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Professional Formation

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1 Professional Formation
Gaining Qualified Teacher Learning and Skills (QTLS)

2 Benefits: QTLS is equal to Qualified teacher Status (QTS) required to teach in the schools sector (Statutory Instrument 2012 No. 431) It is recognition of your status & commitment to your profession as a teacher Allows you to register in IfL’s Professional Status Register You can add QTLS after your name, e.g. A. N. Other QTLS, MIfL.

3 IfL Membership: Member – Level 5 DTLLS or equivalent, e.g. PGCE, Cert. Ed. Cost £63 per year Associate – If you have either CTLLS, an assessor qualification, Level 4 FE Stages 1 or 2 Teaching qualification, e.g / Cost £63 per year Affiliate – If you hold PTLLS or are working toward DTLLS, L5 DET, PCET Cert. Ed. Cost £63 per year, or £18.50 if in full-time teacher training

4 Eligibility to apply for QTLS:
Must have obtained a level 5 teaching qualification, e.g. DTLLS. Must have literacy and numeracy qualification at level 2, minimum . Must be a member of IfL. Cost £485 (£100 on application + £385 on completion, payable before submitting finished workbook)

5 Stages of gaining QTLS:
Stage 1: Initial application – register on-line

6 Stages of gaining QTLS:
Stage 2: Complete your on-line Workbook (portfolio)

7 Stages of gaining QTLS:
Stage 3: Confirmation of QTLS Complete your workbook Share with your supporter Send to IfL – upload Workbook reviewed and moderated Receive with feedback

8 Stages of gaining QTLS:
Stage 2: Complete your on-line Workbook (portfolio) Using the on-line resource “Reflect” Workbook has three sections: Section 1 – Teaching Biography Section 2 – Standardised Elements Section 3 – Personalised Elements

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