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2 What you get See student mastery Weight grades Chart and track student progress Calculate: Grade Use table to convert mastery level to grades Formulas: Mastery Calculate mastery for each learning goal Your Input: Assess Record scores for subsections on tests, quizzes, and homework Group into learning goals Raw Data Learning Goals GradesTotal Grade Assignment Grades Mastery Total Mastery

3 Raw Data Enter directly in spreadsheet Mark it 0,1,2,3, or 4 Tip: Absent = 0 for mastery Excused = 0 for mastery overwrite “Excused” for grade

4 Learning Goals Calculate mastery for each learning goal. You customize it.

5 Grading Make custom scale (on grading sheet) It does the lookup

6 Define Metadata: data about data Calculate unit mastery Unit Custom grading: grouping Assessment Pick one Assess/Mastery/Grade Weight final grade Grade Weight Weight custom grades Assessment Weight Useful but not yet used Date/Quarter

7 [Just some of] What you get: % Mastery | Weighted Total Grade | Unit Mastery | Custom Grade

8 More of what you get: Drag and drop PivotTables and PivotCharts Quick Filtering Easy to read Histograms

9 Last Words Use Time Wisely Long-runShort-run Data Analysis Teaching Time Keep It Simple Customizable Easy to change Save often Back up data

10 Got stuck? Just enter final grade for a testJust put grade column! Just want to enter masteryJust put mastery column! This data is just for referenceLabel it an assess column Make only most recent learning goal count towards mastery Label previous mastery columns assess Get test grade from multiple learning goals Average the test scores using vlookup from all the relevant columns Get only first quarter gradesModify total grade formula What about test retakes?Make assess columns for initial test, then make your mastery column find the max score. Group/ average test, classwork, or project grades Mark the “assignment” test, classwork, etc. for each test grade. Track a particular learning goal progress over time Use pivottable or just use view-> ‘split’ See just female studentsFilter using dropdown box Get average test score fast!Use bottom row of table, choose summary statistic Help!See other staff, Google it, or email:

11 Got more stuck? Enter extra creditSo add points. You might add comment to cell Make mastery by assignmentChange formula. Currently mastery is only for total and by unit Make grade count lessSo weight it less. Make mastery count lessWill need to add another weight row. Currently all mastery columns are the same ‘weight’ Curve the gradeWrite formula: consider normal, average, standard dev Change the grade tableIt is only the last sheet of the workbook, called grading Based grade upon multiple retakes Either just write grades out or just match formulas (see workshop workbook Pivottable isn’t right1.) hit REFRESH – does not automatically update 2.) change field settings. Should it be average or count Add more demographicsSimply insert more columns in pivottable fields I don’t want to see total gradeHide the column Weird red squares appearEnter a weight for grades. A weight of zero is fine Add studentsInsert more columns above the last row, then fill in student names

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