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Welcome to our 5 th Grade Open House Thursday, September 1 st, 2011.

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1 Welcome to our 5 th Grade Open House Thursday, September 1 st, 2011

2 Outline for Tonight A little bit about us Math and Science Language Arts and Social Studies Homework Packet, Newsletter, and expectations Conduct Country Project 5 th Grade Economy System Snack and Lunch policies

3 Math Using Sharon Wells and Mountain Math – 6 week increments Will be adjusting and reorganizing to better align with Science to add meaning to what they are learning in both disciplines. Typically designed to be 4 days of problem solving, skills, a new concept and review followed by an assessment on day 5. – We will supplement SW as needed. – Student Objectives Tracking – Homework – Grading Policy Class work and homework=60% Formal Assessments=40%

4 Science Class and Lab days - Fifth grade students have labs a minimum of twice per week, Tuesdays and Thursdays. Since we are in a lab we have the freedom to add labs as needed. - Ms. Porter will come to the lab to teach. - Each student will keep a lab journal that remains at school. They have a rubric that guides them so they know how they are graded. Resources - Each student has two workbooks entitled Passwords. These will be used as classroom workbooks and also as homework. - Additional resources will be used and provided as needed. Student Objective Tracking - This follows the same pattern as Math. Homework - Each student will receive a homework packet at the beginning of each week and will work on the packet throughout the week. The packet will be designed to enhance the classroom learning and the work will come from a Passwords workbook or the Comprehensive Science Assessment book. - Please do not remove pages from the Passwords books, but pages may be removed from the CSA. Grading Policy - Class work and home work = 50% -Tests, projects, and quizzes = 40% - Science lab participation, paperwork, and lab journal = 10%

5 Language Arts/Reading Grading – Language Arts Word of the Day/DOL- 25% Spelling- 25% English- 50% – Reading AR-10% Tests- 40% Classwork/Homework- 50% Book Club Roles/Expectations – Different Role each week – Complete assigned reading/role on time – Self-Evaluation Reading Code/Passages – Do not turn in without strategies

6 Social Studies Grading – 40%- Tests – 60%- Classwork/Homework United States History 45 minutes daily Sharing is welcomed and encouraged

7 Homework Packet Given each Monday Due each Friday Look on Newsletter for what should be included in the homework Newsletter 8-29.doc

8 Graded Work If graded work is in your Wednesday folder, it is for you to keep If graded work has a pink slip on it, it is to be corrected, signed by a parent and returned the following day Students may receive up to a 70% on any corrected assignments

9 Study Hall Each day during recess Makeup/Missing Work Student may choose to work on homework Not to be used as inside recess If they choose to stay in, they stay in during the entire recess time Late work will have 20% deducted off final grade Students who fail to complete their homework packet by Wednesday of the following week will be referred to the office

10 Conduct Added up each nine weeks Sent home every 4-5 weeks for parent signature Student form - conduct- TravisVonFlatern.doc

11 Country Project Year long project GT- Expo in May Non-GT- Work with partner Create_your_Own_Country.doc

12 Economy System Students pay teacher for: – Incomplete homework packets – Not completing job for the week – Work/Materials left at home or in homeroom Students are paid for: – Jobs – Homework packets – Good deeds – Recommendations from Fine Arts/Other Teachers – Attendance

13 Snacks/Lunch Must be healthy and easy to clean up – Examples: apples, pretzels, goldfish, grapes No fast food or soda – We would love for you to come have lunch with your child, but please keep in mind that we are encouraging healthy eating at Lovett. Thanks! Water bottles allowed/encouraged – Must be clear water only – P.E. days especially

14 How to Contact Us Our planning time is 8:15-9:00am daily – We are happy to schedule conferences with you. – Please note that Fridays are our grade level meeting day. Mrs. Kelly Meyers – Ms. Joyce Ballard – Mrs. Elizabeth Von Flatern – Ms. Kim Travis –

15 Website Lovett Elementary / Homepage

16 College Colors Day This Friday, September 2 nd Wear your favorite college shirt or colors!

17 Questions? Thank you for coming!

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