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Masinprojekteerimine * A.Kalja * Arvutitehnika instituut Program packages of ExpertPRIZ All components of ExpertPRIZ are used for developing CAD software.

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1 Masinprojekteerimine * A.Kalja * Arvutitehnika instituut Program packages of ExpertPRIZ All components of ExpertPRIZ are used for developing CAD software. To execute mathematical calculations the Solver subsystem is used. Knowledge of constructors and engineers is stored in the Expert know- ledge processing subsystem for the future usage. The expert subsystem is also used as a tool to prepare the dialog between compute and engineer. Data tables from handbooks are stored in the relational database of the system where a SQL-like query language is used. The package use their own machine graphic facilities. Some experiments have been done to link the packages with AutoCAD-like graphic systems. DIFFERENT SOFTWARE LEVELS On the first level ExpertPRIZ works as an intelligent calculator for an engineer. It memorizes formulas and automatically synthesizes problem algorithms. The second level covers packages for engineering calculations in narrow application areas. To develop and use packages of this level the cooperation of programmers and engineers is needed. Packages for designing typical constructions constitute the third level. These are end-user packages which are easy to use for engineers and they realize computing algorithms of typical constructions determined by standards. The packages are built as run-time programs being separete From ExpertPRIZ system.

2 Masinprojekteerimine * A.Kalja * Arvutitehnika instituut Using ExpertPRIZ as an Intelligent Calculator ExpertPRIZ as an intelligent calculator works as follow. It solves equations and systems of equations, describes the concepts from variables and relations, stores and uses these concepts for problem solving and deduces algebraic formulas. D = 2*r A = Pi*r^2 V = A*1 Pi = 3.1416 To solve a trivial problem, let us suppose that we know the diameter of the cylinder d=11 and we ask the area of the cylinder botton. D = 11 ?A -> A = 380.1336 Let us calculate the volume of the geometrical body (Fig. 2). The side of the cube a is the same as the diameter d and length l of the cylinder and equal to 5. x1 cube a = 5 x2 cylinder d = x1.a l = x1.a V = x1.V+2*x2.V ?V -> V = 321.35

3 Masinprojekteerimine * A.Kalja * Arvutitehnika instituut

4 Developing a run-time version of the program package There exists 2 levels of using ExpertPRIZ: - expert (developer) level - end-user level End-user is working with RUN program, which starts program package. Package has been greated by PACKAGE program Advantages: - no needs to know ExpertPRIZ user interface - package takes less memory - RUN takes less memory than the EPR Demands: - packages must have a main expert-KB, which launch package - packet must be at least one concept.-KB - package can not use the following commands: !ec, !hL, !ht, !bn, !bp, !Bc, !Bm, !bo, !br, !bd ja !ms (old version commands)

5 Masinprojekteerimine * A.Kalja * Arvutitehnika instituut

6 Using PACKAGE program Packages must include: - main expert-KB - conceptual knowledge base - other files, which are only readable expert-KBs, input text files, patterns of images. etc. Package can not be include: - database files; - temporary working files; - files that are used by utility programs. Example: > package Password [ ]: priz Package File [ ]: demo Main Expert Knowledge Base [DEMO.EXP]: Default Concept Base [DEMO.EPR]:arch Other Files [NUL]: or >package priz, demo,,arch;

7 Masinprojekteerimine * A.Kalja * Arvutitehnika instituut Data input file PACKAGE program Created by text editor: (name is DEMO.LST) priz, demo,,arch, sphere.exp, sphere.txt, conifers.exp, cnfrs.exp, braking.exp, … … tttest.msk, lin.txt; After that >package @demo.lst Start RUN-TIME package >run Example: >run demo Previously you can simulate the work of the package:: >epr

