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Migrating Discoverer to OBIEE, and getting OBIEE Live in 7 Days Mike Hartmann, Regional Sales Manager

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1 Migrating Discoverer to OBIEE, and getting OBIEE Live in 7 Days Mike Hartmann, Regional Sales Manager

2  Introductions  Sunsetting Discoverer, and your Options  Transactional versus Analytical Reporting  Where does OBIEE fit? (and REALLY fit?)  And what about those Discoverer Workbooks?  Choices for transactional reporting  Why EiS?  Summary Agenda

3 EiS Overview  Founded in 2001  Privately owned  Oracle Platinum Partner and ISV  International presence – US, UK and India Distribution partners globally  Resources Atlanta with over 60 Hyderabad with over 80  Global customers – exceeding 120  Partnerships–Oracle, Deloitte etc.

4 Sunsetting Discoverer, and your Options  Discoverer 11g Premier Support – June 2014  Extended support through June 2017  What’s the direction of your organization  BI Publisher  Microsoft Excel  OBIEE  How would I move from to say R12?

5 BI Publisher and Excel  BI Publisher  Development time & skills  Ad-hoc capability?  End user access?  Microsoft Excel  End users love it  No security  Manual reporting

6 Analytical & Transactional Reporting Informatica Oracle Data Integrator (ODI) Transactional Reporting HCM SCM CRM OBIA – BI AppsPlanning/Essbase – HFM/FCM Financials Projects Manufacturing FDM / FDQM ODI / ERPi Common Enterprise Information Model Synchronize Dimensions and Metrics Oracle Business Intelligence Foundation Hyperion Business Intelligence Foundation Analytical Reporting

7 Reporting - Utilization and Audiences Business Intelligence – Getting the Right Information to the Right People at the Right Time Standard Reports & Ad Hoc Reports Query Drilldown & Alerts Dashboards, Scorecards, & KPIs Forecasting & Statistical Analysis Predictive Analytics & Optimizatio n Transactional versus Analytical reporting is typically an 80/20 80% of reports keep your lights on 20% of reports help you plan and strategize Strategic Support Operations Analytical Reporting Transactional Reporting Transactional Reporting Analytical Reporting

8 Where does OBIEE fit? (and REALLY fit?) Strategic  In the next 5 years  High level – CEO, CFO etc. Planned (in support of strategic)  This year and next year  Senior Mgmt – VPs etc. Operational  Today and yesterday  Line level Mgmt – Directors etc

9 Where Does OBIEE REALLY Fit? WarehouseTransactional System Operational Planned Strategic OBIEE Oracle Discoverer Transactions, Transactions, Transactions Summary

10 What does OBIEE need to go live? Operational Planned Strategic OBIEE WarehouseTransactional System Transactions, Transactions, Transactions Summary Metadata, Schema, Views – EUL, Universes, Models, Star Schema etc.

11 EiS provides what OBIEE needs for EBS Oracle Apps Data Oracle Apps Data EiS Business Views EiS Business Views RPD OBIEE Over 1,250 EiS Standard Reports

12 What does OBIEE need then?


14 What about those Discoverer Workbooks? Discoverer Workbook View EiS Converter EiS Converter EiS eXpress Reporting EiS Views Standard Reports EiS Views Standard Reports New EiS Report New EiS Report EiS Metadata ImportExport OBI Analysis RPD File Create Discoverer Workbook Utility

15 www.eistech.comEnd user operational reporting Discoverer Workbook View EiS Converter EiS Converter EiS Staging Area Views Joins Components LOVs Comments (if needed ) Views Joins Components LOVs Comments (if needed ) EiS Metadata ImportExport OBI Answers RPD File Create What about those Discoverer Workbooks? Discoverer Workbook Utility

16 Enables you to run reports from Oracle EBS in Excel securely while still maintaining all your formatting when refreshing OBI content, ready to use answers and dashboards for ad-hoc and real time transactional reporting for Oracle EBS Enables GL users to replace FSGs with Excel with almost unlimited drill down to any/all sub ledgers Addresses ad-hoc reporting needs and provides configured metadata (views) and ready to use reports for Oracle EBS EiS - Choices for transactional reporting

17 EiS eXpress www.eistech.comEnd user operational reporting

18 XL Connect www.eistech.comEnd user operational reporting

19 EiS/Oracle Integrated Architecture Enterprise Edition Report Layer eXpress Report Server Analysis Dashboards SERVER OBIEE RPD Views Reports Security Datamarts o GL o Payroll o Projects EBS Database (XXEIS) Business Layer Metadata (Configured) Presentation Layer Configurations DFF KFF EIT SIT ORG OU Ledgers Source 11i/R12x E-BUSINESS SUITE EiS OBI Generator End user operational reporting

20 Architecture - 100% Oracle  extension of Oracle EBS  based on your existing:-  hardware  technology stack  transactional system  configuration and setups  utilizes Oracle Applications security  IT can support EiS using existing skill-sets  complete and mature EBS reporting solution  OA Framework – Fusion Middleware  Complimentary to OBIEE Why EiS?

21 Coverage and Configuration M odules – R11.x, R12.x and beyond..........  Financials – GL, AP, AR, FA, iExp and CM  Projects – Costing, Billing, Management, OTL and Grants  HCM – HR, PAY, OTL, OAB, iRec, IC, CWB and OLM  Supply Chain – PO, INV, iProc and OM  CRM – Sales and Marketing  Service – Install Base, Depot Repair and Service Order  Manufacturing – Discrete, Process, Quality and ASCP Implementation Specific Content  discovery of Sets of Books (Ledgers in R12), OU’s & Orgs  auto-detection of all DFF’s, KFF’s, EIT’s & SIT’s  complete online documentation with training exercises  over 1,250 production ready reports  fully supported and upgradeable to any version seamlessly Why EiS?

22 EiS Customers – 100% Retention

23  Oracle EBS and technology experts since 2001  Oracle Certified Partner and ISV  Oracle EBS implementation experts  More than just a software company  eXpress Reporting Solutions  Fusion implementation services  OBIEE implementation services  Oracle EBS implementation services  R12 assessments and upgrades/re-implementations  Managed Services EiS Technologies

24  There is life outside Discoverer  Several options to select from for transactional reporting needs  OBIEE, BI Publisher and Excel all have a place  Maintain investment from Discoverer in OBIEE or EiS eXpress Summary

25 Intrigued???Special Offer!!! Book a demo with us by March 21st Receive a 4 hour BI assessment at NO CHARGE! www.eistech.comEnd user operational reporting

26 Questions???

27 Thank you Mike Hartmann @EiSTechnologies 973-479-6022

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