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1 Commonwealth of Virginia 2012 Strategic Planning Workshop The Executive Progress Report and National Rankings September 17 and 27, 2012 Office of the.

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1 1 Commonwealth of Virginia 2012 Strategic Planning Workshop The Executive Progress Report and National Rankings September 17 and 27, 2012 Office of the Secretary of Finance Department of Planning and Budget

2 Opening Remarks 2

3 Agenda 3 Executive Progress Report (EPR) Overview EPR Structure EPR Development Process National Rankings Performance Budgeting System Modules for National Rankings and EPR Lessons Learned and Tips from the EPR Pilot Workbook – page 1

4 Learning Objectives 4 At the end of today’s session, you should be able to: Explain the purpose and value of the EPR Define the audiences for your EPR Describe the structure of the EPR Explain the purpose of the National Rankings section of the Strategic Plan Workbook – page 1

5 EPR Purpose 5 Provides a concise, strategic profile of a state agency that describes the agency’s responsibilities, challenges, performance highlights, and priorities Designed to succinctly tell your agency’s story in a common form across Executive Branch Agencies Workbook – page 2

6 EPR Audience 6 General Assembly Members and Staff Provides context for communications with the General Assembly Governor and Secretary Provides an overview of the agency, it’s accomplishments, challenges and opportunities. Incoming Administrations Provide a synopsis of each agency in a consistent format to help members of an incoming administration become acquainted with the agency Citizens of the Commonwealth Provides an avenue for state agencies to help citizens understand an agency’s functions and associated budget Workbook – page 2

7 Evolution of the EPR 7 PRIOR VERSIONNEW VERSION In the agency’s strategic planStandalone document No limitations on length4-5 pages maximum; character limitations Current Service Performance Productivity Major Initiatives & Related Progress Virginia Ranking & Trends Customer Trends & Coverage Future Direction, Expectations & Priorities Impediments At a Glance Background & History Key Risk Factors Performance Highlights Management Discussion & Analysis Freeform narrativesNew, standardized format Updated at the discretion of the agency within the normal planning cycle Regularly scheduled updates plus on- going updates as needed to convey new or critical information Static financial and staffing dataLatest financial and staffing data Workbook – page 2

8 How it Fits in the Planning Process 8 Workbook – page 3 SWOT Analysis Strategic Plan Service Area Plan EXECUTIVE PROGRESS REPORT Agency Base Budget and Decision Packages

9 Structure 9 Five main sections 2,000 character limit for all narrative sections (including spaces)  Caution: Do not hit “enter” at the end of a narrative section. Use “tab” instead.  Narrative sections will be populated with information from your last strategic plan, but will be truncated at 1,500 characters. Dropdown menus for several sections and tables Some automatically-populated sections Workbook – page 3

10 Executive Progress Report Example 10 No Workbook Page

11 At-a-Glance Section 11 PURPOSE - Provide a brief overview of the agency. AUTOMATICALLY POPULATED SECTIONS Secretariat Agency Name Agency Head Name Mission Staffing Financials Workbook – page 4

12 At-a-Glance 12 SECTIONS REQUIRING DATA ENTRY & DROPDOWN MENUS Trends  Increase  Steady  Decrease Key Performance Areas (must have 3) Productivity (must have 1) Both areas are limited to 3.  Increase   Steady   Decrease  Workbook – pages 4-5

13 Background & History Section 13 PURPOSE - Convey what the agency does, for whom, and at what cost. SUBSECTIONS Agency Background Statement Primary Products & Services Customer Summary & Data Table Statistical Summary & Data Table Financial Summary & Fund Sources Table Revenue Summary & Revenue Collection Table Workbook – pages 6-8

14 Activity – Statistical Table Work with others near you. Identify potential statistics for the table. 14 Workbook – page 7

15 Key Risk Factors Section 15 PURPOSE: Provide information on three to five factors that will have the most significant impact on the agency over the next few years. Agency’s internal weaknesses and external challenges (threats from your SWOT) May relate to trends and key performance areas Separate title and paragraph for each factor Narrative - 2,000 character limit Workbook – page 9

16 Performance Highlights Section 16 PURPOSE: Show critical performance data over time, with explanations and trend information, as appropriate. HIGHLIGHTS NARRATIVE Discussion of significant performance results and metrics Major changes in performance Anticipated changes in performance Factors contributing to the changes 2,000 character limit Workbook – page 10

17 Performance Highlights Section 17 STATISTICS TABLE Lists results of agency’s operations discussed in the narrative Can select up to 8 key or other performance measures from dropdown menu Data and targets will be populated upon selection of the measure Recommend selection and discussion of measures in the At-a- Glance section Workbook – page 10

18 Management Discussion & Analysis 18 PURPOSE: Explain the agency’s priorities and plans for maintaining or improving performance and addressing the key risk factors. What you are doing and what you plan to do to produce desired results Should be based on funding level in the current Appropriation Act 5 subsections – 2,000 character limit each Workbook – page 11

19 Management Discussion & Analysis 19 SUBSECTIONS High-level information about strategically important initiatives aimed at improving performance and addressing key risk factors and executive priorities Information technology Workforce development issues and how you plan to address them Physical plant issues and how you plan to address them Workbook – page 11

20 EPR Development 20 Prepare a draft EPR. Past plans and SWOT Agency results Additional data, studies, projects Agency leaders’ perspectives Get feedback. Enter data to performance budgeting system. Finalize and send to DPB. Workbook – page 12

21 EPR Development Tips 21 Think of EPR as your agency’s story. What does the audience most need to know? Provide information relevant for decision processes. Keep it strategic. Focus attention on critical factors affecting the agency's performance. Present the agency's most important strategic challenges and opportunities. Use the time horizon that is most appropriate for your agency. Workbook – page 13

22 National Rankings 22 PURPOSE: Build your business case for initiatives that are vital to the achievement of your agency’s mission and goals. Demonstrate your agency’s accomplishments. Use only for measures where comparable national data are readily available. Must enter data for Virginia. Workbook – page 14

23 Activity - National Rankings 23 Work in groups. Identify measures where national rankings are possible. Workbook – page 14

24 Performance Budgeting Modules 24 Workbook – pages 15-22

25 Q&A – Executive Progress Report 25 Thank you pilot agencies! Department of Criminal Justice Services Department of Motor Vehicles Department of Social Services Department of Transportation Workbook – page 23

26 Need Help? 26 DPB for policy-related questions Help features built into the performance budgeting system VITA’s Customer Care Center to open a ticket for performance budgeting system problems Workbook – page 24

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