8 Masinprojekteerimine * A.Kalja * Arvutitehnika instituut Package setup file and the content of the folder The program RUN looking for a file in the same directory.SET Current directory must contain:: - SETUP file name if needed - RUN.EXE - EPR.MSG “private data” or “public data” folders must include: - package file - files, that we have not included into the package “program” folder must include: - all utility programs that will be used Example: RUN.EXE EPR.MSG DEMO CAR.PIC CAR.FMT BR_IM.TMP BR_OF.TMP LIN.TAB

9 Masinprojekteerimine * A.Kalja * Arvutitehnika instituut Creating software packages. Stages 1. Compiling a technical task. Analysis of tasks 2. Preparation of a list of concepts 3. Programming of concepts 4. Developing expert KB-s 5. Programming of input-output interface 6. Testing 7. Developing run-time version of the package 8. Compiling package documentation 9. Package accession

10 Masinprojekteerimine * A.Kalja * Arvutitehnika instituut

11 The Methods of Developing Program Packages 1.Creating and filling data and knowledge bases. Creating input/output graphic pictures. Testing the typical problem using ExpertPRIZ interface. 2. Developing the run-version of the program package using the PACKAGE module. Setting the system’s global parameters. 3. Testing the run-version of the program packages in industry, i.e. the programmers’ group together with the engineers solves the possible maximal number of practical problems. The Examples of Developing and Using Knowledge Bases * CONSOLE eltype text material text eltype=‘CONS’ geom (eltype l d) * diameter ? d^3=t/0.2*tau) * moment ? t=9550*1000*p/n * tau ? tau=0.003*sgmb * mass ? m=l*d^2*pi*0.00785/4000 * DB operation for sgmb ? rel1 tab file=‘steels’ row=mater column=‘SGMB’ res=sgmb * DB operation for l ? Rel2 tab file=‘legths’ row=d column=‘lenth’ res=1 pi=3.14

12 Masinprojekteerimine * A.Kalja * Arvutitehnika instituut The stored concepts can further be used similarly to classes in object-oriented programming languages, creating objects of those classes in the problem descriptions. The following is a shaft description: !mn y C! CONSOLE p=6.5 n=3000 material=‘40X’ K1 KEY ds=C1.dn ls=C1.l S1 STEPCR d1=C1.d N3 NECK2 l=20 D=N2.d B3 BEARING ds=N3.d … pict(C1.geom,K1.geom,S1.geom,…,) com pict !rp dshaft pict XPERT DESIGN OF REDUCTOR SHAFTS CONSOLE TIP | COGWHEELS | BEARINGS | ? | RESULT Yes | 3 Cogwheels | Ball bearings | STYPE1 | END Yes | 3 Cogwheels | Roller bearings | STYPE2 | END No | 3 Cogwheels | Ball bearings | - | #SHAFT1.EXP *1 IS THE SHAT TO BE DESIGNED WITH CONSOLE? *2 THE SHAFT TO BE DESIGNED IS WITH … *3 THE BEARINGS OF THE SHAFT ARE... XPERT DESIGN OF REDUCTOR SHAFTS CONSOLE | ? | NECK1 | ? | BEARINGS | ? | NECK2 | ? Yes | CONS1 |Yes | NECK1 | Roller bearings | RBEAR1 | Yes | NECK2 Yes | CONS1 | Yes | NECK1 | Ball bearings | BBEAR1 | Yes | NECK2 Yes | CONS1 | Yes | NECK1 | Don’t have | - | No | -... No | - |Yes | NECK1 | Roller bearings | RBEAR1 | Yes | NECK2 No | - |Yes | NECK1 | Ball bearings | BBEAR1 | Yes | NECK2 *1 IS THE SHAT TO BE DESIGNED WITH CONSOLE? *IS THE NEXT ELEMENT NECK? *THE NECK HAS …...

