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Denver Health and Hospital Authority

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1 Denver Health and Hospital Authority
Patricia M. Lanius RPh Director of Outpatient Pharmacy Denver, Colorado

2 Denver Health Denver Health Medical Center
Rocky Mountain Regional Trauma Center Rocky Mountain Poison and Drug Center (RMPDC) Denver Health Paramedics Denver Public Health Family Health Centers School Health Centers Center for Medical Response to Terrorism Correctional Care Denver CARES

3 Safety Net Integrated Health Care System
Safety Net Integrated Health Care system servicing residents of the City and County of Denver Primarily urban based Almost 50% of patients have no health insurance Largest Provider of Medicaid Services in the State of Colorado

4 Department of Pharmacy
Inpatient-Level 1 Trauma Center Outpatient-CHS Centers and School Based Clinics Correctional Care—City and County Jails and CCMF Public Health-ID pharmacy, TB clinic, STD clinic, immunization clinic, travelers clinic Discharge Pharmacy Clinical Pharmacy Services

5 Clinical Pharmacy Services
Coagulation Services (Anti coagulation clinic) Ambulatory Infusion Center (Hem/Onc) Cardiology Medication Use Coordinator Behavioral Health Infectious Disease Pediatrics SICU/MICU Residency Program

6 Outpatient Pharmacy Services
Four CHS pharmacies on site in clinics One Central Fill (refill) Pharmacy Four Family Practice Clinics with dispensaries and medication pick up services One Infectious Disease Pharmacy 12 School based health clinics Discharge Pharmacy

7 Cardiology Clinical Pharmacist
Attends Inpatient Cardiology Rounds Daily average 3 interventions per week (formulary/insurance) Attends Cardiology Clinic Weekly average 3 hours weekly average 2 interventions regarding formulary or insurance 3 interventions regarding therapeutic drug monitoring Cardiac Cath Lab—works with cardiology and the discharge team to assure outpatient prescriptions for aspirin and clopidogrel Outpatient Cardiac Rehab patients enrolled in the program. Meets with each new patient for medication history, patient education and medication counseling. Team approach with rehab RN, cardiologist and primary care providers to start new medications, adjust current medications, and follow up on labs

8 Improving Blood Pressure in Colorado Study
Focus of the study is to determine if patients randomized to BP management by a pharmacist versus usual care improves BP control Patients are given a home BP monitor and access to an interactive voice response system to record home readings Currently managing 29 patients 4th Quarter 2007 interventions 112 phone calls to patients dosage adjustments =31 labs ordered =5 clinic visits = 32

9 Getting it Right: Perfecting the Patient Experience
Denver Health Mission and Value Statement Denver Health Dozen Right People: Talent Matching Right Communication and Culture Right Environment Right Reward Right Process LEAN

10 Denver Health Dozen Treat each other, our patients and their families with courtesy, empathy and respect. Be a Denver Health ambassador Provide top-quality health care Care for all people regardless of gender, ethnicity or social class Solve problems through teamwork and open communications Strive for continuous performance improvement and innovation Educate each other, our patients and the next generation of health care professionals

11 Denver Health Dozen Create pride and joy in the workplace
Think Safety. Each employee is responsible for creating safe processes and a safe environment for patents and each other Use Denver Health’s resources widely and efficiently and eliminate waste Foster and appreciate the talents of our work force Workplace cleanliness is the responsibility of every employee Each employee can and should solve problems when they occur

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