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The Sarah & David Range – learning Hebrew the easy way.

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1 The Sarah & David Range – learning Hebrew the easy way.

2 Aleph Bet Program Here is a unique approach to Hebrew reading that makes memorisation exciting and incredibly doable. From the way that the letter Gimel is compared to the shape of a high heel shoe to the idea that the letter Resh looks a lot like a roller coaster, the letters come alive and are easy to remember. Learning the Hebrew alphabet has never been this fun. A whimsical approach to consonants and vowels is conducive to faster, more lasting learning. The Aleph Bet Story Book Introduces the letters and their characters. Code: ESD001 Aleph Bet Story CD The Aleph Bet Story on CD containing sound effects and song Code: ESD002 Aleph Bet Story Workbook The workbook includes writing exercises to teach the block form of Hebrew letters and some vocabulary. Code: ESD003 Aleph Bet Story Activity Book The Activity Book is a colouring book that has fun activities for each letter. Code: ESD004 Aleph Bet Story Pictures: Masters The story book pictures are available in black and white for use while teaching, display and other appropriate activities in the classroom. Code: ESD005 Aleph Bet Story Flashcards The flash cards reproduce all of the Bubble Letters and Picture Words in The Aleph Bet Story Workbook. Can be used for games and display on the bulletin board. Use them to reinforce letter sounds build students’ Hebrew vocabulary. Code: ESD006 Posters Aleph Bet Chart Code: ESD007 Aleph Bet Story Pictures Code: ESD008 Aleph Bet Story Google Head Vowels Code: ESD009

3 Read Hebrew Program Once a student has mastered the Hebrew alphabet, reading is the next logical step. The materials give students an opportunity to practise writing and speaking with relevant activities. Copy Masters: Read Hebrew Block Writing Supplement The Block Writing Supplement can be used to teach the block form of the letters rather than the script taught in the Read Hebrew workbooks. The supplement groups the letters according to the order in the Read Hebrew workbooks. Code: ESD018 Sarah & David Teacher Manual The Teacher Manual describes the new methods that have been developed by Sarah and David to teach the Hebrew letters, reading, writing, and spoken Hebrew. It introduces many new techniques for the teacher, and skills and drills for the student. As well as providing sample pages describing techniques as well as copy masters for certificates, progress charts and activity templates, the Teacher Manual explains: * how to use The Aleph Bet Story, Workbook and CD to teach the Hebrew letters * how to use Sarah, David and YOU Read Hebrew to teach reading and writing * how to use The Sarah and David Picture Book to teach conversational Hebrew Code: ESD019 Read Hebrew Primer This new Hebrew primer features the same look and layout of the five-book curriculum and includes all of the hands-on Hebrew reading skills. This primer however focuses on Hebrew reading only. It follows the same letter order and builds quickly towards real words. For writing practice, use either the Block or Script Writing Supplement. Recommended for third grade and up. Also for pre-Bar/Bat Mitzvah preparation and adult learners. Code: ESD017 *UPDATED* Read Hebrew Workbooks Consolidated and updated from the original five books, this set is now 3 workbooks helping students to and make learning Hebrew a joy. Students of all ages can now learn to read Hebrew! * These books can also be bought separately Code: ESD010 Copy Masters: Read Hebrew Primer Script Writing Supplement The Script Writing Supplement teaches the script form of the letters. Arrows are used to show the correct way to write each letter. This supplement provides additional script writing practice. Code: ESD016 *NEW* Building Reading Skills & Fluency The Skill and Drill Book is for students who have completed the Three Book Program or the Read Hebrew Primer. The reading activities in this skill-based book will build accuracy and fluency, preparing the new reader to read from the Prayer Book or any Hebrew book with confidence. Use this book for diagnostic testing, back-to-school reading practice, pre-Bar/Bat Mitzvah reading review and improving Hebrew reading skills. Code: ESD028

4 Prayer Program Sarah & David Shabbat Morning Book This is a tefillah based workbook that reviews reading skills learned in the Read Hebrew curriculum and applies them to a selection of Shabbat morning prayers. Each prayer is presented as a four page unit to allow for: * practising reading skills * learning key words, patterns and phrases * reading and chanting the prayer Each prayer is presented two times, first to read with a pencil in hand as students work on reading skills, then as clean copy for students to chant from. Code: ESD021 Sarah & David Read Hebrew Primer Here's a new tool to help students prepare for Bar and Bat Mitzvah. This workbook accomplishes two things. It teaches students the key prayers from the Torah Service, including the Torah and Haftarah blessings, and gives an introduction to trope. As in the Tefilah (prayer) Curriculum, Hebrew reading skills are reviewed. This book also answers all of the questions students have about getting ready in the months prior to becoming a Bar or Bat Mitzvah. Here's a totally new kind of workbook for teachers, cantors, Bar/Bat Mitzvah tutors and parents. Code: ESD022 Sarah & David Friday Night Book This workbook is a tefillah based workbook that reinforces reading skills learned in the Read Hebrew curriculum while introducing a selection of Kabbalat Shabbat prayers. Each prayer is presented in a four page spread to allow for: * practising reading skills * understanding key words * recognising key phrases and patterns Each prayer is presented two times, first to use as a practice sheet for working on reading skills, then as clean copy for the student to chant from. Code: ESD020

5 Speak Hebrew Program Sarah & David Picture Book The Picture Book is a tool for introducing basic, modern Hebrew. Hebrew words and their meanings are expressed through pictures and captions. The vocabulary is organized around familiar lifestyle topics such as holidays, weather, sports, colours and numbers. Code: ESD023 Sarah & David Visit Israel Book Sarah and David have gone to Israel and they are taking you along! This workbook features Sarah and David in the Mah Hamatzav series of pictures as they travel to Jerusalem, Haifa, Tel Aviv and Herziliya. The Visit Israel book introduces Israel and basic conversational Hebrew while inviting students to create a scrapbook of pictures from Israel. Code: ESD024 Sarah & David Visit Israel: Mah Hamatzav Posters This set of 5 posters is based on the Sarah & David Visit Israel Book. Code: ESD025

6 Pricelist Aleph Bet Program Aleph Bet StoryESD00124.95 Aleph Bet Story CDESD00217.95 Aleph Bet Story WorkbookESD00318.95 Aleph Bet Story Activity BookESD00418.95 Masters: Aleph Bet Story PicturesESD00527.95 Masters: Aleph Bet Story Workbook FlashcardsESD00632.95 Poster: Aleph Bet ChartESD00715.95 Poster: Aleph Bet Story PicturesESD00818.95 Poster: Aleph Bet_Google Head VowelESD00915.95 Read Hebrew Program Sarah David & You Read Hebrew - Book 1 (revised)ESD01118.95 Sarah David & You Read Hebrew - Book 2 (new)ESD02621.95 Sarah David & You Read Hebrew - Book 3 (new)ESD02721.95 The Read Hebrew PrimerESD01731.95 Skill & Drill Book (new)ESD02821.95 Masters: Script Writing SupplementESD01627.95 Masters: Block Writing SupplementESD01827.95 Teacher ManualESD01939.95 Prayer Program Sarah and David Friday Night BookESD02019.95 The Shabbat Morning BookESD02121.95 The Bar/Batmitzvah BookESD02229.95 Speak Hebrew Program Sarah and David Picture BookESD02318.95 Sarah and David Visit Israel BookESD02413.95 Posters: Mah HamatzavESD02582.95

7 How to order Orders: All orders can be emailed to Maxine at hasifria: Enquiries: If you have any questions, contact Maxine on: tel: +61-3- 9571 1235

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