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Taking up the Micro Enterprise challenge 6 th June 2007.

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1 Taking up the Micro Enterprise challenge 6 th June 2007

2 AGENDA Background Purpose Methodology BizAIDS partnerships Working together

3 THE CHALLENGES The two major challenges facing South Africa are inextricably linked: How to sustain economic growth; and Limiting the impact of HIV/AIDS


5 THE MICRO-ENTERPRISE ENTREPRENEUR Profit margins are tight Limited access to support mechanisms Many of the businesses are individually owned Particularly severe effects on women Often hard to reach and are consequently out of reach of educational and health interventions related to HIV/AIDS

6 THE IMPACT OF HIV/AIDS Women account for more than half (59%) of adults estimated to be living with HIV/AIDS in South Africa A decline in productivity leads to a decline in profit Absenteeism is one of the first signs that something has gone wrong

7 VISION AND GOALS BizAIDS will contribute directly to strengthening and growing the micro-enterprise business community Understand the risks Know the value of assets and liabilities Understand the truth about HIV/AIDS Find community service providers Protect the future of the business Prepare personal and business action plans to manage risk Understand the different legal types of business Plan for succession

8 COUNTERACTING THE RISK TO MICRO ENTERPRISES Healthy Family Healthy Business Healthy Community

9 BizAIDS PARTICIPANTS Business owners, employing < 10 employees Either be registered business entities or in the process of being registered Prepared to complete a questionnaire to establish the participant’s baseline information Preference will be given to women

10 HOW BizAIDS HELPS ENTREPRENEURS COUNTERACT THE RISKS BizAIDS combines the training in basic life skills, mentorship opportunities, marketing and basic holistic management training, HIV/AIDS education

11 WHO DOES THE TRAINING The trainers used to conduct BizAIDS training have been trained by a BizAIDS master trainer using a BizAIDS training of trainers manual. To ensure consistency in the training of trainers the BizAIDS training of trainers manual is employed

12 HOW BizAIDS HELPS ENTREPRENEURS COUNTERACT THE RISKS Within these four sections participants are given training in Basic record keeping; Asset management; Planning for the future; Sharing knowledge with the aim of multi skilling / training and ensuring others can run the business; Inheritance issues and legal rights / responsibilities; HIV/AIDS and access to voluntary counselling, testing and treatment. Each participant receives a workbook and a local resource materials guide.

13 THE IMPACT OF BizAIDS IN SOUTH AFRICA Since 2004 over 1 100 business owners have received BizAIDS training. Gauteng, North West Province, Eastern Cape and Mpumalanga. Team of 9 facilitators –Experienced small business owners & facilitators –HIV/AIDS awareness –Legal / succession

14 THE IMPACT OF BizAIDS IN SOUTH AFRICA Recent feedback obtained from entrepreneurs who received BizAIDS training three months after they had been trained Improved record keeping97% said “yes” Sharing HIV/AIDS awareness information90% Cross training / additional skills training90% Shared business records90% Given thought to drawing up a will90% Pursued preparing a will31% Identified ways to reduce costs76% Begun long term planning66%

15 MONITORING AND EVALUATION Process monitoring; Assess before and after training; In depth interviews are held on completion of the training to measure the participants’ understanding and ability to apply the training and training materials they received.

16 HOW BizAIDS CAME ABOUT International Executive Service Corps (IESC) SA pilot, which took place in 2004-2005, was also funded by USAID

17 THE FUTURE OF BizAIDS IN SOUTH AFRICA SABCOHA exists to mobilise and empower business; The micro enterprise sector in South Africa is enormous; Train 2,400 micro enterprises by 2010; Looking to South African business to fund the BizAIDS programme.

18 BizAIDS OPPORTUNITIES Corporates and Funders Developing partners Growing the sector MSMEs Active participation Empowering

19 CONTACT DETAILS Daryl Wearne c/o SABCOHA Telephone: 011 880 4821 Email: Web:

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