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Drupal Community The Architect and the Organism: What Plato & Aristotle have to say about Drupal Presented by Matt Butcher.

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2 Drupal Community The Architect and the Organism: What Plato & Aristotle have to say about Drupal Presented by Matt Butcher

3 About Matt Web Developer since 1995 Author of seven technical books Actual real-life philosopher m Twitter: @technosophos Drupal: mbutcher

4 April, 2012



7 Who was Plato’s Teacher? Question One:

8 Who was Aristotle’s Most famous Student? Question Two:

9 “All philosophy is a footnote to Plato.” A. N. Whitehead

10 So is all of computer science.

11 Philosoraptor Quite possibly the true teacher of Socrates. Author of “Tractatus Logico-Raptus” Short and pithy questions Extinct.

12 Socrates 5 th Century B.C.E Controversial teacher “The Socratic Method” A character in the dialogs of his most famous student. Sentences to death for the “corruption of youth” The father of western philosophy,_Domenico_(1854-1938)_-_n._23185_-_Socrate_(Collezione_Farnese)_-_Museo_Nazionale_di_Napoli.jpg


14 Plato Student of Socrates (he was probably in his mid- 20’s when Socrates died) Like Socrates, an Athenian Traveled widely Wrote numerous books, mostly in the form of dialogs

15 Aristotle Student of Plato, and teacher of Alexander the Great Instrumental in the development of… Philosophy Natural sciences Literary theory Political science Biology

16 But what does any of this have to do with us?

17 The Most Important Slide

18 This says it all…

19 Plato Forms, Perfection, and Reality

20 Ideal: Having to do primarily with an idea, or a mental object. This does not entail perfection. So what’s the ideal girlfriend/boyfriend?

21 The Cave

22 He returns to the cave to tell his fellow prisoners what he has seen.

23 What is the most real?

24 Being and Becoming

25 Eidos: The Forms The Forms “Real” Perfect Unchanging The Physical World “Instances” of the forms Imitations –Bad copies Becoming

26 The LSD Chair Esinem Design


28 Intellect & Art The FormsThe Physical WorldCopy of a Copy Plato would not have liked the Raphael

29 Object-Oriented Classes “Real” Describes all that an object can be An ideal state Objects and runtime “Instances” of the classes Runtime is the source of all evil Runtime is the more “concrete” state


31 Plato is an architect. Aristotle is a biologist.

32 Aristotle Metaphysics, Change, & Hylomorphism

33 Aristotle is all about becoming change dynamism

34 Metaphysics: The thing that comes before physics. (Philosophers get paid for saying stuff like that)


36 Aristotle in 3 Words 1.Stuff (hyle) 2.Potentiality 3.Actuality

37 Impress your friends and loved ones… Hylomorphism It means turning stuff into things. I am not kidding, philosophers get PAID for this.

38 Potentiality (1) Actuality (1) Potentiality (2) Actuality (2) Aristotle’s Famous Model

39 The Cursor Code The programRunning If Aristotle had written code…

40 Functional vs. Imperative Functional Focus on BECOMING What transformation is occurring? Functions are first class Dynamicity of runtime Process Imperative (OO or Procedural) Focus on BEING What is the current state? Objects (structs, etc.) are first class Encapsulation Structures

41 Functional Programming Pay attention to the process of running the code, what it is becoming, not what’s its state is.

42 Aristotle would worry about placing so much emphasis on data structures, objects, classes, and state. Focus on the movement – they physis

43 And Drupal?

44 Drupal is lost in the middle (like medieval philosophy)

45 Drupal was Aristotelian 1.Stuff: simple types 2.Potentiality: hooks 3.Actuality: runtime hook invocation But it was never really functional

46 But it might just be the most Aristotelian system ever made

47 Toss this little phrase out at dinner… Drupal isn’t a CMS. It’s a hylomorphic engine! You can singlehandedly settle the CMS/Framework debate and sound suave while doing so.

48 Plato hates this

49 He thinks hylomorphism is dumb

50 And scary

51 It’s unpredictable. It needs structure.

52 Plato wants you to rewrite Drupal… Using classes and objects.

53 WWPD? Classes Static wrappers State, state, state! Design patterns Persistence layers

54 Plato would rebuild Drupal in Symfony

55 Quo Vadis? That’s Latin for “Oh crap, what are we gonna do now?”

56 Medieval Lesson Thou canst not haveth Thy cake, and partaketh of it too. More specifically, Aristotle and Plato are fundamentally different.

57 Complexity is the arch-nemesis of software.

58 Ockham's Razor Logical Positivism The Categorical Imperative Taxonomy Model & Simulation Theory Physical reductionism ALL OF PHILOSPHY

59 Complexity Ambiguity: Which tools? Anti-reductionist: Cannot simplify without loss Cognitive limitations: Ideal reason is the greatest philosophical myth

60 The moral of the story is… We must pick one.


62 What did you think? Locate this session on the DrupalCon Denver website Click the “Take the Survey” link. Thank You!

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