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Creating Charts with Microsoft Excel Microsoft Excel TERMS Cells Columns A Rows 1.

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2 Creating Charts with Microsoft Excel

3 Microsoft Excel TERMS Cells Columns A Rows 1

4 All three elements come together to make…. Together, they are called a SPREADSHEET. Together the spreadsheets are called a workbook. Three spreadsheets automatically are available when you open Microsoft Excel. SURPRISE QUIZ!!!! Rows, columns and all those cells are called???? Let’s get those gears moving!

5 Data is the key Click on a cell to begin entering information. When preparing to create a chart, it is important to have category headings across the top row. For example:

6 Then enter categories on the left side. Now add the data under the appropriate headings and rows.

7 Now it is time for a Quiz! What elements create a spreadsheet? A. rows and cellsrows and cells B. cells and columnscells and columns C. rows, cells and columnsrows, cells and columns A B C


9 GREAT! Now You are ready to turn your data into a chart! Hurray! Way to Go!

10 Once all the data has been entered… Highlight all the cells like in the example.

11 After highlighting the data, now you will be making the information appear in a chart or graph format.

12 The information on the left Can be turned into this Pie Chart

13 Survey information is best displayed in a chart format INFORMATION TURNS INTO THIS

14 Let’s take a look at the Button Bar This is the CHART button Please follow along to see how this is done! There are many options to choose so it is good to have an idea of what you are wanting to create.

15 Clicking the Chart Button opens a dialog box that looks like this… Click on the Chart that best suits the information you want to display Once you have selected the chart, you can click this button to see what it will look like Then click the NEXT button

16 The options that are offered after this are self-explanatory. Try out the options offered and you can always change things back. The best advice is to move slowly so that you can undo choices you do not want. The last part of formatting your chart has to do with where you want the chart to appear If you want the chart on the same spreadsheet, select “As object in:” On the same note, if you would like the chart to be on its own sheet, select, “As new sheet”.

17 When displaying parts of a whole, the pie chart works best. TrueTrue or FalseFalse QUICK QUIZ

18 Sorry! This statement is true. See how all the parts make one object.

19 Congratulations! Now, you try! 1.Collect information, either take a survey about opinions or show your own grades for a class. 2.Type all of the information in a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet. 3.Highlight the information and click the chart button. Click here to open a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet!

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