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Welcome GCSE Mathematics Aiming towards a Grade C.

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1 Welcome GCSE Mathematics Aiming towards a Grade C

2 So what does your child know about preparing for their maths GCSE? What should they be doing? And what can you do to help?

3 F E D C

4 Topics students need to know Calculate with money Constructions Angles Time & Distance Basic Algebra Straight Line graphs Solving Equations Reflect, Rotate, Translate, Enlarge Fractions/Decimals/Percentages Ratio Estimation Prime Numbers Scatter Graphs Using brackets in algebra

5 Helping our Students … Your individual teacher Re-structured smaller classes Lessons = Revision + Learning Maths Watch Revision DVD Feedback from their previous exam papers Websites & VLE Resources

6 What you (students) need to do… Go through past papers Do all of the homework/revision set within lessons Talk to your teacher for help and advice Start your revision schedule NOW

7 Helping you with Parental Support Using the Mymaths website Using the Maths Watch Revision CD Making the Most of Past Papers Other Resources – Web & Hard copy When the time is right - discuss, remind and encourage Easter Holiday & Study Leave are looming!

8 A Typical Revision week … 1.45 mins completing ½ a past paper 2.30 mins on the Mymaths website 3.20 mins using the Maths Watch CD followed by 20 mins on a worksheet 4.20-30 mins using workbook or website

9 We’ll look at how best to use some of these resources: > Mymaths, > Maths Watch DVD > Website > Revision workbook & online version Please feel free to ask questions and try for yourself. And all the key points from this evening will be posted to the KHS website

10 Revision Notes CGP Workbook – Online version Exam Dates Monday 9 th Friday 13 th June  Look out for details of pre-exam warm up and Wednesday 11 th June extra afternoon revision

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