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LASTFIRE Large Atmospheric Storage Tank Fires.

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1 LASTFIRE Large Atmospheric Storage Tank Fires

2 LASTFIRE An industry consortium of international oil companies reviewing risks associated with storage tank fires


4 Original Project Sponsors
Agip Petroli BP Conoco DEA Elf Exxon MOL Mobil OMV PetroFina Repsol Saudi Aramco Shell Total Veba WRG

5 External Information Sources
PROJECT STRUCTURE LASTFIRE Sponsors’ Steering Group Project Co-ordinator External Information Sources Operators Tank Builders Seal Manufacturers Detection Suppliers Protection Suppliers Fire Fighters Legislators Insurers Project Working Group

6 OBJECTIVES Determine current levels of risk
LASTFIRE OBJECTIVES Determine current levels of risk Establish Design & Operational Practice & make knowledge available throughout industry Establish techniques to determine site- specific levels of risk and identify appropriate & cost-effective risk reduction measures

DESIGN STANDARDS CODES OF PRACTICE Equipment Maintenance Preplanning Exercises Fire Training Update FIRE ENGINEERING FIRE MODELLING COST BENEFIT ANALYSIS Evaluate Alternative Prevention, Protection & Mitigation Measures Incident Descriptions CONSEQUENCES Life Safety Environment Business Interruption Asset Value Other Issues HAZOP QRA INCIDENT EXPERIENCE Ignition Sources Hazardous Materials Formalisation Legislation Fire Scenario Analysis Compare Risk Reduction Options Define FHM Policy Implement

8 PROJECT DELIVERABLES Risk Reduction Options Foam Review Incident
Frequency Survey Direct input Indirect input Fire Scenario Analysis Compare Risk Reduction Options Define FHM Policy Implement Escalation Mechanism Analysis Risk Workbook

Spill on Roof Fire Rimseal Fire Full Surface Fire Bund Fire Pontoon Explosion

10 PROJECT DATABASE Data processed from 16 companies
LASTFIRE Data processed from 16 companies Completed questionnaires received from 164 sites in 36 countries Data from 2420 tanks >40m diameter in use during Average age of tanks reviewed years Sample represented tank years of operation

Country/ Region Southern Europe Northern Europe North America Saudi Arabia Nigeria Venezuela Thailand Singapore Number of fires 7 13 15 9 2 3 2 1 Tank years 333 6247 15264 4611 159 224 1035 3392 Frequency ( x 10-3/tank year ) 21 2 1 2 13 13 2 0.3 Thunderstorm days per year 160 30 20 40 60 70 120 10

Options addressed:- Tank & Bund Design & Operation Incident Detection Fire Protection Systems Portable/Mobile Fire Fighting Equipment Fire Response Strategies Final options chosen should be based on site-specific analysis

Examples LASTFIRE Fire retardant rimseal Tank Roof Tank Roof Fire retardant rimseal Non fire retardant rimseal Fire containment Fire spread

Examples LASTFIRE Linear Heat Detector End-of-line device FIRE FAULT 1 2 3 4 5 6 SYSTEM FAULT ALARM SILENCED SYSTEM HEALTHY RESET SILENCE ALARM CONTROL ENABLE Linear Heat Detector in rimseal area Tank Roof

15 Lightning Protection of Floating Roof Storage Tanks

16 Risk Workbook Computerised version available 4 analyses Database
Rimseal Fire Spill / Partial Surface Fire Full Surface Fire Bund Fire Database Help / Advice

17 Fighting Floating Roof Tank
Rimseal Fires

18 Foam Fire Test For Storage Tank Fires

19 Tank Firefighting Workshop

20 Full Surface Fire Response
Options Burn Down System Application Monitor Attack

21 Full Surface Fire Response
Pump-out and Controlled Burndown

22 Full Surface Fire Response
Full Surface Foam System

23 Full Surface Fire Response
Monitor Application

24 Time for an update? Developments
LASTFIRE Time for an update? Developments Successful extinguishment of major fires Increasing concern re environmental issues Additional Foam test development New Fire Detection systems Tank, roof and seal developments Large capacity mobile response package

25 82m Tank Fire

26 Objectives of update study
LASTFIRE Objectives of update study To continue LASTFIRE’s role as the established recognised international oil companies forum on best practices of Fire Hazard Management of Storage Tanks

27 Time for an update? Scope of Work Objectives Review of incidents
LASTFIRE Time for an update? Scope of Work Objectives Review of incidents Update database on open top floaters Extend database to fixed roof and internal floaters Assess current practices and latest developments in risk reduction measures Detection systems Foam systems Major incident response systems Tank / seal constructions Become industry focal point / forum


29 Involvement - Existing and Future Benefits
LASTFIRE LASTFIRE Involvement - Existing and Future Benefits

30 Involvement/Benefits
LASTFIRE Involvement/Benefits Direct involvement in development of latest practices, codes and standards LASTFIRE Risk Reduction Options Energy Institute IP19 EI / API Lightning Study Technical input & review

31 Involvement/Benefits
LASTFIRE Involvement/Benefits Contribution to LASTFIRE Incident database (anonymously) Most comprehensive statistical database for tank fires and tank related incidents Used for input into safety cases and hazard assessments Database continually updated

32 Involvement/Benefits
LASTFIRE Involvement/Benefits Practical guidance on implementation of FEHM Measures Risk Reduction Options Document What are the cost effective FEHM measures What are typical & best practices Incident prevention, detection, protection and response

33 Involvement/Benefits
LASTFIRE Involvement/Benefits Research relevant to tank fires Boilovers Vapour suppression Alternative extinguishing methods Research Topics

34 LASTFIRE Boilover Study Small scale instrumented tests with different crudes and water levels Time to boilover Boilover severity

35 Initial work

36 Second phase instrumented tests

37 Third Phase LASTFIRE

38 Basic Analysis Time to boilover Effect of water/fuel quantity
Fire spread Tank wall temperatures Effect of crude composition Refined products / Biofuels Model validation Foam application vs time

39 Diesel / Crude Oil

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