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2 Agenda Introduction – Dr. Calvin Jamison, Campus Updates HR Core Teams New HR Website/ask YODA Compensation Standards Department Updates

3 Office of Human Resources HR Forum will be held on the first Wednesday of the month 10am – 11:30am. JSOM 2.115. April 1, 2015 May 6, 2015 June 3, 2015 July 1, 2015 August 5, 2015 **Because there is a class in the room at 11:30, please exit the room as quickly as possible when the meeting ends.

4 HR Core Teams HR Mission: To enable the success of others; what we do should help others be their best at what they do best.

5 HR Core Teams (cont’d) The Value of the HR Core Team To provide guidance and collaborative partnership in managing strategic initiatives in support of campus growth. Assist schools and divisions in creating proactive solutions and a more positive work environment to the benefit of all employees. Through interactive conversations and the sharing of information, we will partner with our colleagues to effectively and efficiently address campus wide challenges and departmental specific needs to enable individual and unified success. Sample

6 HR Core Team Members Benefits: Christine Moldenhauer Nora Pena Debra York Marita Yancey – Director Employment: Evelie Giddings Nancy Joseph Ilyce Murray - Director Employee Relations: Ellen Ammons Jennifer Koerber-Miller Marco Mendoza – Director

7 New HR Website HR - Benefits - Employee Relations/IE/Org Development & Training – Employment Services/Compensation -

8 ask YODA Coming March 25 th …

9 Compensation Standards Compensation Standards and Practices were distributed to Deans/VPs in January. Addresses key concepts and standards that will be used going forward in determining starting pay, pay increases, and job changes. Key dates to remember: – March 1 and September 1 – All changes that create changes in pay (reclassifications, promotions, equity adjustments, market reviews, etc.)

10 Salary Actions To be eligible, employee must be in current job for at least six (6) continuous months AND have not received salary increase in the last six (6) months. Reference Classified Pay Plan and Salary Guides for guidance on salary increase amounts.Classified Pay Plan and Salary Guides Provide justification to HR for increases 5%, prior to submitting to Budget. Requests for market/equity reviews must be submitted to HR via PRR no later than April 1. One-time merit payment should be given in lieu of a merit increase if the employee is at the max of the pay grade. One-time merit payments may not exceed 5% of the employee’s current base unless approved by the President or Provost. One-time merit payments may not exceed 5% for the fiscal year. Any increase not given in September will be effective in March. Salary Actions + Job Changes To reclassify or promote an employee, a PRR must be submitted to and approved by HR prior to submitting to the budget workbook. Employees must meet the eligibility for a promotion and may be subject to review by Institutional Equity. Increases above 5% will require justification; increases above 15% will require justification AND approval from the President or Provost. Employment Specialist Evelie Giddings – x3561 – Nancy Joseph – x2219 – Employment Specialist Evelie Giddings – x3561 – Nancy Joseph – x2219 – Compensation Betty Burns – x4632 – Compensation Betty Burns – x4632 –


12 Performance Appraisals Appraisal Deadlines: April 7, 2015 – Employees who were employed during 2014. June 30, 2015 – Employees who were hired between January 1, 2015 & April 15, 2015. (Probationary Evaluation accepted) Appraisal not required for: Employees with an appointment of less than 4.5 months or if they are in a student position. Employees currently out on leave – Complete when they return from leave.

13 Q & A

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