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Customer Behavior Analysis – CUBEA Know your customers, increase your profit.

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1 Customer Behavior Analysis – CUBEA Know your customers, increase your profit

2 What is CUBEA? CUBEA is a cutting edge decision supporting solution which provides customer behavior information using only your existing video surveillance system, establishing valid business decisions in order to maximize your retail revenue. 2 | 9

3 The way to boost your sales Customer monitoring Behavior analysis Valuable information Sales-enhancing business decisions Profit increase 3 | 9

4 Customer monitoring CUBEA obtains video images from the video surveillance system Relies mainly on the existing video system Extra ceiling cameras may be needed to ensure full coverage Follows the path of shopping carts and shopping baskets from the entrance to the cashiers Counts the number of people crossing preset barriers (e.g. entrances, cashiers or exits) Accuracy can be improved by mounting ID plates on shopping carts or baskets CUBEA never matches the tracks of customers with real persons and only provide statistical data, so your customers’ privacy remains preserved 4 | 9

5 Behavior analysis Statistical data is deduced from the tracking information to support the business decision making process Allows later evaluation of data in custom time-intervals and frequencies (e.g. hourly, daily, weekly, monthly, …) Location-based information: Places in the shop where customers often walk through Places in the shop where customers often stop and spend some time (both the number of stops and the total time spent in place is measured) Typical moving directions in various places in the shop (the rate of asymmetry in the two possible ways is measured precisely) Time-dependent statistics concerning the entire shop: Number of people present in the shop The average time spent in the shop by customers 5 | 9

6 From results to practical information The results are presented in a format that is already familiar to financial operatives and business decision makers: in a Microsoft Excel workbook Time dependent information is visualized in graphs, but the underlying data are also accessible Even maps and walking directions are visualized as colored Excel sheets (see example on the next slide) New measurements can be easily accumulated into the Excel workbook with just pressing a button Data can be queried using custom time intervals and can be shown in hourly, daily, weekly, monthly or yearly divisions End-users can easily add new forms of data representation or calculate new values from the provided ones These customizations are kept even after new data accumulation 6 | 9

7 Example heat-map of the shop presented as an Excel sheet 7 | 9

8 Supporting business decisions Based on the valuable information that CUBEA provides: You can find hot-spots in your shop You can find the right place for your or your partners’ advertisements and promotion campaigns You can rearrange the products on the shelves in a way that increases the sales of the product you consider important You can find out the time periods when your shop is overcrowded or when your human resources are not effectively used All in all CUBEA can be your beneficial but unnoticeable partner in business 8 | 9

9 The consortium behind CUBEA NETAVIS Software Gmbh.NETAVIS Software Gmbh. (Austria) is a pioneer of server-based IP video surveillance. With thousands of successful installations around the world, many customers in retail, government, banking, transportation and industry rely on NETAVIS’s Observer product family. Correlation Systems Ltd.Correlation Systems Ltd. (Israel) is a research and development company. As the developer of the GDM6 Geospatial Datamining engine, Correlation Systems has specialized in providing customized solutions for the gathering and analyzing of geospatial information. SEARCH-LAB Ltd.SEARCH-LAB Ltd. (Hungary) develops IDENTRACE, an innovative intelligent video surveillance system. The applied video analytics can classify, identify and track moving objects, and based on this information the system can recognize unauthorized actions and suspicious activities automatically. 9 | 9

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