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Junior Achievement Dollars with Sense. MISSION AND VALUES Mission To inspire and prepare young people to succeed in a global economy Values With over.

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1 Junior Achievement Dollars with Sense

2 MISSION AND VALUES Mission To inspire and prepare young people to succeed in a global economy Values With over 55 years of experience in Canada, Junior Achievement (JA) has influenced millions of youth to help achieve their dreams. By inspiring them to succeed in a global economy, JA prepares students for the real world. We show young people how to become productive members of the workforce, apply their entrepreneurial spirit and manage personal finances. Belief in the boundless potential of young people Commitment to the principles of market-based economics and entrepreneurship Passion for what we do, and honesty, integrity, and excellence in how we do it Respect for the talents, creativity, perspectives, and backgrounds of all individuals Belief in the power of partnership and collaboration

3 THE JA PHILOSOPHY… Learn By Doing… I forget what I hear I remember what I see I learn what I do Be the link between the world of Education and the world of Business… Today’s students are tomorrow’s leaders and workforce. They need to understand how the workplace functions and how businesses operate Educate today’s youth to help them become tomorrow’s leaders by focusing on work readiness, entrepreneurship and financial literacy

4 PROGRAM PORTFOLIO Elementary School (Business Basics) Our Community: Needs, Jobs, Tools Our Country: Technology and Innovation Our Business World A Business of Our Own Middle School JA Dollars with Sense Economics for Success Stronger Together: Diversity in Action High School JA Company Program JA Titan Investment Strategies

5 JA Screening Protocol Why do we Screen? To create a safe environment, free of risk to our students, Mentors, and JA How do we Screen? Volunteer Registration Form Interviews Reference Checks Police Reference Checks Volunteer Commitment Agreement

6 Creating a Safe Environment The teacher MUST remain in the classroom at all times Never be alone with a student Never have physical contact which is inappropriate to a teacher-student relationship Never take a student in your car

7 JA Mentors… Act as a role models Share your life experiences Facilitate the students’ learning experience Motivate and inspire Be committed Enjoy your time in the classroom

8 Student Characteristics What to Expect… Need and want approval Are often insecure or self- conscious Enjoy active learning Underestimate their own potential

9 CLASSROOM MANAGEMENT Develop a strong working relationship with the teacher Integrate your own style and energy Ask questions to keep the students involved and active Always use positive reinforcement Be sensitive to students’ special circumstances Use language that the students can understand Use examples from the students’ frame of reference

10 WHAT TO DO WHEN… You have a compulsive talker - Acknowledge their answer and let others participate You begin to lose control of the class - The teacher is there for your support – ask them to help! A student does not participate - Try to get them to participate, but we never know the surrounding circumstances, so encourage them but don’t force them Class does not respond to your question - Give them time to think about their answer, rephrase the question TIPS Make eye contact Use students’ names Move around the room

11 PROGRAM MATERIALS Program Guides (2) Student Workbooks (30) Certificates of Accomplishment (30) Tent Cards (30) Barter Activity Cards (6 sets of 5) Money Bingo Cards (30) Money Bingo Clue Cards Investors Game Boards (6) Game Pieces & Dice (6 sets) JA Dollars

12 “Dollars with Sense” is an interactive program designed to encourage students to consider and reflect on their money, financial profile and shopping habits. Students discuss different methods of payment and investment options, and learn how to shop SMART, budget their money, and avoid identity theft. Dollars with Sense

13 Before you start the program: Give certificates for the teacher to fill out Have your materials and plan ready to go When you’re ready to start: Teacher introduces you to the students Introduce yourself and tell students a bit about your work. Tell students you’re there to talk about “Dollars with Sense”. Ask students to explore the title – what does “Dollars with Sense” mean? (a good way to build expectations and create engagement) Program Facilitation Outline

14 Core activities are mandatory Extended activities are optional Use the “Planning Your Time” boxes on the Program Guide in order to plan which extended activities you have time to include in the program (half day programs versus full day programs) The times proposed for each activity are an estimation Don’t dismiss the discussions! It’s a good opportunity for students to reflect on what they’ve just learned and recycle concepts. Lesson Format

15 Core ActivitiesMaterials Needed What Would You Do? (5 min)None You and Your Money (10 min)Student Workbook page 2 Exploring Methods of Payment (20 min) Student Workbook pages 4 & 5 Discussion (5 min)None Extended ActivitiesMaterials Needed Trade Versus Money (20 min) Student Workbook page 3 Barter Cards How do I Pay? (15 min)Student Workbook page 6 Lesson 1: Let’s Talk Money…

16 Core ActivitiesMaterials Needed Why Do We Buy the Things We Buy? (20 min) Student Workbook page 7 Are You a SMART Consumer? (15 min) Student Workbook page 8 Discussion (5 min)None Extended ActivitiesMaterials Needed Make SMART Consumer Decisions (5 min) Student Workbook page 9 Don’t Pay For a Year! (20 min) Student Workbook page 10 & 11 Newspaper ads for “Zero down, zero interest” (optional) Know Your Consumer Rights (15 min) Student Workbook page 12 Lesson 2: Be a SMART Shopper

17 Core ActivitiesMaterials Needed Think About Goals (10 min)Student Workbook page 13 A Project Budget (30 min) Student Workbook page 15 (may want to discuss budgeting for real upcoming class activities with the teacher) Discussion (5 min)None Extended ActivitiesMaterials Needed Shop for Financial Services (15 min) Student Workbook page 14 Know About Cheques (10 min)Student Workbook page 18 Look Out for Fraud (15 min)Student Workbook page 19 Lesson 3: Look After Your Money

18 Core ActivitiesMaterials Needed Become Investment Wise (10 min) Student Workbook page 21 Personal Investment Choices (10 min) Student Workbook pages 22 & 23 Investors Game (30 min) Student Workbook pages 25 & 26 Investors Game Board, Annual Report Cards, Game pieces & die Discussion (5 min)None Extended ActivitiesMaterials Needed Investment Promotion (30 min)Poster paper and markers Investors Game (extended – 30 min) Student Workbook pages 25 & 26 Investors Game Board, Annual Report Cards, Game pieces & die Program Wrap-Up: Money Bingo (5 min) Money Bingo Game Cards, Money Bingo Question Cards, Game Markers Lesson 4: Make Your Money Work

19 The Investors Game

20 WRAP UP Thank students for a great day! Collect any leftover materials Distribute Parent Letters Hand out student certificates

21 WHAT NOW? Before you deliver a JA Program: Contact your teacher and…  Confirm the date, time and location of your program delivery  Confirm the number of students in the class  Ask about the characteristics of the class ie: gifted, special needs etc.  Tell them students will need a pencil and eraser  Inquire about lunch procedures, parking rules  Tell the teacher how much support you require Check your kit  Is it complete?  Do you have enough program materials for each student?

22 WHAT NOW? On the day of your program delivery, ask the teacher to…  Complete the Certificates of Accomplishment  Introduce you to the class and engage in the activities throughout the day  REMAIN IN THE CLASSROOM AT ALL TIMES! Things to remember…  Arrive early and check in at the office upon entering the school  Take a bottle of water  Wear comfy shoes  Hand certificates and parent letters at the end of the day  Complete Feedback Survey online after program has taken place  Return your program kit and any unused materials to the JA office  HAVE FUN!

23 Thank You for Volunteering with JA You are making a difference!

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