13 Masinprojekteerimine * A.Kalja * Arvutitehnika instituut n tkey selection table bh lmin lmax k 12 - - - - - 17 5 5 10 56 2.3 22 6 6 14 70 2.6 30 8 7 18 90 3.0 38 - - - - - 44 - - - - - XPERTDESIGN OF REDUCTOR SHAFTS CONSOLE_TIP COGWHEELS TURNS ? RESULT 1YES 3-COGWHEELS 3000 ex1 END 2YES 3-COGWHEELS 1000 ex2 END 3 NO 3-COGWHEELS 3000 ex1A END … *1 IS THE SHAFT TO BE DESIGNED WITH CONSOLE? *2 THE SHAFT TO BE DESIGNED IS WITH…...

14 Masinprojekteerimine * A.Kalja * Arvutitehnika instituut === == = = = NECKA... CONSOLE BEARING KEY CKB Problem model Dialog with EKB Console? Yes NECK1? Yes BEARING1? Yes NECK2? No NECK3? Yes KEY1 Yes...

15 Masinprojekteerimine * A.Kalja * Arvutitehnika instituut

16 A list of ExpertPRIZ program packages for different application areas Mechanical engineering DRIVE – choosing mechanical reductors SHAFT – designing shafts GEAR – designing gear transmissions BEAR – choosing bearings IST – calculations of fits and tolerances … Civil Engineering SNOW – calculation of snow pressure on the roofs WIND – calculation of wind pressure on the roofs KASUS – load calculations HEAT – heating calculations STONE – concrete element calculations … Electronics FILTER – designing aktive filters …

17 Masinprojekteerimine * A.Kalja * Arvutitehnika instituut Mechanical pover transmission Shaft-and hub joints Mechanical drives Hydraulic power transmissions Shafts and axes Couplings and clutches Lubricating equipment BearingsSprings Screw joint Housings Welded joints Inventions Machine dynamics Tolerances and fits Strength of materials Materials Traction drive Hoisting mechanisms Turing mechanisms Conveyer drives

18 Masinprojekteerimine * A.Kalja * Arvutitehnika instituut Program package DRIVE for reductors design v F T D pc zc D p=7 omega= n= V=2.4 D=1200 T= F= pc=zc= Power P, kW Moment T, N*m Force F, N Diameter D, mm Speed n, rpm Angular velocity omega, rad/s Circular velocity v, m/s Number of teeth zc, step pc, mm MMM VARIANT1 VARIANT2 VARIANT3 REDUCTOR

19 Masinprojekteerimine * A.Kalja * Arvutitehnika instituut 63....400 200...2000 25...400 T-S 16...200 S-T 63...4000 T2 8...80 T 20....200 K-S2 6.3...40 K-S 1...6.3 K 63...1000 P3 10....125 P2 3.15.... 12.5 P 25...250 C3 7.1....50 C2 1.6...8 C TYPE OF REDUCTOR<- number of poles 1 2 4 6 8 10 20 40 60 100 200 400 600 1000 u Worm- cylinder Cylinder-worm Worm Conical.-cylind.. Conical Planetar Cylinder 8 6 4 2 Efficiency factor η =0.96... 0.98 Optimismfactor g= 0...1 η = η min +g(η max - η min ) η=0.96+0.02gideal case g=1 worse case g=0 Example: electric motor 4A132S4 P=7.5 kW ja n=1445 p/min diameter of shaft d=38 conical-cylinderreduktor with ratio 37.699 efficiency factor of drive η =0.885 Kin. schema motor-coupling-reduktor-coupling-workingshaft

20 Masinprojekteerimine * A.Kalja * Arvutitehnika instituut




24 CAD SYSTEM IN CIVIL ENGINEERING HEAT AND HUMIDITY CALCULATIONS Realization: thermal calculations calculation of temperature falls calculation of vapour pressure, material databases graphics for temperature on layers for vapour pressure The findings of experiments: ExpertPRlZ is a very good environment for prototyping The prototype is also a software product specifikation

25 Masinprojekteerimine * A.Kalja * Arvutitehnika instituut

26 CAD of Civil Engineering Loads ES Types of loads Combinations of loads Permanent Temporary Unusual Short-term Durable Wind loads Snow loads Ceiling loads Developed by Eesti Projekt

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