population. Additional responsibilities include advising pre-service teachers. EO STATEMENT: Metropolitan State College of Denver is an equal opportunity employer and encourages women and minorities to apply. QUALIFICATIONS: Required: Masters + 30 in education or related field. Preferred: Doctorate in education or related field. Demonstrated abilities to use technology in instructional delivery and intellectual contributions in multicultural education. Demonstrated abilities to collaborate and develop public school partnership activities. Three years experience teaching in secondary and/or urban schools.


16 Inclusive Excellence in Action at Metro State Source: American Council on Education, 2007

17 Growing Our Latino student enrollment 25% 13%Current Goal If our student enrollment grows at an annual rate of 2 percent, with our overall Latino population growing at a rate of 10 percent a year, we will reach Hispanic Serving Institution (HSI) status within the next decade.

18 Metro State’s HSI Task Force The 70-member HSI Task Force visited other HSI institutions in California, Texas and Illinois. The Task Force developed 55 recommendations on how the College could increase its Latino student enrollment from the current 13 percent to 25 percent.

19 Lessons learned Establish deadlines for admissions and registration Advocate for in-state tuition for Colorado residents who are undocumented immigrants Create faculty mentoring programs and faculty development Provide English/Spanish communication materials Require developmental work to be completed within one year with closer ties to students as they complete this work Work with students and their families Intentional first year program Partner intensively with community colleges and K-12 Hire more tenure-track faculty and have them teach lower division courses

20 Outcomes Colorado SB 08-079 A Total of 55 Recommendations in 6 Areas: –Public Relations, External and Internal: 2 –Recruitment, Retention, and Student Development: 27 –Campus Climate: 9 –Faculty & Staff Development and Grantsmanship: 2 –Curriculum Development: 11 –Assessment Subcommittee: 4

21 Impacts of economic crisis 55 Prioritized recommendations with funding in phases – top 17 considered for FY09 Great impact on external communications Enforcement of policies to support student success –Earlier application deadlines, Aug applicants lowest fall GPAs –All new students must assess in Eng, Mth, Rdg –Completion of Level I General Studies in 30 credit hours –Development and Implementation of First Year Success program –Expansion of supplemental instruction

22 What’s in it for the student? Historical Perspective Present Impact Future Impact

23 Putting students first: a demographic imperative Higher-education institutions must develop a shared vision with their students, constituents, legislators and state higher-education departments. A new funding paradigm.


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