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An Introduction to Values- Based Practice (VBP) Lyn Gardner Centre for Mental Health Studies

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1 An Introduction to Values- Based Practice (VBP) Lyn Gardner Centre for Mental Health Studies

2 The Workbook – Whose Values? Woodbridge, K. & K.W.M. Fulford Collaborative project between Sainsbury Centre for MH and Warwick University Devised for individual study Who is the workbook aimed at? Professionally qualified MH workers, voluntary and non-professional workers, service users and carers who act in a supportive/caring capacity.

3 Links…. The workbook contains useful websites of supporters and collaborators re. VBP E.g.. National Institute for Mental Health in England (NIMHE) Range of references

4 What is VBP? ‘Values are about partnership, are about a shared understanding of the different needs, expectations and hopes of those involved in mental health care.’ Rosie Winterton in the Foreword to the workbook.

5 Cont. The workbook offers a ‘framework for the analysis of values in practice’ The workbook is to be used to ‘raise awareness of how diverse values relate, interact and impact on experiences, actions and relationships in mental health care’ (p. 7) In order to ‘bring clarity to …thoughts and see other people’s perspective’ (CPN, p. 7)

6 Reflective Practice In using the work book, both individually and within the learning group, the process will act as an aid to facilitating reflection In turn, it is devised to assist in the development/enhancement of the key capabilities for mental health practice Competence – what individuals know or are able to do in terms of knowledge, skills and attitudes Capability – the extent to which individuals can adapt to change, generate new knowledge and continue to improve their practice

7 How will the workbook be used? Individual and group work: Individually – work through the activities in the book at your own pace – and aim to complete it within 10 weeks – and be ready to share and discuss ideas, views and reflections on the process for learning group session on 15 th Nov. Periodic review/discussion/feedback of how it is going within lecture timetable Associated reading

8 Towards shared decision making VBP can act as a tool for shared decision making in mental health care practice Perkins and Repper (1998) assert that ‘We interpret what we see within the frameworks that our professions have invented’ Required reading: Columbo, A., Bendelow, G., Fulford, B. and Williams, S.(2003) Evaluatiing the influence of implicit models of mental disorder on processes of shared decision making within community-based multi-disciplinary teams. Social Science and Medicine, 56; 1557-1570. NB this paper is linked with Activity 15 in the workbook

9 Group Work What are values? Activity one: in your work as a (C)MHN, if you could be anybody, fact or fiction, alive or dead, who would it be, and why? Secondly: in groups of 3 or 4 consider and discuss the following: –What are values? –What values do you bring to your work? –Where did these values develop from? Influences? –Feedback to whole group

10 Cont. Within your small group go on to consider the following in relation to your last week in practice: –What values had the most influence on your work? Whose were they? –How does your team usually work with values, including conflicting values?

11 Finally…. Within your small group consider the following questions in relation to the activity you have just completed : –What did you learn about yourself, others, values, etc? –What was unexpected? –What had the most impact, and why? –What other thoughts, feelings or ideas arose from the activity? –Feedback to whole group –Any questions?

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