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1 Rheometer-Software RheoPlus

2 2 Application software - RheoPlus

3 3 RheoPlus - Advantages  Complex measuring profiles in real time (no time shift between intervals)  Setup and change of diagrams and tables is possible while a test is running  High flexibility for the definition of diagrams (unlimited numbers of x- and y- axis and data series, different scalling format (lin, log …) are choosable  New physical and rheological values are implemented, like for tribology, extensional rheology, polymer analysis  New software modules are included - CFR21 Part11 (FDA), - LIMS/SAP  Workbooks with all tests definitions can be startet via an Icon from Desctop directly

4 4  Microsoft Excel  RheoPlus Microsoft Office compatible menu system

5 5 Microsoft Office compatible file system File system in the US200: CTX, MPH, APP, ORX, ORT File System in the RheoPlus: o Workbook = ORX o Template = ORT File System in Microsoft Excel: o Workbook = XLS (Word: DOC) o Template = XLT (Word: DOT)

6 6 „RheoManager“ contains our knowledge  More than 100 Rheometer templates for different applications can be loaded - convenient and standardized

7 7 „RheoManager“ contains our knowledge  Data analysis according to rheological models or International standards are predefined

8 8 New datapool functionality  Checkmarks to “move” or remove data from diagram or table

9 9 Control Panel  All functions in one panel

10 10  Zoom function for easy scaling of diagram axis  Right mouse key to undo (automatic scaling type)

11 11 The configuration assistant  Easy setup for MCR, UDS, MC1 and Rheolab Rheometers

12 12 Camera Option: Video signals in RheoPlus New Video Window  More than one camera possible at the same time.  Different types of cameras possible

13 13 Video window Image: Load image Turn left / right Insert picture to diagram Scroll images

14 14 Application window  Automatic printout of measuring report with diagramm, table and analysis

15 15 Application window  Step by step guiding through a measurement – from test preparation to start

16 16 Video signals in RheoPlus

17 17 New Extended Graphic Interface Extended Graphic Interface Insert text Insert picture Move Text / Picture Change size Selection Zoom

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