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RAISEonline Governor Training Lead Facilitator Training 27 January 2014.

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1 RAISEonline Governor Training Lead Facilitator Training 27 January 2014

2 Purpose of today To provide an opportunity to: explore the materials confirm key messages identify and resolve any challenges in delivering the materials

3 Overarching aims Governors know/understand more when they leave the workshops Governors not afraid of data Governors know what data to expect/ask for Governors understand sensitivities around school performance data Governors know where to go for additional support/advice

4 Specific Workshop Aims knowledge of the data available to them from RAISEonline understanding of key terms and concepts used in RAISEonline skills in the interpretation of key data awareness of how RAISEonline can be used to ask challenging questions about the performance of their school understanding of the contribution of RAISEonline to school self-evaluation and school improvement understanding of the proper use of RAISEonline by governors and the protocols that they should follow

5 RAISE: Key understandings Some tables now identified with a ‘Big G’ Focus on attainment and progress – and on governors understanding the differences between the 4 indicators Floor standards – high stakes indicator Closing the Gap; pupil premium;CLAs

6 Workshop Structure Using the data School self-evaluationSchool improvement planningProtocols Getting to grips with RAISE Understanding key conceptsApplying key concepts Setting the scene National ContextExpectations of governors

7 Resources Delivery notes Powerpoints Participant workbook Example RAISE (Separate primary and secondary versions of each)

8 Delivery notes Background information on the workshop High level overview of the programme – read in conjunction with powerpoints Timings indicative Signposts additional resources

9 Powerpoints Use notes function Check all tables/charts can be read by audience Please do not alter NCTL fonts, logos etc

10 The Workbook A flexible resource Walk through as a whole group? Work in small groups? Work individually? If time constraints – focus on progress and attainment

11 Example RAISE Real schools – anonymised Print – whole document or selected tables? Please do not bring in examples form other schools – DfE guidance

12 Managing the workshop A flexible framework Doesn’t have to be 3 hours A lot of powerpoints – be selective Vary between using powerpoints and printed copies of RAISE? Non-negotiable – tables covered from slide 20-61 (primary version)

13 Bobbie, Billy and Sam

14 Attendance data

15 Activity: Exploring the materials Clarity of messages – facilitator perspective Accessibility of the materials for the audience – language, content, activities Time management – challenges and solutions Balance between use of powerpoints and example RAISE Effective use of the workbooks Avoiding statistical meltdown Further support providers might offer Challenges and solutions

16 Endings

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