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2 COURSE DESCRIPTION: SPANISH 2 ●The course begins with a review of essential Spanish I skills. Level of instruction assumes a basic knowledge of grammar concepts and vocabulary introduced in Spanish I. ●Emphasis is on communicating in Spanish through listening, reading, speaking, and writing in various aspects of time. ●Students also study Hispanic culture, geography, and history. Students will participate in individual, paired, and group activities as well as complete written and oral exercises to practice new vocabulary and grammar concepts. ●Students will demonstrate speaking and writing proficiency throughout the year. Spanish II is an in-depth course that will review and study many of the same topics presented in Spanish I but to a greater degree. Students will continue to study Hispanic culture and traditions and will have the opportunity to make presentations about the culture. One of the main grammatical themes for Spanish II will be learning how and when to use the two different past tenses, preterite and imperfect.

3 COURSE DESCRIPTION: SPANISH 3 This course is considered high intermediate level. It is a challenging course taking in consideration that students will be presented with high standard vocabulary with a lot of synonyms and cognates, a broad of grammar that deals with many complex tenses and clauses as well as idiomatic expressions. In addition, there will be a demanding immersion in Spanish literature and deeper knowledge of the Spanish culture. Consistent oral conversation, written composition, and listening and reading comprehension will be ongoing activities perform in class in accordance to the National Standards for Learning Languages with the Common Core Standards for World Languages.

4 COURSE DESCRIPTION: SPANISH 4 This course introduces students to culture and Spanish Literature by presenting advanced vocabulary, grammatical concepts, writing, and conversational skills. All grammatical concepts are thoroughly reviewed and expanded where students will be applying these to writing compositions, summaries, and oral presentations. Reading strategies and fundamentals of formal composition are introduced in conjunction with level-appropriate literary selections.

5 GRADE COMPONENTS FOR SPANISH 2 & 3 Final Exam 20 % Quizzes, Test, & Projects 45 % (Wordplay is included) Class Work 20 % (Workbook) Oral activities/ 15 %

6 Grade Components for Spanish 4 Final Exam 20 % Quizzes, Test, & Projects 45 % Class Work / 20 % Workbook/ Oral Presentations Oral activities/ 15 %

7 REQUIRED TEXTS AND SUPPLEMENTS ❖ SPANISH 2 ❖ EXPRÉSATE 2 ❖ WORKBOOK PACKET Other Supplemental Readings ●SPANISH 3 ●EXPRÉSATE 3 ●WORKBOOK PACKET ❏ SPANISH 4 ❏ NUEVAS VISTAS ❏ WORKBOOK ❏ El Coronel no tiene quien le escriba ❏ El beso de la mujer Araña

8 Class Policy Assignment Policy (Class-work, Wordplay-home vocabulary quizzes, projects): ●Students are responsible for keeping track of due dates and turning in assignments on time. ●Class-work is due at the end of the class period, unless teacher allows an assignment to be finished at home due to time restrictions in class and/or for students who have 504 accommodations and IEPs. ● Late assignments will be penalized and only half of the credit will be awarded if turned in before the closing of the 4.5 weeks grading period. ●Any assignment or test that is not made up before the closing of the grading period will be given no credit. Any student who is absent to class is responsible for looking on Edmodo for missed assignments and making them up. ●Students who were present when an assignment was given, but are out when it is due are responsible for turning in the assignment on the day they return to school even if they do not have this class. Homework assignments and upcoming test/project reminders are posted on LACHSA’s page under homework. There are no extension on Wordplay because all students are given 2 weeks to complete their work for each chapter in review- Do not ask for any extensions and do keep up with your calendar of events because it is the only work you do outside of class


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