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Letter from a Concentration Camp & Letter to Scottie

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1 Letter from a Concentration Camp & Letter to Scottie
By Yoshiko Uchida & F. Scott Fitzgerald Week 8 Part 2

2 The plan…. Objectives Review About the Selection
Vocabulary About the Selection Background Information for Letter from a Concentration Camp & Letter to Scottie Reading Skill Authors’ Styles Listen to the Stories Practice Workbook page 12 Evaluation Workbook pages 13, 14, 15 Preview

3 Objectives Students will analyze and respond to author’s style in fiction and non-fiction selections Students will compare the effect of the authors’ style in their letters

4 Vocabulary Actual adj. _____________________________________
Use the following words in an original sentence OR give the definition or a synonym Actual adj. _____________________________________ Barrack n. _____________________________________ Betrayed v. ____________________________________ Composed v. ____________________________________ Satisfactions n. _________________________________ Triumph n. _____________________________________ Virtue n. _______________________________________ Volume n. ______________________________________

5 Background Letters and War
Letters are important for people in difficult situations to have contact with the outside world Letters from a Concentration Camp is about the Japanese and Japanese Americans that were taken from their homes and put into camps Letter to Scottie is a letter from a father to a daughter during the time of the Great Depression with advice about life

6 Read the Story Open your books to page 476
Listen and follow along to the different stories Every time a listening selection ends you will answer some questions Any other words you find in the reading that you do not know, come write them on the board!

7 Questions, p477 What type of language is used in this selection?
How do you know if it is formal or informal? Give examples What details about his surroundings make the letter writer feel as if he is in a prison?

8 Questions, p478-9 Look at the picture at the top of page 478, what do you think these people are feeling? What is Jimbo’s attitude toward his situation? What did you find most difficult about Jimbo’s situation? Why does Jimbo say that “war makes people crazy”? Why does he mention his lesson about the Bill of Rights? Why did the US deny people hearings before sending them to camps?

9 Questions, p480-2 Why is this letter straightforward and uncomplicated? Which “don’t worry” items have to do with competition? What is the author’s style of the letter? What would you do if you received this letter? What are their nicknames and how do they feel about them? How is their relationship? How do you know? What’s your relationship with your father like?

10 Compare Literary Works

11 Compare Literary Works

12 Compare Literary Works

13 Practice Open your workbooks to page 12 and complete

14 Evaluation Complete the selection test Workbook pages 13, 14, 15

15 Preview Complete workbook pages!

16 The End Way to be Rock Stars!!

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