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Climate Prosperity Project National Leadership Meeting San Jose, CA February 21, 2009 Greener Denver Initiative A Climate Prosperity Strategy.

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1 Climate Prosperity Project National Leadership Meeting San Jose, CA February 21, 2009 Greener Denver Initiative A Climate Prosperity Strategy

2 Project Sponsor Office of Economic Development City and County of Denver Project Coordinator Metro Denver Economic Development Corporation 2

3 Key Stakeholders Mayor’s Office / Greenprint Denver Metro Denver Economic Development Corporation Metro Denver WIRED Governor’s Energy Office Connected Organizations for a Responsible Economy Alliance for Sustainable Colorado University of Colorado (Boulder), LEED School of Business National Renewal Energy Labs 3

4 Project Leadership Andre Pettigrew Executive Director, OED Christopher Smith Project Lead, OED Holli Baumunk Vice President, MDEDC Mary Jeffries Energy Sector Lead, MDEDC Jeff Romine Chief Economist, OED Lynn Sargent Green Savings, OED Jennifer Zacker Green Opportunities, OED Georgia Howard Green Talent, OED 4

5 Challenges 5 Environmental Political Social Opportunities Strong energy research infrastructure matched with entrepreneurial culture and spirit Economic Success in various regional initiatives sets stage for climate prosperity approach The “regional climate” for Greener Denver… Current financial crisis constrains adoption of energy innovations Region’s long history in fossil fuels may delay industry and personal transformation Transition of local strategy to 9 county regional strategy Harness region’s distinctive renewable energy resources and innovation assets High readiness to apply entrepreneurial thinking and investment to new economy Outdoor culture not fully translated into sustainable economic actions

6 What we intend to accomplish… 6 Goals 1.To transform our dynamic economy 2.To achieve our climate goals 3.To ensure social equity in a sustainable future Objective Accomplish goals by 2020 Savings Talent Opportunities

7 7 Green Savings Industry — Our Economic Drivers Work within our region’s 9 clusters to identify individual and shared challenges and determine appropriate actions that:  Reduce cost  Improve competitiveness and innovation  Reduce Dependency on foreign oil Community — Our Homes and Markets Engage our neighborhoods and business districts by using a place-based approach to achieve energy efficiency objectives Institutions — Major Infrastructure Help our cities, school districts, hospitals and major public facilities achieve greater efficiency and renewable energy usage Marketing /Outreach Education /Training Technical Assistance Financing

8 8 Green Opportunities Clean Tech Cluster Capitalize on metro Denver’s strong position as a center for the emerging clean tech industry Size Today: Renewable energy companies; 1000+ firms related to clean tech Employment: 13,940 jobs, 6th largest nationally Diversity and Depth: Broad and diverse industry sector: wind and solar to advanced materials and storage and sequestration Research Infrastructure Assets: Leveraging NREL, university collaborations and 28,000 employee regional energy cluster Greening of Regional Cluster Supply Chains  Aerospace  Aviation  Bioscience  Energy  Financial Services  Information Technology  Beverage Production  Broadcast & Telecom Financing Innovation Support innovations that bring technologies to market, optimize business operations and create workforce opportunities Research & Development Tech Transfer Commercialization Venture Capital Traditional financing

9 9 Green Talent Preparation K-12 Readiness STEM Career Academies  Energy: Red Rocks Early College  Math Science & Creativity Academy  Denver School of Science and Technology Advancement Occupational & Professional Community Colleges (WIRED funded)  Front Range: Energy Boost  Red Rocks: Solar energy AA and certification  Solar & Wind Apprenticeship Center Transformation Retraining & Adaptation Metro Denver Wired Initiative Pipeline for high-tech-high industries  iCAST: Trains unemployed for careers in energy efficiency and solar installation Education Skills Development Career Paths

10 10 Action 1 Action 3 Action 2 Action 4 Our key actions taken to date… Established Office of Economic Development Business Development Small Business Opportunity Workforce Development Housing and Neighborhoods Services Greenprint Denver Initiative Citywide 2012 emissions reduction target Greening the Democratic National Convention Green Vendor Directory Industry Sector Partnerships New Energy Economy Roundtables Green Community Building Greener Denver Initiative Climate Prosperity Project Strategic Framework

11 11 Mobilize: Convene Core Partners Metro Denver Economic Development Corporation Metro Mayor’s Caucus Governor’s Energy Office Analyze: Launch Collaborative Process Assess Regional Efforts To Date ex: Smart Grid – Boulder ex. Colorado Energy Coalition – MDEDC Catalyze: Identify Strategic Priorities Green Savings Green Opportunities Green Talent Realize: Align Regional Efforts Metro Denver EDC assumes lead responsibility Take best practices and bring to scale Develop new aggregation and delivery options Actualize: Build Partnerships Determine how to best sustain strategic implementation Step 1 Step 3 Step 5 Step 2 Step 4 Our future actions…

12 12 We have the RESOURCES to succeed ! Accessible Capital Logistical Advantage Climate Change State Policies Innovation Pipeline Next Generation Skills Natural Resource Center Greening Of Industry Greening Communities Greening Of Institutions Clean Tech And Green Supply Chain Green Workforce and Entrepreneurs Climate Change Progress Economic Vitality Enhanced Opportunity Climate Prosperity Input Advantages Green Savings (Demand) Triple Bottom-Line Results Greening Denver: Leveraging Assets for Climate Prosperity Green Opportunity and Talent (Supply)

13 13 Key obstacles to accomplishing our goals… Transform – Economy Change Market Behavior Overcoming resistance to change among businesses, residents and policy makers to build scale of demand to enable markets to grow. Achieve – Climate Goals Creating Greater Greener Denver Securing regional ownership and support for this effort Ensure – Social Equity Realizing that success is defined broadly such that all members of the community benefit from this effort

14 14 Financial and In-Kind Resource commitments to date… Financial & In-Kind Metro Denver WIRED

15 15 What about us? 4. Realize: Structure actions that are based on commitment of community stakeholders, not just top-down 2. Analyze: Provide comparative data to the strategy process – and share through open forums 3. Catalyze: Convene the stakeholders to define bottom-up, user-driven, market focused solutions 1.Mobilize: Ready stakeholders to work together via early stakeholder outreach—with active media 5. Actualize: Play our part in implementation and tracking results We are committed to engaging and sustaining community participation… Community role in creating Greener Denver at each step

16 16 Help us attract additional financial support for our efforts Collect and distribute key research and best practices from across the nation 3 ways national and global network can best assist us… Collaborate across regions to build market demand and delivery to accelerate change

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