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Duralumin By Group 2.

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1 Duralumin By Group 2

2 Duralumin was developed by the German
History of Duralumin Duralumin was developed by the German metallurgist Alfred Wilm at Dürener Metallwerke Aktien Gesellschaft. In 1903, Wilm discovered that after quenching, an aluminium alloy containing 4% copper would slowly harden when left at room temperature for several days. Further improvements led to the introduction of duralumin in 1909. The name is obsolete today, and mainly used in popular science to describe the Al-Cu alloy system, or 2000 series as designated by the International Alloy Designation System (IADS) originally created in 1970 by the Aluminum Association.

3 Duralumin It is strong and hard.
It is an alloy of aluminum that is 4 percent copper, 1 percent manganese, 0.5 percent, and 95.5 percent aluminum Ussually used for it’s lightness and strength.

4 making the frames of automobiles and speedboats
It is used for...... making aircraft frames making the frames of automobiles and speedboats making household articles

5 Future Plans * 2011: Wire, rod, and bar for screw machine products.
Applications where good machinability and good strength are required. * 2014: Heavy-duty forgings, plate, and extrusions for aircraft fittings, wheels, and major structural components, space booster tankage and structure, truck frame and suspension components. Applications requiring high strength and hardness including service at elevated temperatures.

6 * 2024: Aircraft structures, rivets, hardware, truck wheels,
screw machine products, and other miscellaneous structural applications. The first age-hardened alloy ever discovered. * 2036: Sheet for auto body panels. * 2048: Sheet and plate in structural components for aerospace application and military equipment. * 2141: Plate in thicknesses of 40 to 150 mm (1.5 to 6.0 in.) for aircraft structures. * 2218: Forgings; aircraft and diesel engine pistons; aircraft engine cylind

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