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Lesson Summary 19.11.07 M. S. Martin 21/11/07.

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1 Lesson Summary M. S. Martin 21/11/07

2 Flooring – click your mouse to bring up each point
Two main types of construction Platform flooring & Cut in Floors (typically strip flooring is used) Click mouse again to look at the sketches opposite & review your notes from P20 Cut in floors Platform Floors

3 Strip Flooring Face fixed or secret nailed Undercut but joints or
Laying & Clamping – click mouse to bring in each point Select the longest run of flooring String a line through middle of building parallel to outside walls Lay a run of boards along this line Note: in small rooms you might start from one wall and work towards the other Cut and lay say 4 runs of board on each side of centre Cramp & fix Continue laying & cramping boards in sections of 6 to 8 board maximum When you get close to the wall you will need to use an alternative to floor clamps, timber or a chisel Undercut but joints or Or use end matched boards

4 Platform floors Types Structural Grade particle board Plywood Compressed cement sheet Sheet sizes vary in thickness which effects joist span 450 or 600 centres

5 Calculations Review your workbook calc’s Look at the sketch below:
When working out quantities of floor boards to suit a particular room in a house, we calculate the amount of boards using effective cover per square metre of floor area, see the simple description below. 1.0 x 1.0 = 1.0m² = 1.0m = 1000mm For the purpose of the example, let’s say our floor boards have an effective cover of 86mm, therefore: or = Which means you can lay lineal metres of floor boards per / m² of floor area Review your workbook calc’s 1.0m 1.0m

6 Practical Assessment Bearer & Joist exercise in basement
Demonstration of flooring clamps & strip flooring Explanation of different set out for sheet flooring & strip.

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