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Lifecycle Quality Management With the QDM System.

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1 Lifecycle Quality Management With the QDM System

2 Part / Process VariationProduct Non-Conformance Traceability Gaps Problems to Mitigate… DCS solution set is aimed at addressing 3 problem areas- Variation Non-Conformance Traceability

3 Variation Analysis Closed – Loop Quality Concept Production Launch Full Production Program timing Problem Mitigation - DNA Measurement Plans / Points Tracking Reporting Dashboards Root Causing Analytics Problem Solving The Closed Loop approach is aimed at enabling these kinds of problems to be analyzed and multiple solutions to be tried through simulation, and then validated through automated as-built reporting. DCS provides software solutions for Dimensional Variation Analysis which supports the up front engineering process and Corporate Quality Intelligence which enables the validation of manufactured components, regardless of where or how they are manufactured.

4 –Multiple different measurement processes –Multiple different facilities, locations or suppliers –Multiple different output formats –No centralized storage facility for data and reports –Non-standard, localized or delayed reporting –Supporting multiple quality reporting systems Are any of these issues applicable to you? …Impediments to Quality Process Consistency…

5 Data Collected from any measurement / test source at any location in any format Instant Access to all quality information for ALL users in a standardized format QDM is a system which enables an entire organization to- Report (All Quality status / performance, Dashboards, FAIRS, more…) Analyze (SPC, root cause, problem solve) Share (Executives, Engineers, Analysts, Technicians) Automated Solution QDM is the solution! QDM automates your quality process in an easy to use environment for all quality stakeholders to identify and act on quality status and issues.

6 Data Server QDM-3D QDM-Web Clients Supplier Plant B Plant A Measurement Data Data Query Populated QDM Report Templates QDM Datagrabber– data loader Data Input Automation QDM-Web Server (SQL) QDM-3D Analyst - template authoring QDM-Web Client - user portal accessible anywhere QDM System Components Author Report Templates Read data from any Supplier or Plant measurement source View Graphical Reports & docs for Status & Root Cause QDM Quality Management System QDM-Web Server Client Users This data is aggregated into a common format and stored into a quality database. Pre-configured templates are then combined with the data, for access and action by client users. The QDM process begins with data input from plants, labs, suppliers, and even customers.

7 QDM Web Client Portal – Configurable UI Navigate to part or assembly Search for any part number or name Secure password user login Hot links to part information Data Summary Hot links to automated reports Data filtering Export your data QDM provides access through a configurable user interface within your standard web browser.

8 Quality Reports When You Need Them

9 99-000070-04 Advanced Product Quality Planning Status Report 99-000059-04 PPAP Approval Checklist 99-000060-04 Control Plan 99-000061-04 Capability Study 99-000062-04 Gage R&R (Tolerance) 99-000063-04 Dimensional Results 99-000064-04 Appearance Report 99-000065-02 Parts Submission Warrant (PSW) 99-000066-04 Supplier Corrective Action Request form 99-000069-04 Gage R&R (Total Variation) 99-000094-04 PPAP Submission Workbook 99-000042-04 Supplier Quality System Assessment 99-000041-04 Supplier Profile and Questionnaire 99-000121-03 Packaging Labeling Instruction 99-000126-04 APQP Document 99-000158-04 Interim PPAP Recovery Sheet Reference- QDM can support standard documents such as- Total Quality Process Support

10 QDM SQA is a remote web client for suppliers to report quality status in customer specific QDM format Customer receives an inspection report in EXACTLY the same format as is used internally Benefits : Quick & Efficient Quality Reviews Reduced Approval Time Enhanced Quality QDM SQA - Supplier Quality Assurance QDM Report of 10 Piece Inspection Graphical Index Page

11 Supplier Quality Plants / Suppliers Data Manager IT Admin Top Management QDM Gateway Inspection Dept Report Publisher Data Analysis Experts Web based real-time reports published on demand Perform advanced root cause analysis Centralized system to manage & maintain Receive/Map report requests Receive work orders Upload results Plants & suppliers Sharing data Create/Monitor FAIR’s Manage Non- Conformances Dashboard for quality metrics Top management summary reports Product Engineering Apply “as-built” data to enhance design robustness QDM – One Quality Portal for All

12 Enterprise-wide Quality Intelligence at ALL levels of your business 3DCS Closes the Loop with Design & Engineering Multi-source Data Support Multi Plant Solution Supplier Quality Integration Complete Quality Management System Top Management Plant / Program Engineering / Quality Supplier Quality

13 Machinery / High Tech mid-2000’s Aerospace Expansion circa 2000 Automotive Inception 1994 Quality Solutions for Global Manufacturers –Experts in Dimensional Engineering –US Corporation with Global Footprint DCS – Who Are We? Strategic Partnerships  Dassault Systemes  V5-V6 Quality Solution  Solidworks Variation Analysis  Inspection Xpert (FAIR & PPAP)

14 DCS, Inc. 580 Kirts Blvd. Troy, Michigan 48315 USA HQ Office:248-269-9777 Thank You For Your Time

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