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SCFD Public Awareness [Add Subtitle] [Add Date]. The Scientific and Cultural Facilities District (SCFD) is a voter- approved tax district that distributes.

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1 SCFD Public Awareness [Add Subtitle] [Add Date]

2 The Scientific and Cultural Facilities District (SCFD) is a voter- approved tax district that distributes revenue from a one penny on $10 retail sales tax to 300+ scientific and cultural organizations in the seven-county metro area. SCFD was adopted by metro (Adams, Arapahoe, Boulder, Broomfield, Denver, Douglas and JeffCo) voters in 1988, and reauthorized in 1994 and again in 2004. In 2018, the current statute expires. SCFD Basics: What is SCFD?

3 According to Colorado Revised Statutes, the purpose of SCFD is to, “Provide for the enlightenment and entertainment of the public through the production, preservation, exhibition, advancement or preservation of art, music, theatre, dance, zoology, botany, natural history or cultural history.” SCFD Basics: Purpose

4 SCFD is governed by an 11-member board of directors, one from each of the 7 counties in the District, and 4 appointed by the Governor of Colorado. Distributions of SCFD funds are managed by a small administrative staff. Those operations are funded by a small percentage of the total SCFD tax collected in the 7-county region. SCFD Basics: Governance and Operations

5 Tier 1 includes  Denver Art Museum,  Denver Botanic Gardens,  Denver Center for the Performing Arts,  Denver Museum of Nature and Science and  Denver Zoo. These institutions receive 65.5% of annual distribution up to $38m and 64% exceeding $38m SCFD Basics: Structure

6 Tier 2 consists of approximately 26 organizations, which qualify based on an annual operating income threshold, adjusted annually based on the Consumer Price Index. Organizations include:  Colorado Symphony  Wildlife Experience  Colorado Ballet  Denver Film Society  The Arvada Center  Rocky Mountain Bird Observatory  Butterfly Pavilion These institutions receive 21% of annual distribution up to $38m and 22% exceeding $38m. SCFD Basics – Structure

7 Tier 3 consists of nearly 300 organizations, which receive funds via a grants process administered by individual county cultural councils. Those councils are appointed by county commissioners or equivalent. Organizations include:  Boulder Bach Festival  Su Teatro  Lone Tree Symphony Orchestra  Golden History Museums  Cleo Parker Robinson Dance These organizations receive 13.5% of annual distribution up to $38m and 14% exceeding $38m. Funds available for each county are pegged to the percentage of total sales and use taxes collected in that county. SCFD Basics – Structure

8 Most importantly, citizen support of SCFD has provided wider access to arts and science collections and programs throughout the seven-county region. Millions have taken advantage of free access at regional museums and cultural organizations in SCFD’s 25+-year history. SCFD – Impacts on Community

9 SCFD Awareness 101

10 In 2018, the statute authorizing SCFD tax collection expires. The SCFD Board will ask district voters to extend that sunset in the Nov. 2016 election. Launched in 2012, the Public Awareness Committee was created to develop greater awareness of SCFD and the value of the experiences it provides in the region. SCFD Reauthorization Update

11 In 2012, the SCFD Board of Directors convened the all- tier, all-county Public Awareness Committee to help expand community awareness of SCFD and its benefits. In late 2013, the committee released its first major tactic – a digital SCFD Awareness Tool Kit, with messaging for use in signage, written materials and staff interactions with visitors and guests. Awareness Task Force and Toolkit

12 Why an Awareness Messaging Tool Kit and Platform?  Takes advantage of outreach orgs in SCFD family are already doing every day.  Provides consistent set of messages, which are more likely to be remembered by audiences.  Provides consistent way to educate staff and volunteers.  Can be scaled to any size organization and adapted to any audience.  Opportunity for tangible results with no budget. Awareness Task Force and Toolkit

13 The Tool Kit includes  Elevator Speech  Six Key Messages  “Boilerplate” for press materials, newsletters, etc.  Images and logos  Social media tips  Interview tips  A how-to-use-this-toolkit guide SCFD Awareness Tool Kit

14 According to a 2011 CBCA report, more than five million students, seniors and families in our community take advantage of FREE experiences thanks to our support of the Scientific and Cultural Facilities District (SCFD). For nearly 25 years, one penny on every $10 purchase made in the seven- county metro area supports our flourishing cultural landscape of more than 300 science, arts and cultural organizations. For more information on Free First Saturdays at DAM and other free cultural opportunities in the district, visit Toolkit Highlights – Elevator Speech

15  What is SCFD? SCFD funds nearly 300 arts, cultural and scientific orgs in Adams, Arapahoe, Boulder, Broomfield, Denver, Douglas and Jefferson counties through a voter-approved penny sales tax on every $10 purchase.  SCFD brings the world to you: Thanks to SCFD, metro Denver is host to world-class exhibits, performances, events and opportunities.  SCFD has expanded our cultural scene: 25 years ago, voters launched SCFD. Today, nearly 300 orgs offer access to art, science and cultural experiences. Toolkit Highlights – Key Messages

16  SCFD serves our schools: Kids in every school district in the district’s 7 counties are served by SCFD-funded organizations, including performances, tours and outreach programs.  SCFD gives citizens access: More than 1 million citizens each year benefit from FREE admission to cultural facilities and programs thanks to our support of SCFD.  SCFD improves our economy: We all benefit from nearly $1.76 BILLION in economic activity and 9,300 jobs generated by this sector of metro Denver’s economy. Toolkit Highlights – Key Messages

17 Toolkit Highlights - Revised SCFD Logo A stronger, direct emphasis on the Scientific and Cultural mission of the district.

18 Discussion and evaluation of mobile platforms and strategies that could increase awareness. Collaboration with CATZ to incorporate poll findings into messaging and tools. Assist in the creation of an SCFD Youth Council. Develop a collaborative Speakers’ Bureau, with CATZ, CBCA and others. 2014: Ongoing Awareness Initiatives

19 There are several ways you can share all the ways SCFD makes this a great place to live: Talk about SCFD to visitors. Print “Key Messages” and keep in your pocket, using these short, easy-to-remember details worth sharing. Share SCFD with friends: Grab a batch of SCFD Free Day bookmarks and share. Contact me with questions/suggestions: [INSERT EMAIL HERE] Help get the word out about SCFD

20 Thank you!

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