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How to use the Restricted-Use Pesticide Record Program.

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1 How to use the Restricted-Use Pesticide Record Program

2 Downloading the Program 1. Go to and click the Publications link

3 Downloading the Program 2. Select Pesticide Record Book for Private Applicators

4 Downloading the Program 3. Scroll down to the Electronic Version section. Click the Instructions link and print the instructions. 4. Right click on the RUP Program link, select ‘Save Target As…’, and save the program to your computer.

5 Enabling Macros Macros must be enabled for the program to run Open Microsoft Excel Select Tools, Macro, Security… and set the Security Level to Medium Close Excel

6 Starting the Program Open the program from your desktop (or wherever you saved it on your computer). Always choose ‘Enable Macros’ when opening this program. You will be greeted by an introductory pop-up window. Please read all information and follow instructions given in the introduction window.

7 Instructions Page Once you select Start Using Workbook, you will be taken to the Instructions page. Click the Print Instructions button and read the instructions carefully Click Start Using Workbook

8 The Enter New Record Page Next, you will be taken to the Enter New Record Page. You will notice your name and certification number displayed on the screen. Follow the printed instructions to fill out the cells on this page with your application record.

9 Selecting the Pesticide Click the drop-down arrow to choose your pesticide from the list of RUP pesticides registered in Colorado. The EPA number for that product will be automatically displayed. If your product is not listed, select “My Product Is Not Listed” from the top of that list. You may then enter the name and EPA number for your product, and henceforth select it from the Non-RUP drop- down list.

10 Record Pages Each record entered will be saved to a Record Page Subsequent records for the same field will be added to the same Record Page The Record Pages can be printed

11 Field List Page The Field List page contains basic information for each field in a given season. Use it to enter information or to navigate easily through records.

12 Useful Information Pages with a gold tab are full of information that will be useful to a pesticide applicator, such as: –Unit conversions –Sprayer calibration techniques –Tips for safe pesticide application

13 Pesticide Lists The Pesticide Info sheet is a list of information about Restricted Use Pesticides registered in Colorado Another sheet is included for non- RUP products, should a user wish to keep records of all pesticide applications

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