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Rheometer-Software RheoPlus

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1 Rheometer-Software RheoPlus

2 Application software - RheoPlus

3 RheoPlus - Advantages Complex measuring profiles in real time (no time shift between intervals) Setup and change of diagrams and tables is possible while a test is running High flexibility for the definition of diagrams (unlimited numbers of x- and y- axis and data series, different scalling format (lin, log …) are choosable New physical and rheological values are implemented, like for tribology, extensional rheology, polymer analysis New software modules are included - CFR21 Part11 (FDA), - LIMS/SAP Workbooks with all tests definitions can be startet via an Icon from Desctop directly

4 Microsoft Office compatible menu system
Microsoft Excel RheoPlus

5 Microsoft Office compatible file system
File system in the US200: CTX, MPH, APP, ORX, ORT File System in the RheoPlus: Workbook = ORX Template = ORT File System in Microsoft Excel: Workbook = XLS (Word: DOC) Template = XLT (Word: DOT)

6 „RheoManager“ contains our knowledge
More than 100 Rheometer templates for different applications can be loaded - convenient and standardized

7 „RheoManager“ contains our knowledge
Data analysis according to rheological models or International standards are predefined

8 New datapool functionality
Checkmarks to “move” or remove data from diagram or table

9 Control Panel All functions in one panel

10 Right mouse key to undo (automatic scaling type)
Zoom function for easy scaling of diagram axis Right mouse key to undo (automatic scaling type)

11 The configuration assistant
Easy setup for MCR, UDS, MC1 and Rheolab Rheometers

12 Camera Option: Video signals in RheoPlus
New Video Window More than one camera possible at the same time. Different types of cameras possible

13 Video window Image: Insert picture to diagram Scroll images Load image
Turn left / right

14 Application window Automatic printout of measuring report with diagramm, table and analysis

15 Application window Step by step guiding through a measurement –
from test preparation to start

16 Video signals in RheoPlus

17 New Extended Graphic Interface
Zoom Selection Change size Move Text / Picture Extended Graphic Interface Insert picture Insert text

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